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Take Flight ~ Anxiety Zapper #nopanic


Many of us have suffered from anxiety at some point in  our lives. This kind of suffering can be intermittent, occasional or horrifically persistent and debilitating.

This service brings you a swift and effective cleanse for your one off anxiety concern. Or it can hit your on going stress and anxiety on the head once and for all. 

The energy works in various ways. It can transform the situation or relationship which is bringing you so much stress. Or it can simply calm you down so that you can face the world head on.

If your anxiety is non specific and you do not really even know the cause, then you are likely in an anxiety state or suffering from mild depression. Anxiety Zapper can deal with both, bringing you a new lease of life and a much treasured peace of mind.

Nothing after all is more valuable than a sound equilibrium and the ability to deal with life's challenges in a measured stress free way.

Anxiety will bring you peace of mind, whatever your concern may be, known or unknown

This service is excellent if you are prone to anxiety or panic attacks, or if you suffer from claustrophobia, agoraphobia, or other phobias such as a fear of flying.


With this service we often source a crystal for you which is then programmed to bring you further healing for your condition. It is excellent to then sleep with this under your pillow and carry it on your person during the day.

We often combine this service with a Magic Mountain jaunt (read about Magic Mountain elsewhere in the web store), which can bring further deep life healing and rest for the soul.

Anxiety Zapper brings a deep and profund healing for your condition, even if you do not know its cause. The Magic works anyway.

Sometimes we do not need to fully understand, we just need to DEAL with it!  

Counselling can be beneficial of course. But sometimes we just gotta cut to the chase and diminish the need for laborious soul searching and endless rounds of overthinking and analysis.

ZAP it all now with Anxiety Zapper!     

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