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NB) To Pay for this service use this link  or email for paypal payment (cart not working currently) - click on this  sentence as it is also a link to payment route 


This email/chat/call service is for those who want to have regular interchanges while they are trying to navigate their lives. A client investing in this bascially has me on tap and on call for a stretch of time (usually up to six months - This can be extended or reduced depending on the situation and it can of course be negotiated re timing and payment - if you only need this service for a couple of days or weeks for example - do email me on to sort a personal deal - any time zone in the world is absolutely fine - I work all the hours that God sends! phone +353894249254 or +447535172629 

24/7 Email/Chat support (for link to pay click on 'more details')

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