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The Holy Grail - A Love Story
A Fiction by Sarah Delamere Hurding 

Set in 13th Century Scotland and France and 20th Century Scotland and Ireland. The Holy Grail is two novels in one. A myriad of connecting stories-within-stories. There are echoes, patterns and overlapping themes. Sari and Sarah are mysteriously connected by the magical Sangreal lineage. Sari is compelled to reach The Cathars in France to complete her destiny. There are countless delays to her journey and intriguing interventions of fate. As the modern timeline intercepts the action, the reader is left with a riddle to solve. Is this the same life pattern on repeat in a different century? Set in Scotland, Ireland, and France, Celtic energy pervades the action. If you like adventure, romance, sex, and history this gripping storyline is for you. Who or what is The Holy Grail?"

A Magical Mystical Mystery!" The Holy Grail is a book which fits into several categories, including broad appeal general fiction. It is primarily a historical romance. Beginning 1242 to 1244, and ending 1982 to 2022, the book covers two timelines in four parts. The thirteenth century part is more direct re plot and characters, and the modern part is a multi-layered rollercoaster. There are echoes, patterns and overlapping themes between the eras, and the premise is that the heroine could be the same Soul. Are Sari and Sarah one and the same, or do they just have a similar life-path in completely different centuries? The subplots are complex, and the curious parallels in the lives of Sari and Sarah are many. The reader can experience the implications of this at the level they choose. Not much suspension of judgement is required. It is all very plausible. But compelling. There is accurate historical content, and detailed geographical description throughout. The sense of place is strong, giving a backdrop 'foil' to the main characters, who are very connected to nature and animals in both timelines. This is a historical novel, for those who like a bit of meat-on-their-bones. 

Spiritual, but also matter of fact and pragmatic, with an underlying sexy tone, The Holy Grail revisits the legend of The Grail from a completely new perspective. With a unique approach to a popular legend, the heroine reveals what it might be like to be the living embodiment of The Mary Magdalene Lineage. Le Sang Real. The author also gives answers to some of the mysteries which have been glossed over. The Holy Grail is presented in a matter-of-fact way with an accurate historical timeline. The subject may appear to be slightly fantastical, but the aim of the book is to demonstrate that it is not. This could in fact be true! The first part of the novel introduces Sari and her father. Their relationship is explored. Her character, "mission," and past are presented. We find out who she is, how she got here, and what her intentions are. Her love interest is Ronan, who she works with, avoids, loves, has sex with. For a while they dance around each other. But Sari must journey to France and Ronan's father intervenes to separate them. A manipulation which spectacularly backfires. The modern part of the book is set largely in Scotland and Ireland, ending in Cornwall. The Thirteenth century part runs between Scotland, France, and ends in Montségur. If you like adventure, romance, sex, history, and a gripping story line this is for you. Where is The Holy Grail? This book makes some suggestions based in a historically accurate context ....

Without being pretentious this book allows for an exploration of many spiritual and theological beliefs in a grounded context and manages to tease out some answers too. There is a sensuous feel to The Holy Grail, one that should keep readers rifted even if they are not quite au fait with the esoteric elements. What is unique about this book is that the etheric realms and shamanic ways of working with the supernatural are implicitly explained in believable ways. The information is normalised, made accessible, and relevant to our times. The Holy Grail displays unique wisdom that may transform your opinion on some important matters. But the reader does not have to go this deep unless they choose to. The Holy Grail can also be enjoyed as an adventure and romance.

The writer makes complex history and geography exciting and palatable. If you like interesting prose which flows, this is the novel for you. The action is set in a vivid landscape which jumps from the pages and plays a crucial role in the action. The novel is deliberately descriptive in the early stages, so do not expect much dialogue initially. The opening chapters set the scene, introduce the context of the ensuing adventure, and the thought processes and motivations of the main characters. The story then gradually develops from this narrative into intense riveting action which holds you to the end.

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