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Dear Sarah - Life Letters To Help And Heal

With Love From Psychic Sarah

After years of writing her column Dear Sarah for The Star Newspaper In Ireland, Psychic Sarah has decided to share her pearl's of wisdom in a book. Dear Sarah is a compassionate, insightful tome with all kinds of life issues and problems addressed and sorted with Sarah's discernment and wisdom. Her advice is friendly, perceptive, and relatable.

Sarah is not so much the Agony Aunt: more the soul sister you have always wanted.

Louis Walsh acknowledged Sarah as "The woman who knows everything." 

Ashton Kutcher called Psychic Sarah "right on point"on The Jimmy Kimmel Show. 

While Bono of U2, composed her an impromtu ditty:

 "Her name is Sarah & she drives a blue car. You'd like to get to know her, 'cos she is A STAR!" 

Sarah is a regularly published writer in Ireland, Europe & the USA. Her work in the metaphysical & spiritual community is known world wide. One of Ireland's best known mystics, Sarah is a recognised seer, healer, & life coach.can change my font, size, line height, colour and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

Dear Sarah

Available Here ~

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