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NB) To Pay for this service use this link  or email for paypal payment (cart not working currently) - click on this  sentence as it is also a link to payment route 


This short email option is quick and easy. If you have one or two specific questions you need pointed answers to. This can be used for written guidance on a whole range of subjects as well as specific guidance requests linked to one or two issues.


The comprehensive email service available elsewhere on the web store covers more items which you can list at the time of booking by email at phone +353894249254 or +447535172629 


I need several days to complete such guidance  as it takes a lot of prayer and 'listening' and thought to present the information in the correct way. Because of this I invite an interchange when the email is complete to clear up any outstanging issues or questions once the email is received. This is done by email or chat exchange. phone +353894249254 or +447535172629 skype psychicsarah1

Short Email consultation - for link to pay click more details

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