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What do you WANT to happen? Are you ready to receive a major breakthrough? Feeling stuck? Then Desired Outcome is FOR YOU. Are you feeling, frustrated and stuck? In this package I work with you over time to sort through your intentions, visions and goals. With prayer work and intention focus you will come into alignment with The Divine Will and Desitny for your life. DO you WANT and need a bit more hope, success, and RESOLUTION to show up in your life? 


Desired Outcome is for those who have faith Do you have the BELIEF that you deserve good things to happen to you? That God has the best plan for your life?   I work closely with prayer and guidance using different techniques tailor-made to your unique situation. This service can be modified in some circumstances to include loved ones, family member and partners... please enquire on booking if you want the service to have a broader application. This service covers all areas of your life, you can choose re love, finances, location, a legal matter. ANYTHING at all. To book all you have to do is use the email address for payments through Be Sure, Be Assured and Mindful. And above all be responsible for what you are asking of God and of The Universe. The only requirement I ask for is that the client surrenders fully to the process; following all guidance, recommendations and instructions as they arise. Please Email with any useful photographs, requests, dates of birth and information you feel will assist the process once you have purchased the product. +353894249254 or +447535172629 NB) this service is an investment and you will work with me interactively for some weeks and months. 

*Desired Outcome* (click'more details' for link to pay)

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