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Mermaid in The Kitchen

Chasing Rainbows by Sarah Delamere Hurding

Mermaid in

The Kitchen 


Mermaid in The Kitchen is raw, personal and revealing. With many dimensions, it is not just about Hollywood stars, rock bands, and sports stars. It also charts an honest and empathetic rite of passage journey, that many people will relate to. Domestic abuse is covered, depression,grief, personal relationships, rites of passage, leaving home etc...


Mermaid in The Kitchen

is a page turner.

"Eternity changes things. We can see beyond the veil, and time is all ONE 


Space and time dissipate into a merged union of completion.

All is present, and everything is correct. 

Anything goes in this continuum, so you might as well live

as if you have the perspective of eternity NOW. 

If being present, open and responsive to guidance and

in the moment equates to 'chasing rainbows' 

in the consciousness of 'muggledom', then so be it.  

If 'following the heart' is 'chasing rainbows:' ~ 


Let the dance begin...


Louis Walsh acknowledged Sarah as

"The woman who knows everything." 

Ashton Kutcher called Psychic Sarah

"right on point"on The Jimmy Kimmel Show. 

While Bono of U2, composed her an impromtu ditty:

 "Her name is Sarah & she drives a blue car.

You'd like to get to know her, 'cos she is A STAR!" 

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