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YES or NO? #maybe


Yes, No...Maybe? 

This *Yes or No* service is simple ~  You literally get JUST a *Yes or No* on a SPECIFIC Question. By definition it must be something of importance to you. If you are bright and breezy on most things or simply pushed for time then this service is for you. 

Be aware you only get a *Yes or a No or a Maybe* in response to this payment, so do phrase your question carefully and be ready for an abrupt answer. The short answer is not a brush off. It is what you are paying for. 

The *Maybe* option is a positive indication that what you are asking for is in the works. The *Maybe* is not a cop out and it is not used lightly. 

This is my cheapest service and it is designed to make an important and helpful answer accessible to many. It is a HIGHLY ACCURATE think carefully and use wisely! 

On rare occasions I may give out a *MAYBE* which will show you potential for the situation to be changed in one direction or another. In these cases I would recommend you book one of my more involved and dynamic life changing services. Even with an answer you like, a full reading may well make sense so that you may gain fuller understanding and an even better desired result. 

Obviously if you are dealing with a very important or complex matter please consider a full reading. If you feel simply getting an accurate *Yes or a No* is not sufficient, then do make an investment in one of my other services. NB) Be aware that *Desired Outcome* has been having incredible results for people and can potentially change your NO to a YES or your YES to a NO!

This is a payment to be made PER question ie) One question of import only.

I heartily recommend something other than the *Yes or No* service if you are in anyway struggling or have serious issues to contend with. Also If you wish to affect serious change when your *Yes or No* is something you did not want to hear, then my other life changing services are heartily recommended! (see web store for comprehensive list of services)

When payment is made email [email protected] or use the contact option on this web site to ask your question. 

Or Skype psychicsarah1 ... I am also on facebook @ psychicsarahdelamerehurding

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