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Boot Camp Package ~ Do you need a life changing event or to be put through your paces for a champion result? Then consider working closely with me for a number of weeks with this radical and intensive package. Let's kick your blocks, issues and negative patterns into touch once and for all.

Together we will set your goals and intentions. I will take you through several radical, mind blowing and awe inspiring processes. We will release your pain, blow through your obstacles and rejiggle your unconscious reflex responses.

We will manifest a breakthrough miracle moment to set you up for the future. Success is 100% guaranteed with these processes. If this sounds like a lot of hard work? Be assured I do most of the work. You just have to show up.

Come ready, willing and able. Openness, self awareness and commitment to your process are KEY. This is for you if you have some time, energy and the inclination to invest in YOU.

This package contains elements of some of my other popular services and packages. You can choose three of the other healing and *wishing* type services to boost the bootcamp magic. These FREE additions contribute to the minklement and accelerate the wonderful results you will get in a short space of time.

Boot camp is a SUPER PACKAGE which contains several life transforming processes. We will pace your work out. But you will have to show up with some discipline and focus....and TRUST.

With BOOT CAMP, you are getting several approaches all rolled into one. Your investment will be repaid in kind and is equal to the commitment you make to YOU.

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