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*Quick Fix* ~ 10 minute consultation


*Quick Fix* ~ I talk you listen! There is not the time for a big interchange on this one. But you would be surprised how much information comes through.  If you need to integrate and interact in more depth choose the 40 min or 60 min consultation.  

This service is potent and powerful and you get what you need in short space of time. Prepare yourself to make the best use of the time. Be assured I work quickly, and you will get both the energy exchange and the information you need. 

This is a good service to purchase if you want a showcase experience of what I can do for you. In the ten minutes we can quickly assess a way forward for you and discuss a possible investment plan for your journey onwards and upwards.  

I stick rigidly to the time allocated, so if you do feel you need longer consider the 20 minute bullet point reading or the 30 mins and 60 minute readings; where we can take our time and let ALL the information you need at this time unfold.You also receive a powerful healing when we connect.


Book my 30 minute session for only $444 OR get SIX 30 minute sessions FOR $1,111 OR my 60 min session for $444 OR get SIX 60 minute sessions for $2,222 

For these payments go to the web store or simply use the donations button across in the right hand column of the home page

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