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Designing Your Destiny

Spiritual Tools For Life 

by Sarah Delamere Hurding

IS your Destiny set in stone?  Apparently not. 

In Designing your Destiny, Sarah Delamere Hurding, famous Irish seer, healer, & psychic to the stars, shows you how to utilize practical, spiritual tools to enhance your life. 

Explore how LIVING THROUGH SPIRIT helps you circumnavigate the road blocks, obstacles & negative mind- sets, which threaten to scupper your progress.

Learn how to astral travel, develop your intuition, dowse for guidance, communicate with the angelic realms, & connect with loved ones in Spirit. Work with energy to manifest your heart's desires, & design your own destiny. 

Let Mermaid Magic guide you, as you Co-Create your life with Spirit, & a little help from a swishy-tailed friend. ‚Äč

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Designing Your Destiny

Spiritual Tools For Life 


Sarah Delamere Hurding