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Hi there! 

Welcome to my web site. There is a lot here to entertain you as well as help you on your journey.  I am one of Ireland's best known 'alternative' life coaches. As a seer, healer, life-coach, writer, author, academic, former CBS radio host & World Puja Network presenter, OM Times featured writer & consciousness facilitator, I can offer you a wide range of services and support. I am known for my accuracy, healing, and manifesting abilities. Louis Walsh & Simon Cowell were stunned into silence when I predicted the FULL line up of Irish Popstars SIX. I read for 32 talented kids, and accurately named the final six. The prediction was secretly filmed with no one else in the room, except the producer, and cameraman. Louis Walsh revealed the band line-up on camera the following February. My choices for the band exactly anticipated their decisions. The final name to be announced was that of Sarah Keating, who had been called in at the last minute. Nadine Coyle, perhaps the most talented of the whole group, was not actually in the final line up. She had to be set home for lying about her age. Her name was not in my envelope. Louis Walsh subsequently tagged me:  


"The woman who knows everything." 


I also have been publicly recognised as an effective healer. This is possibly my purest and primary gift. I can lift pain with my hands pretty much instantly; and I have helped clients with all kinds of issues, and conditions. My specialities are lifting pain and depression, as well as energy boosts, major clearings, and *resets.* I was called into help Paul O' Connell of the Irish Rugby Team with his shoulder injury which had been damaged in a brutal game with France. The team DR gave me permission to work on Paul's AC joint in the hope that he would pass the team physical in time for a crucial match. He DID. All this when Ireland won the 'Six Nations,' under Brian O' Driscoll. 


I can be a bit of a *Secret Weapon* when called in on time.  



Indie Publishing & Researching Services 

Are you a writer struggling to get published? 

Or a writer who cannot be bothered with all the 'faff' 

and delay of the traditional publishing route?

Are you planning to submit to an agent or publisher? 

Does your project need some quality 'attention' to bring it to fruition? 

Do you need some edits or a proof reader for your work? 

Does your story need to be told? 

I can help you with all of this. as well as publishing, formatting

and loading material on the KDP Amazon platform.

Services include: Editing; 'Ghost' Writing; Rewrites; 

Concept Ideas; Book Development; Republishing; 

Researching; Articles; Proof reading etc   

I have published many successful books in hard copy, paperback and e book form -

Check out Heal Me, Rising To Greatness, and the series 'Living a Meaningful Life' 

by USA author Brian Hunter -

You may also enjoy my memoir 'Mermaid in The Kitchen' - Chasing Rainbows'

and my novel The Holy Grail - A Love Story 

I have BA Hons. in English, Philosophy, and Religious Studies; an Msc. in Modernism and Post Modernism from Edinburgh University; and an M.Phil. in Publishing  from Stirling University; - plus 5 years of Phd studies in Philiosphy at UCD in Dublin.

'Art for Art's SAKE' 

Check out Sarah's art on


Old Man of Storr - Skye



*Good Morning Ms Sarah. Ashton Kutcher is right. You are certainly on point with everything. 

 I haven't had reading with you in years but you were so truthful * 

*You always make so much sense to me. You fly high above the 'bull,' and observe and predict with uncanny accuracy. I've had a respect crush on you for years*


*Sarah’s services are legitimate. She has a specialized process for helping clients heal or receive things in their life they desire. She has some magical way about her. A combination of listening well to clients, helping them, accurate predictions, loving support, and such a connection with spirit that her intentions give clients a good result. Some ignorant people will perhaps not understand what she is doing, but the point is that she is using her gift to help her clients get great results.*  


Brief BIOG details: I have worked for many publications including Irish Independent, Sunday World, RTE Guide, Social and Personal Magazine, Cork Echo, Belfast Telegraph, Dear Sarah column for The Star (agony aunt page), XPOSE magazine, OM TIMES, Star Scope ~ book published by Poolbeg. Indie Publisher of series 'Living a Meaningful Life,' Heal Me, Rising To Greatness, Surviving Life, Evolve, and other books by Brian Hunter USA best selling author. Author of Mermaid in The Kitchen, The Holy Grail, Designing Your Destiny, Eternal Horoscope, The Book of Answers, and Dear Sarah.     


Educated at Gordano Comprehensive School in Portishead, Stirling University BA hons in English (with Philosophy and Religious Studies subsidiaries), MSC from Edinburgh University in Modernism and Postmodernism, M PHil in Publishing from Stirling University, and studying independently to finish PHD from UCD (Philosophy).

TV experience: Irish Popstars for Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell, Ryan Tubridy Show, You’re A Star, Ireland AM, TTV, Celebrity Farm, Dustin the Turkey, The Cafe, The Afternoon Show, Podge and Rodge.


Radio Stuff: Newstalk, 98 FM, Talk Sport UK, Spanish Radio, Una Power Show, Cork Red FM, RTE Radio 1 and 2, The Gerry Ryan Show, The Marian Finucanne Show, Tom Dunne Show, East Coast FM, Q 102, 104 FM, 98 FM, Corks RED FM. CBS ~ Soul to Soul Show, The World PUJA Network ~ Heart to Heart Show. The Nicky Byrne Show with Jenny Green.

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