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  Manifesting  Mermaid Book

Put your name and request in the Mermaid Magic book -

 777 or 7777 for 3 weeks, 3 months and beyond (agreed time spans for the larger investments).

You can vary or repeat requests every 3 week/ 3 month cycle for added intensity -  email on donation  and  the  Mermaid Magic will do the rest.  Please make your requests simple and to the poi nt.  These can also be healing requests for loved ones.  Indeed the Magic book is especially effective as a  prayer and healing book.

The Magic book does not replace the more in depth manifestation services.  But it will certainly help you make progress in profound ways. Please note that you can amplify your request every 3 weeks by making mulitple donations in proportion to what you feel you are asking for, and how much it means to you.  You can pay multiple payments to access the 777 or 7777 frequencies. This is entirely at your discretion and you can monitor your progress and the speed of results accordingly. Do keep me informed of your process seeing as my work and involvement can be part of your success if you so choose. If you just wish to directly access the Universe in your request, you can keep it entirely private.

The magic still works.

Please make sure your requests harm no one directly (and by that I mean wish no one harm with what you are asking).

Make requests positive, wise and productive, furthering your life in profound ways.   


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