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The Pot of Gold Manifesting Money, Magnificence, Magic

EUR 888.00

The Pot of Gold

Manifesting Money, Magnificence, and Magic

Want some Money, Magnificence and Magic in your life?

Mermaid Magic can help you

This service will energetically clear the blocks in your way, metaphorically and literally.  Much old *stuff and gunk* resides in your unconscious, and in moments where life is not flowing and abundant these need to be addressed. 

I can work to help you clear the unnecessary funks which restrict your flow and prosperity.

Mermaids  are good at Chasing Rainbows, and excellent at finding the Pot of Gold at the end of them!

Allow me to help you with some practical advice and money management too. We will accommodate the work to your needs. When I connect with you, I will assess the priorities and you will make your requests. We will look at what is apparently in your way, and we will deal with it and knock it OUT of the way.

I can help you manifest more abundance in your life in all ways ~ Financially, Emotionally, Spiritually.

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