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*Charging Up* ~ Get Items Energetically Charged With Powerful Intention


Charging Up is a service which charges up and blesses special items of your choice with unique energy for a specific intention.  The item (s) you send will likely first need to be energetically *cleared* and *cleansed* before I begin the work, so you will need to give your permission for this. This is especially important if you are sending a special piece of jewellery or a crystal.

For example, you may wish your wedding ring to be cleansed and recharged with blessings if your marriage has been going through a rough patch. But the applications of this service are many. You may choose a crystal or piece of jewellery and send it to me to charge it up with ANY specific intention. If you are looking for work, or a promotion choose the item you wish to use with this in mind. You will find your intuition picks the correct item.  

Please email for the correct address to send items and make sure the item is registered and insured if needs be. Items can also be sent and returned via UPS, or any courier service that suits you.

If items are unusually heavy or large we will have to come to an individual arrangement about the postage and packaging. Please email sarahdelamere@ or phone for further information +353894249254 or +447535172629

 NB) Payment is PER ITEM you wish to get charged up with specific energy. BUT we can negotiate a deal if you are planning to send a number of items. There may be a chare for postage and packaging depending on your location

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