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IRELAND’S Famous Mystic, Seer, Healer, Life Coacher, Writer, Radio Host, TV Personality & Consciousness Facilitator. 

If you need immediate resolutions and MAGICAL solutions I am only a short call away ANY time of the night and day. 

Ashton Kutcher identified me on The Jimmy Kimmel Show as HIS psychic, generously mentioning that I am completely on point with everything. 

Simon Cowell was stunned into silence when I predicted the FULL line up of his Irish Popstars SIX (out of 32 kids), before he had even decided  himself. And Louis Walsh, perhaps dangerously called me "the woman who knows everything". 

Somewhat bizarrely Bono composed this random ditty for me in a car park, and he has used me for advice and guidance at points over the years in many different ways. ~  "Her name is Sarah / And she drives a blue car / You'd like to get to know her / 'Cos she is a Star" (Keep the day job I think Bono lol). 

I have also been publically recognised as an effective healer and I have helped various members of the Irish Rugby team with assorted injuries. Plus I have unofficially given them accurate tips and advice on the breakdown of forthcoming games. I can always tell them if they are going to win or lose. Sometimes they like the answers, sometimes they do not. 

If you need immediate resolutions and MAGICAL solutions I am only a short call away ANY time of the night and day.


Book my 30 minute session for only $399 OR get SIX 30 minute sessions FOR ALMOST HALF PRICE at $1,500 (value of $2,400)  



Are you feeling, frustrated and stuck and unable to get what you want out of life? In this package I will work with you to sort through your intentions, goals and to bring your energy into your alignment to better reach your goals. This service will really help you to get what you WANT out of life. This service covers all areas of your life, you can choose re love, finances, location, legal matters ~ ANYTHING at all. Be warned, this is a POWERFUL request ~ $1,111


Make and state your intention plan ~ Join forces with my energies and state your intention plan for the next decade. or so in a safe and sacred space. This service is designed to bring clairty, universal flow and abundance into your life along with your very specific intentions. This is an exciting one off opportunity to work closely to really integrate and sort out your life plan in ways which really resonate with you. If you are feeling stuck and frustrated and everything is apparently not quite coming together, then this service is very likely to be the missing piece you need. ~  $ 1,111 


This weird and wonderful service which, although it might sound a bit woo hoo, is actually very matter of fact grounded and yields concrete results. Are you in a situation where you feel stuck, or conditions remain unfavourable and unresolved?. If so, more than llikely you are in a KARMIC RUT which needs an energetic breakthrough and lift. You may well be suffering from a core soul wound which whatever you do does not heal. Situations and patterns keep playing on a loop and you feel frustrated like there is no way forward.

This Karmic Krunch service is a bit like boot camp for spiritual warriors (and worriers). It is related but different to my service *DESIRED OUTCOME* $1,111  (which you may want to book simultaneously). This service is based on TRUST and appeals largely to spiritual people who *get* what it is about. But it really is for EVERYBODY, as long as you are open to what may develop and come from what will inevitably be a QUANTUM LEAP in your life and circumstances. The question is do you dare?

Karmic Krunch involves an energetic connection with me for a number of weeks, with interactive emails, healing and consultation throughout the time frame. You must be committed to the ride and committed to YOU and your process throughout this time. Willingness to tune in and listen is crucial and respect for the way energies works also helps. This is a SOULFUL Service and ego must pretty much be parked at the door for it to succeed. Needless to say *stuff* comes up to clear during the process, and I am here to support you throughout the before, during and after the journey..... ~ $999


This service is useful for you if you are busy and work on the hop and need some help and support over a stretch of time...

I will make myself available to you with email responses within several hour of receiving emails and requests from you.

This service can be helpful for ironing out practical details as they unfold, but do be aware that some of the other services contain this as PART of the deal,  as well as offering so much more.

EMAIL INTERCHANGE takes place as your situation requires (Potentially it could be used in one week, but equally it can be spread out over several weeks). On average the exchange would involve up to  25 to 30 emails. Plus of course there is a powerful energy exchange set up between us as the events unfold. SO  MAGIC can happen! 


Use this Service if you have one question and you wish for more clarity on ONE particular issue. Please send date of birth and appropriate photographs.

Please note I also read on facebook chat and can phone you for free for up to an hour if you live in UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada or USA. We could also connect on SKYPE ~ psychicsarah1 


SKYPE PsychicSarah1 



Working WORLD WIDE on the WEB 4 U ~ 

Need Some Help & Guidance? In minutes you could have your answer. IF I am not on line request a call back and I’ll be right there. 

I work quickly and efficiently to bring you ON POINT answers in SUPER FAST time. I am an experienced mystic, writer and healer with mediumistic ability. 

Skilled with animals & humans alike, I am recognised for my high degree of accuracy and strong empathy. 

As well as a clairsentient, clairaudient and clairvoyant, I am also highly claircognizant; which means I just *know* things, without being able to explain quite why. I am a certified Reiki & Aura Soma practitioner, and I use prayer along with various visualisation techniques to shift your energies to a better place if you are feeling stuck. My voice and words have a strong healing resonance so the healing works as we connect. 






I have some strange abilities that some people may find somewhat unbeliveable and incongruous ... I can assist accurately with predictions re winning money, finding items and projecting an accurate time line for your future. 

There are some very specialist services that I offer. Some may think this is a curious use of the *GIFT*; but it is not really! 

I have helped a number of famous sportsmen, actors, musicians and business CEO's with successful tips regarding football, rugby and racing results, and I am even able to pinpoint particular machines in a casino and the timings at which they should be played, if you pay me well enough ;-) 

So how does this translate as useful and helpful information for the public? Well, it is good empirical evidence of the accuracy and efficacy of my guidance. It means I can offer you valid, provable and ON POINT results when you need specific HELP. 

In readings I do not waffle and beat about the bush. You may not always hear what you would like to hear. But you can be assured it will be delivered with wisdom, accuracy and compassion. 

I am here to HELP you; wherever you are in the world.


Book appointments over at the WEB STORE


*Sarah is very soothing while bringing forth a calm steady flow of information. Answered my questions with ease compassion and confidence. A sweet advisor, astrology was a pleasant surprise to the reading as well. Wonderful! Will call her again*. 

*Wonderful, Sarah gave me a lot of information that is very helpful. Will definitely call her again.She is sweet, caring and accurate.Thank you for your sweet nature and amazing gift.* 

*Sarah is the best and most accurate, professional and sweetest psychic I know. She gave me info that was mind-blowing and I thank her so much for everything.*

~ * I spoke with a "few" others because I couldnt' reach Sarah. I was glad to able to finally connect with her, because I was receiving confusing and conflicting messages. I finally was able to connect with Sarah, and she speaks with such confidence, with a great sense of compassion for her client.*

~ *She's the real deal!!!*

~ *I love your accent, I worked with Europeans and this is great, she is in tuned , even in my major stress, fears about moving, and moving on, and I do get knocked, but I am working through , Thanks SO Much, *

~ *Sarah, is awesome!!! I truly felt she was feeling what I asked.. Remarkable feeling after the reading.. I can't wait to check back with her in the future.. If any new clients reading this , please do not hesitate .. Give her a chance.. You wil be glad you did!!!!*

~ * Very smooth and caring. Good accurate read on other person involved. Did not waste my time. *

~ * Absolutely wonderful and helpful at my worst moments. I feel so much better after talking with Sarah!* 

~ *Instills confidence and gave me tools to use to help with my anxiety. Very accurate and assuring.*

~ * Got into the situation with little input from me.*

~ * On 2nd aug we got the call that all people dread to get, that a loved on had been involved in a serious accident. Arrival at the hospital and I was greeted by a priest. We were told they waiting to do an emergency brain scan and that she would have to have surgery to reduce brain swelling. I remember calling Sarah at about 10.30 and leaving a message. If anyone could help Sarah could.Days passed and Teresa did not wake up. Spoke with Sarah and kept her up to date.We were sure it was right side of brain that was injured, but Sarah said it was the left which came to light on speaking with the DR again.Sarah always told us she would wake up and I believed her.Two weeks later her eyes flickered and she awoke.All the progress she made thereafter was predicted by Sarah. The Drs are all shocked and don't say any more what her progress will be as every time she disproves them.Our thanks goes to Sarah who kept our hopes up that she would improve. *  Cathleen ~  Major Miraculous Healing against the odds

~ *Hi, (Via World Cup Predictions Regarding a previous email I used Sarah s advice and put a small bet on Brazil 2 and England 1 and Brazil to win the World Cup (2002) Also placed a £5 bet at 9/1 giving £ 50 re Brazil 2-1. This money was then put on Brazil to win the Cup at 1/1 giving £100. Today I'll be sending a cheque to Erskine Hospital and another to Chas for £ 50 to each of these charities. PLease pass these details to Sarah and tell her thankyou very much for her advice in your column. I very much appreciate the small wins on her advice.*  Yours  J Black

~ *After Chronic Back Pain, during which I could hardly walk, I went to see Sarah Delamere Hurding, who writes astrology columns in some of the nationals. Yes, I hear you scream, what would she know? Well, as it happens, she is also a very switched on psychic healer and she did deep heat treatment on me for over an hour and a half out in Dalkey. After this I had the mother of all headaches for a couple of hours but the back pain was gone and it has not come back in six years. Prior to seeing her I had crawled to an orthopaedic surgeon in Eccles Street who told me there was nothing that could be done as I had a worn disc. Sarah has a special talent.* ~  Anonymous on Gaire forums