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The Pot of Gold

Manifesting Money, Magnificence, and Magic

The Pot of Gold...

Manifesting Money, Magnificence, and Magic

Want some Money, magnificence and Magic in your life?

Mermaid Magic can help you.

This service will energetically clear the blocks in your way, metaphorically and literally. Much old *Stuff and gunk* resides in your unconscious, and in moments where life is not flowing and abundant these need to be addressed. I can work to help you clear the unnecessary funks which restrict your flow and prosperity. 

Mermaids are good at Chasing Rainbows, and excellent at finding the Pot of Gold at the end of them!

Allow me to help you with some practical advice and money management too. We will accommodate the work to your needs. When I connect with you, I will assess the priorities and you will make your requests. We will look at what is apparently in your way, and we will deal with it and knock it OUT of the way.

I can help you manifest more abundance in your life in all ways ~ Financially, Emotionally, Spiritually.

To deal with the negative money stuff, it is important to ask yourself what are your beliefs about money? Do you have limiting beliefs and a poverty consciousness you have inherited from your parents, or ancestors? Are you one of those people who reads their electricity meter incessantly and panics when there is a bill to pay? Money responds to gratitude, just like anything else. So what about a new approach of appreciation for warmth, water, and a roof over our heads? What about paying for things freely with trust and reminding ourselves that we have always had enough to get by? When you think about it, has money ever really let you down? Has it not always been there just when you needed it, even if it did turn up at the last minute?

Did you know that one of the best ways to accumulate funds is to GIVE freely, to tithe your income and to ENJOY actually paying the bills. Money comes back to you when you freely spend. This is the energy we need to connect with in order to help the economy too. Why not support your local businesses, even if they are a little more expensive? The Universe honours our approach to money. Like attracts like; and this principle applies to money most especially.

Why not get into a magical groove with money? Always have 10 euro in your pocket for a homeless person you may pass on the street. Do not give to them out of pity or judgement. Give to them as an equal. Connect with their divine nature and give your money freely.

What is also KEY is the block many of us have on


The block so many of us have on receiving is highly significant. We may feel it is 'better to give than receive'.

We need to be aware that all the limiting beliefs we absorbed as a child now lurk in our unconscious tripping us up. It is these negative expectations and limiting beliefs which block our abundance and prosperity. Regardless of any new legislation the Dail may or may not introduce, we can be our own worst enemy when it comes to money.

Did you many people become millionaires in recession? It is just a matter of tapping into the market and tapping into YOU, to access the many gifts and treasures which are out there for you.

Why can't money be your friend? Come to you easily and look after you?

The good news is it can!

Let Mermaid Magic help you on this one

Don't *believe* in Mermaid Magic? 

It matters not ~ it works regardless... 

I even give you magic numbers resonant with your energy to play with responsibly!  

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