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For Readings & Additional Services: -

Enquire email [email protected]

Pay For All Services Through Donation Button Below 

Email or www Chat Readings 

175 or 333 or 2222 or 8888

The shorter email reading is quick and easy if you have one or two specific questions you need pointed answers to. This service can be used for written guidance on a whole range of subjects as well as specific prediction requests linked to one or two issues. 

The comprehensive email reading is more detailed and you can ask more questions or no questions. Either way you will receive the information you need at this particular time. I need several days to complete such a reading as it takes a lot of tuning in and thought to present the information in the correct way.

The larger payment allows for email exchanegs 24/7 for longer stretches of time as we mutually agree.

 (weeks, and months depending on your need)   

I generally invite an interchange when readings are complete to clear up any outstanging issues or questions once the email is received. This is done by email or chat exchange, or by a short phone session

The comprehensive email service available which can project far into your future, so like voice readings it is very comprehensive, and answers all your concerns and questions.

It does also create the energy link between us which aids manifestations.

Candle Magic - Amazing Results


This is a wonderful way to avail of

Mermaid Magic. Be careful what you wish for - these services work like a charm


I will work with your chosen request or need to bring about a speedy result for you.

You can choose more than one item below but each increment costs 222

Choose from issues such as

- Find Love

- Boost Finances

- Healing (physical, emotional, spiritual, )

- Keep and/or Heal a Relationship

- Protection (from evil, jealous people or unreasonable authority figures, or use to stop bullying)

- Enhance your Sex Life

- Expand Abundance

- Bring Adventure

- Lift Depression

- Get a job

etc - The applications of this service are endless really

Once you have chosen your request, you can email me -

(I will automatically email you or call you when I see the sale within a few hours)

[email protected]

We can negotiate if you are purchasing several of these and I can do a bundle rate for you

eg) 3 requests is 444,

7 requests is 777 -

A small family rate of 2 requests each is 999

A group rate requires a payment of 222 per person - but each person may make 3 requests

Pay these bundle amounts through the donation button at the top of the page

and specify the intention by email

You will be sent a picture of your candle as it is being used

so that you can better connect to the process with a visual!  

Energy Shift & Healing


A good one-off investment.

You or a loved one receives a Powerful Healing & Energy Boost

Pay through pay pal using email [email protected]

or use the donation button above or on home page.

The energy starts to connect and work as soon as you pay.

For further info Email [email protected]

or phone +353894249254 or +447535172629 and leave message.

I will be in contact promptly after payment

Finding a Happy Medium ~

Need to contact someone in the big wide yonder?

222 or 444

Do you wish to make contact with a loved one who has passed on?

Or are you curious what your ancestors may have to say?

More seriously if you are grieving and suffering the loss of a loved one, then this service can help bring you comfort and healing, providing the information you may need to support you.

With this service I can help you find peace and reassurance about your loved ones in spirit, and we can see if they have any messages to help you in the here and now.

Send a photograph if possible of the person you wish to contact. This is not essential, a name or 

date of birth will also work. Even these are not 100% necessary.

I can make the contact regardless: and it will be all you need to hear.

If you have no one in particular you wish to contact but want to see what *Spirit* may have to say, 

then this service is also for you. 

These readings are generally an hour long or the information can be sent by Email if that is easier.

If a more comprehensive Email written is required the price is 444  

For more information [email protected]

*Desired Outcome* 

100% success Guaranteed


What do you WANT to happen? Are you ready to receive a major breakthrough? Feeling stuck?

Then Desired Outcome is FOR YOU. Are you feeling, frustrated and stuck? In this package I work with you over time to sort through your intentions, visions and goals. I bring your energy into alignment with your deepest desires and wishes, and fully facilitate you in the reaching of your goal.

DO you WANT and need a bit more hope, magic and RESOLUTION to show up in your life?

This service is called *DESIRED OUTCOME* because it engages with your DESIRES and what you 

WISH TO HAPPEN. Desired Outcome is for those who have faith and feel wonderment 

and excitement about their life and its possible futures.

Do you have the BELIEF that you deserve good things to happen to you? I work closely with prayer and 

guidance using different techniques tailor-made to your unique situation.

This service can be modified in some circumstances to include loved ones, family member and partners... please enquire on booking if you want the service to have a broader application. This service covers all areas of your life, 

you can choose re love, finances, location, a legal matter. ANYTHING at all.

To book all you have to do is use the email address [email protected] through paypal

or use the donation button above

Be Sure, Be Assured and Mindful. And above all be responsible for what you are asking of God and of The Universe. 

If you feel you need even more active *information* with this process, then the COMBO of an hour long session 

with Desired Outcome may be for you.

Either way we have a converstaion to set the work up and agree on strategies.

NB) this service is an investment and you will work with me interactively for some weeks and months.

Well I do the work: YOU sit back and reap the benefits.

The only requirement I ask for is that the client surrenders fully to the process; following all guidance, recommendations and instructions as they arise. This process is what guarantees the outcome for you. Prepare to suspend judgement and engage with Mermaid Magic.

Please Email [email protected] with any useful photographs, requests, dates of birth

 and information you feel will assist the process once you have purchased the product.  

*TWIN FLAME Service* 

~ Time to Find your Soul Mate?


IS it TIME to invest FULLY in LOVE?

So many people are looking for LOVE and to make that special and lasting connection NOW.

This wonderful, magical service connects you FULLY to the vibration and energy required to finally reel in and/or keep your special loved one.

Your Twin Flame ~ True Soul Mate ~ awaits. 

Our Soul Mates feel familiar to us and this is because more often than not we have had several life times together. In each life time we meet up again and replay our connections, sometimes more successfully than others. We cannot avoid our Soul Mates. Indeed our lives would be pretty empty and meaningless without them. These deep friendships and bonds are what makes life worthwhile. Together we always have the opportunity to transform ourselves and clear the karmas and controversies of previous times.

The purpose of connecting with Soul Mates is to learn, share and grow together. We would find it hard to manage without them. Yet as our spirit develops and changes sometimes we are tested with a letting go process which can be quite difficult and painful. The good news is, these trials and difficulties often pave the way for the real humdinger of a connection – our reconciliation with our Twin Flame.

The only requirement I have is that my clients surrender fully to the process; following all guidance, recommendations and instructions as they arise. This process is what guarantees the outcome for you. 

Prepare to suspend judgement and engage with the Mermaid Magic.

Mother & Child 


This service is a support for mother & child..............

I can help support you in your role as a mother in all it's phases and stages. If you need support, counsel or someone to look after YOU as you look after everyone else; then this is for you!

Have you or a loved one just given birth? If so, you can avail of this healing and nurturing support for all the adjustments to come. 

We can work with each other if you are pregnant and need energy support, advice and guidance as you embark upon your journey to motherhood. I can also support the birthing process with healing energy. I am not promising complete pain relief for the birth. But this service can certainly go along way to help you in the throes of labour. 

I can also help you if you are desperately trying to conceive, with advice on the dates and methods that will give you your optimum chance of success. This includes briefing on when and how to proceed if you have been having some difficulties. I can help and support with the IVR process, and other processes which assist conception. I provide healing, support, guidance and advice and can pinpoint the optimum times and approaches that will help you.    

Mother & Child is guaranteed to help your flow in all things connected to your role as mother. It even has an application for adjustments later in life. This support can help as children flee the nest, as grandchildren come along, and with the bereavement and loss of a child also.

Whatever your concerns, physical, emotional, spiritual or cognitive, I can help you on the wonderful journey of motherhood.

There is a sliding scale of costing for this service, depending on your needs. The price quoted below is for the standard pregnancy, conception, birthing and nurturing journey. It covers, support and advice and healing if you are trying to conceive also. 

If you need more comprehensive coverage email [email protected]

for further information and we will sort out something specifically for your needs

Please note this service is not a *spell* ~ it is a mixture of life coaching, spiritual support, emotional support, email support, energy work, homework, readings, and it is specifically shaped to the individual who makes the investment. The emphasis of the service depends on your needs and request.

The Ultimate GIFT Basket

Here is HOW TO GET well over $8,000 OF READINGS, SESSIONS AND HEALINGS FOR ONLY $5555 ~ This special GIFT package deal includes two 60 minute sessions, four 30 minute sessions, Absent Healing DAILY for the duration of the connection, plus two 20 minute bullet point readings, Q & A Emails as required. Plus the special *Desired Outcome* service. All at mutually agreed times.You also receive a powerful healing everytime we connect.

For a total cost of $8888 you can also avail of many additional self selected options eg) Glastonbury, The Wishing Stone, Druid's Chair and Wizard's Hat services; and we can apply these to specific needs as they arise. These services involve work at powerful energy points which will boost you and bring miraculous out of the blue results. Plus the Heart Wall Removal will be included in this boost package option; for you AND loved ones as required.

...Including these additions freely over the months potentially boosts the cost of your package up to the value of at least $15,000 over the weeks and months.

We can easily negotiate other variables also.

(The sessions should ideally be used within a few months, as there is also an Ultimate World Package available for working with me for over a year -

prices by negoiation and depending on your desired results.

This is the ULTIMATE PSYCHIC GIFT package which will greatly facilitate your life journey over a few months. Or you can be super generous and buy this for a loved one. It is also possible to use some of the services for loved ones, even when you purchase the package for yourself.

Packages are open to some modification to suit your requirements as we roll through our work together.

Email [email protected] for further information