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Legal / Disclaimers

By working with Sarah De La Mer and receiving her insights and healing energy, 

you are agreeing to take responsibility 

for your health, well-being and healing process. 

This healing journey is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. 

All content on this web site is for general information purposes only. 

Please see a medical professional if you need additional help with depression, illness, or have any concerns whatsoever. 

Policy on Missed Appointments and Refunds

NO REFUNDS will be granted for any reason once payment has been made. This is because when you purchase a reading or consultation you are making a commitment to yourself and to the energy interchange. 


Please do not book and pay for the services if you are in any way unsure or half-hearted. 

All appointments are scheduled in your appropriate time zone, anywhere in the world. 

It is your responsibility to be available at the time of the appointment.  

Not being available for scheduled services forfeits the appointment or the energy work. 


Rescheduling of an appointment is permissible PRIOR TO 48 HOURS BEFORE the scheduled appointment, 


there will NOT be an opportunity to reschedule for the purchase. 

Payment would have to be made again to avail of the service in this case. 

Please email if you wish to reschedule your appointment. 

 I reserve the right NOT to offer appointments to certain individuals. 

ONLY in this situation will a full refund be returned to the purchaser.

Please understand that not showing for an appointment affects valuable appointment time, 

and is not fair to other clients who want an appointment.


ALL readings, products, and services content are subject to the client’s interpretation. 

Do listen very carefully to the way the information is presented to you and 

be careful not to project your expectations too much into the situation.

Readings and guidance are given in good faith that you are a responsible adult, 

who can make informed decisions, and that you have sound judgement. 

For the success of the services is it very important that you do not fret and strive for outcomes. 

The energy works with trust, surrender, commonsense. 

You must be careful to not overinterpret subsequent eventstoo quickly 

The Universe can do some funny jiggles to bring us to our destination. 

This is a learning curve, and it is important to engage with the journey in the right spirit. 

Miracles take many shapes and forms!

LEGAL NOTICE: To whom it may concern ~ It is illegal and unlawful to actively engage in defaming pursuits 

such as contacting colleagues, work associates, work contacts, friends and family, or acquaintances of a person 

or persons in an attempt to defame them or undermine their profession.

It is illegal and unlawful for anyone to post any libellous, untrue, or misleading statement either on a website, 

social media site, by email interchange, or anywhere on the web either about someone or their services, 

their character, their integrity, or their intentions. 

Under California Civil Code, other State Laws and EU law, ANYONE who writes or comments in a derogatory, untrue, 

or false statement,  or spreads ANY kind of defamation about a person's reputation or character is guilty of libel and 

is liable for any and all damages as a result of those false/misleading statements. ‪

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