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Sometimes SPIRIT CAN BE SPOOKY, and we resist what is staring us in the face. Sure, we have free will independence and freedom of choice. Or do we? This is the burning question. Is our destiny pretty much set in stone; preordained by God and our chosen life plan ? I believe so yes .... The onus is on us to respond and embrace our destiny as it presents to us. When we run away, God and life will find us anyway, so there is really no point in resisting the inevitable. 

Resistance can be detrimental and only throws us into a repetitious loop where the old patterns go around and around in circles. When we resist we get no where; we are heading no where. We become led by our ego not guided by the light and God s plan for our lives.

It is much more productive to say 'yes 'and surrender to the moment and basically give God and life a chance to happen. This does not mean we have no control. Of course we can always say ' no 'and hold onto our interpretation of the past and how we think we should be compensated. Our expectations are a killer....: Sometimes literally!

So what is the answer when we find the way clear to go one way or another? Even though oftentimes the choice is apparently not clear. Generally the best way is to work with the universe as it presents things to us. These *things* can be open doors or red herrings but we so owe it to ourselves to find out which is which and what is what.... 

Never ignore what is presenting to you on a daily basis. There will either be a karmic reason for it, which allows you to finally balance things. Or there will be an amazing resolution and peace of mind. Usually it is a strange mixture of the two. But we really hold ourselves up and what can happen when we remain stuck over a person, place or situation. Sometimes the only way through is up, over and out the other side.

Things won't fall into our lap at this time.*You've got to be in it to win it * . We must be responsive and proactive and not retreat from resolution. Be assured this is a good time for responding and embracing the future FULLY. Facilitate action and luck NOW. Perhaps new openings that look the same as they always did but with a twist. 

At this time do not be afraid to step into something that promises to be different. There is something comforting about what is familiar but it is time to breakthrough the comfort zone of the uncomfortable familiar. The familiar may well constitute the future. But with a different flavour. It is all about our ability to fully receive. 

Guidance can be asked for and then not fully received. A psychic often meets this, where someone asks for a particular response and is then unnerved by the answer. This happens both when it is want you want to hear and when it is not. So knowledge of the future is a strange and mixed blessing and with it comes responsibility. Responsibility to the person asking and of course to the person giving the information. Yes it is unnerving and disconcerting in many ways. But obviously predicting can be useful as well. Just be careful what you ask for because you just might get the answer... And THEN what? Are you struggling over an investment issue, relationship dilemma, career or financial crisis? If you need help with this complex stuff I can help ... 

Looking for CALMER, centered action? Access openings for clarity, focus and resolution. Are you going to review and renew or ditch, dig and dive? Might I suggest a weird and wonderful mixture of the two? 

Take this time to calmly assess even as you trust the universal magic which abounds. There is not the same need for practical pragmatism. Be receptive to your SOUL journey and the promise it holds. Remember the effective universal short cut of TRUST. Gambles are set to pay off and pay out; but only if we are clear and calm and have learned our lessons. We are human and sometimes we can only take on board so much. Our egos get in the way and we become limited and small in our thinking in an attempt to control things.

It is TIME to FULLY embrace our Divinity along with our humanity; then the breakthroughs can happen. Much is now in place and set up and if you have been responsive, trusting and receptive against the odds this will now begin to manifest unusual and magical things. 

Sometimes lessons learned equate to blessings received. It is not all doom and gloom; especially not if you have done your home work and been attentive. 

So .... Read the signs, respond in kind and TAKE what is on offer .... Most crucially this means settling on ONE DIRECTION 

More often than not the last thing we wanna do is the first thing we should or MUST do!  

The Universe will push and pull on the same point 'til we GET the point.

God is LOVE and he/she/Universe knows how much we can cope with. However, when there is a lesson we simply must GET we leave him /her/ Universe with no choice but to exercise TOUGH Love because of our resistance. Tough Love is well ...TOUGH. But until we understand what must BE for our life to flow it is what we will meet Time and Time again. 

We think we know best? We generally do NOT ...

The Soul Journey can be one step forward and two back while we are in resistance. As soon as we GET it the flood gates can open and every good thing is there on a plate. So we must watch listen learn and take the bitter pill; abundance can then be ours to MAX. But there simply is NO bargaining point on the way things should be. The more we resist what we KNOW already in our HEARTS to be the TRUTH...the more tricky the lessons will become until we ACCEPT AND SURRENDER to the point. God/The Universe KNOWS what will work for our best good.  

Karma is complex and we can not pretend to understand the mysteries or what is required. Our obligation is to RECEIVE the message(S) and ACT accordingly. Then and only then will all manner of things be well. 

Sometimes God/The Universe tests our TRUST quotient by requiring us to take a step in what is APPARENTLY the wrong direction. More often than not this turns out to be the most powerful action we could take. When this happens it is a lesson for our ego. 

There is NO place for the ego on a high vibrational SOUL JOURNEY. We simply HAVE to take the QUANTUM LEAP to get to where we are meant to be. The beauty of this is, it is in fact a SHORT CUT to everything we wish for. But the POINT is, it doesn't look like it at the time. 

So CHOOSE LIFE #unblocktheflow ... It may be painful but sometimes you simply HAVE to cauterize the wound in order to receive the blessings. 

If you need help with this complex stuff I don't pretend to have all the answers but I can help you. 

Check out My KARMIC KRUNCH and DESIRED OUTCOME services in the webstore 

The higher your vibration; the higher access you have to the Spirit realms and heavenly assistance ..... It pays to Lighten up .... Check out my Karmic Krunch service which will help clear your way for better, lighter, brighter times -

Karmic Krunch ~ This weird and wonderful service which, although it might sound a bit woo hoo, is actually very matter of fact grounded and yields concrete results. Are you in a situation where you feel stuck, or conditions remain unfavourable and unresolved?. If so, more than llikely you are in a KARMIC RUT which needs an energetic breakthrough and lift. You may well be suffering from a core soul wound which whatever you do does not heal. Situations and patterns keep playing on a loop and you feel frustrated like there is no way forward. 

This Karmic Krunch service is a bit like boot camp for spiritual warriors (and worriers). It is related but different to my service *DESIRED OUTCOME (which you may want to book simultaneously). This service is based on TRUST and appeals largely to spiritual people who *get* what it is about. But it really is for EVERYBODY, as long as you are open to what may develop and come from what will inevitably be a QUANTUM LEAP in your life and circumstances.

The question is do you dare? 

This Karmic Krunch service is a bit like boot camp for spiritual warriors (and worriers). It is related but different to my service *DESIRED OUTCOME (which you may want to book simultaneously). This service is based on TRUST and appeals largely to spiritual people who *get* what it is about. But it really is for EVERYBODY, as long as you are open to what may develop and come from what will inevitably be a QUANTUM LEAP in your life and circumstances.

The question is do you dare? 

Karmic Krunch involves an energetic connection with me for a number of weeks, with interactive emails, healing and consultation throughout the time frame. You must be committed to the ride and committed to YOU and your process throughout this time. Willingness to tune in and listen is crucial and respect for the way energies works also helps. This is a SOULFUL Service and ego must pretty much be parked at the door for it to succeed. Needless to say *stuff* comes up to clear during the process, and I am here to support you throughout the before, during and after the journey.

Do you feel blocked? frustrated? thwarted? On the wrong track and not sure how to unstick what is stuck? I may well be able to help or at least offer pertinent guidance. 

With complex situations there are no hard and fast answers. Err..... well actually that is not true. Generally when you are meeting a sticking point repeatedly, it means there is an issue you have ready to POP! The easy part is sensing and analysing the *mess*. The intermediate part is identifying a possible plan or plans of action, and the tricky part is carrying it all through to fruition; the reason being where these patterns are persistent we are often in resistance.

The KEY to a turnaround in stuck situations is a shift of energy and this can occur in different ways. You can go *walkabout* and wander down numerous blind alleys; you can analyse things into further complexity and confusion, or you can tackle things head on and force the point. Forcing the point will bring clarity one way or another and this is often what we do when we are desperate or annoyed with God, ourselves and the Universe. Yes, forcing the point can work. There is often a relief and peace of mind when we push something so far away it has no come back opportunity. However, this ultimately only delays the lessons, blessings and karma we are processing. 

It is deceptive. When we push and push and push we are not exercising patience, we are not surrendering to God/The Universe and we are not creating the DIVINE VACCUM OF OPPORTUNITY which is sooooo often needed in order for REAL AUTHE​NTIC change to happen. 

Yes, it helps if we are intelligent, self aware and responsible for ourselves of course. But even these admirable qualities can get us stuck in a pragmatic loop where we deceive ourselves we just might be in control. Really, much of what we come up with under our own steam is ego stuff. We are pushing to understand, resolve and get on with things and it all adds up to impatience. The Spiritual Soul journey requires the leap of faith... the QUANTUM LEAP. This asks us to set aside our wishes and expectations and the way we believe things should pan out. It does not mean we can not be creative with our lives or proactive. But in those moments where we are truly at an impasse, really the only thing to do is TRUST, ALLOW and RECEIVE. It is apparently so easy, and yet at the same time so difficult. 

If we surrender the point instead of trying to work things out all the time, yes it may feel like we might miss something; a big chance which leads to all the *what ifs and if onlys*. But the REALITY is; when we step aside, we give the energy of the situation that valuable opportunity to act on our behalf. The Universe does not like a vaccum and neither do we (which is why we do get so impatient about endless waiting). But the BEAUTY of TRUST and allowing is that the energy is allowed a chance to breathe and YOU are allowed a chance to be finally receptive to the miracles that occur in DIVINE TIMING. 

When we are in this *receiving* zone, our spiritual levels elevate, our vibration soars, and we have access to a whole spiritual armoury. The higher levels of consciousness and higher echelons of spiritual guidance match our frequency and things flow. This is the ZEN ZONE which is so MAGICAL. Some believe this can not last or be sustained; actually it CAN. It is all about our relationship to Spirit/God/the Universe. The BIG question is how creative and trusting are we willing to be? Creativity and self responsibility does not here equate to control and pragmagtism. It is not about sitting back on our laurels. We DO have to be primed to respond to the triggers and the clues. But in this magical zone we are ONE with the Universe. We KNOW how it goes. 

Yes there can be a (sometimes demoralising) ebb and flow as we get used to working with the higher frequencies. These are the lessons and the tests. But soon enough (if we are willing to get back in the saddle) we can cruise into and sustain a peace which is in itself an art form. Then come the blessings. 

The catch? We HAVE to get the point and honour the Divine PLan. We have to park our own plans, expectations and beliefs; even as the best things of life are lined up for us to receive. Much of Universal Truth functions within a paradox...when we *get* this point, balance is ours and life can truly deliver; often in the ways we least expect and crucially WHEN we least expect. 

When we surrender to the *lap of the gods* we are potentially doing one of two things ~ either we have given up and are entrenched and refusing to co operate because what we want is not being delivered ( ego stuff) OR ... we are confident, trusting and receptive, ready to act and respond at a moment's notice. These are the two sides of the same coin of *Surrender*. The Yin and The Yang of our existence. So which is it to be the High Way or the By Way? YOU DECIDE ... 

Is your personality going to be your undoing; or are you going to allow your DIVINE SELF TO SHINE THROUGH

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