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The Reluctant Psychic

@sarahdelamer on Twitter.

The GIFT is a memoir which explores the blessings, challenges and curses of being born psychic.

Sarah has had some interesting adventures which will appeal to people not even remotely interested in "all things psychic." Sarah De La Mer is The Reluctant Psychic. She was brought up in the bosom of a Christian home, and the last thing she expected to ever be was a Tarot card reader. Sarah noticed she had intuition and supernatural awareness from a young age. But struggled to integrate her faith with all things psychic. The Bible is of course full of healing and prophecy. But it also conveys warnings about mediums who claim to communicate with the spirits of the deceased. Sarah's life has been a spiritual minefield as she has applied her gifts both traditional 

and left field to help others. There is a lot of human interest to this story, leaving the psychic and spiritual aspects aside. 

Sarah has had some interesting adventures along the way. This fun, informative, fast-moving and 

comprehensive memoir has many layers to beguile, amuse and entice you. 

You think psychics do not win on the lottery numbers? They Do! 

 This fun, informative, fast-moving and comprehensive memoir has many layers to beguile, amuse and entice you.

Sarah De La Mer was a hostess at U2's nightclub, The Kitchen for many years. The GIFT charts Sarah's rite of passage 

from young intuitive, via three academic degrees, to feted status as a celebrity psychic.

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Ashton Kutcher, on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, stated that "Psychic Sarah is right on point". 

While Bono of U2, composed her a ditty waltzing around a carpark!

"Her name is Sarah and she drives a blue car. You'd like to get to know her, 'cos she is A STAR!"

The Reluctant Psychic

My work was first put to the test in a big way when I agreed to be filmed doing 10 - 15 minute readings for the final 32 kids in the running to be in Simon Cowell’s and Louis Walsh’s new band SIX. All the readings were filmed in October 2001. Following the readings I suggested that they film me doing a predictions envelope for the final line up. This was filmed at a distance so that the camera could not see exactly what I was writing. In February 2002 this envelope was opened on camera by Louis Walsh just after the dismissal of Nadine Coyle (who was under age at the time and had broken the rules of the competition). ALL the names in my envelope were correct including Nadine’s replacement Sarah, whose name I had written last.

This was an especially intuitive moment as there was such a buzz around Nadine, who was indeed the best singer there. Had I listened to the whisperings on the wind about Nadine I would have failed miserably as a psychic. I asked no questions and I was told nothing. The only thing which happened in advance of the readings was that Louis met me in the corridor and sang Nadine’s praises. I was not taken in! It was a puzzle to me on the way home in the car because I knew that Louis would pick Nadine, and yet I was sure she should not be in the envelope.

It was this very public performance which quickly propelled me into a lot of media work in Ireland, the UK and other parts of Europe. Since then my work has escalated throughout the media and on the internet. I have been recorded regularly in the newspapers, on TV and Radio making numerous predictions, covering sports, politics, world events and celebrity shenaningans. NONE of which have been wrong.

I seem to have inherited my GIFT from my Scorpio grandmother Mary who was highly intuitive in her daily life. She would always know who was on the phone and who was coming unannounced for dinner. The favourite meal would always be ready. Mary never set up shop as a psychic, but my grandpa used to regularly say she should be burned at the stake. Charming!

My father, Mary’s son, has incredible gifts of intuition, empathy and ‘knowing’, as does my aunty Anne, her daughter. Anne is naturally sharp and ahead of the game, but really has no idea she is psychic. And my father, as a Christian medical doctor, published writer, and psychotherapist is understandably cautious about the label ‘psychic’.

I totally get this, and have spent many years puzzling over the apparent contradiction between my own faith and the fact I am regularly pictured in the newspapers holding a crystal ball! But as my friend Bono often says,

 ‘in the middle of a contradiction is the place to be’.

I have done a lot of soul searching on the integration of my calling and my upbringing. I have learned to accept that the spiritual tight rope I walk is part of a divinely designed plan. It helps many people, despite any challenges I might be presented with along the way.

I have struggled with my vocation and vision, and the effect it has had on my personal life. But I have come to realise that it is simply meant to be. Yes, I am THE RELUCTANT PSYCHIC! But I have the courage, strength, and belief in my ability to give good advice when I am called to do so because, surprisingly to me, it is what God wants me to do.

Over the years I have helped many clients access their own personal power and step up their spiritual groove. I believe in empowering clients to develop their own intuition and creativity.

I have a strong faith in God and in using my spiritual gifts to do HIS work. I work to help and heal people in God’s name and by the protection of the Holy Spirit I go straight to the top for your information and answers. There is no point in anything less after all. For only the TRUTH will do!

Yes, I can accurately predict the future and get the timings right. Plus, I will only say I know something when I really do. 

There are always degrees of knowing. But, I have found a way of working with God, my guidance, and the still small voice within, 

which allows us to tease out the answers to even the most complex situations.

When I know I really KNOW. There are no doubts. And I have never known this to be wrong.

I also have a wicked sense of humour, which always helps ;-)

That’s it …  

Sarah :-)

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