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Candle Magic - Amazing Results


This is a wonderful way to avail of

Mermaid Magic 

Be careful what you wish for - these services work like a charm


Sarah will work with your chosen request or need to bring about a speedy result for you. You can choose more than one item below but each increment costs 222

Choose from issues such as 

- Find Love

- Boost Finances

- Healing (physical, emotional, spiritual, ) 

- Keep and/or Heal a Relationship

- Protection (from evil, jealous people or unreasonable authority figures, or use to stop bullying)

- Enhance your Sex Life

- Expand Abundance

- Bring Adventure 

- Lift Depression

- Get a job

etc - The applications of this service are endless really

Once you have chosen your request, you can email me -

(I will automatically email you or call you when I see the sale within a few hours) -

We can negotiate if you are purchasing several of these and I can do a bundle rate for you

eg) 3 requests is 444,

7 requests is 777 -

A small family rate of 2 requests each is 999

A group rate requires a payment of 222 per person -  but each person may make 3 requests

Pay these bundle amounts through the donation button at the top of the home page and specify the intention by email to

You will be sent a picture of your candle as it is being used so that you can better  connect  to the process with a visual!  

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