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The Chalice Well Services ~ Glastonbury


Receive a customised individual healing at the world legendary Chalice Well in Glastonbury ~ The Chalice Well is richly connected to the mythical realm of Avalon, and links energetically to Merlin, and King Arthur. Whether you are needing a physical, emotional healing or a specific *Desired Outcome*, this service is a powerful and unique opportunity.

Access your Transformational Mermaid Magic in the location where Joseph of Arimathea brought the Holy Grail to Avalon (Glastonbury). This part of the Somerset countryside is steeped in mythology, legend and history. It is where powerful ley- lines converge, and where the special Holy Waters of the Chalice Well may be found. Merlin energy swirls up on the famous Tor, and The Abbey links directly to the mythology of King Arthur and Camelot.

  Mystical Magic abounds in this magical place. This service will be automagically added for anyone purchasing packages and other services elsewhere on the web site, .and it is for those who need specific boosts in the areas of love, finance, career, health, or Karmic Klearings, there are increments available for 444.(I will negotiate discounts for any one purchasing more than three increments). Each place, The Tor, The Chalice Well, and The Abbey offers different energy solutions for your issue, so use your intuition to assess your needs.

 Allow Glastonbury and The Chalice Well to finally clear away anything which ails or troubles you, These energies can also be used to manifest something which you now need to bring into your life.

You can put together your own requests also so do email me if you need further information @ [email protected]

You can request your work to be done actually ON the Glastonbury Tor, (the intersection point of many potent ley lines), AT The Chalice Well itself, or right beside the grave of King Arthur at Glastonbury Abbey.

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