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Kick the Habit ~ #addictionassistance


Kick the Habit is a service which requires intensive treatment and energy boosts over an agreed amount of time. This will support you with whatever habit you are trying to completely ditch or modify. If you simply wish to get something under better control, this assistance will also help.

Kick the Habit can be applied to physical issues, such as ditching smoking, sugar overload and alcoholic indulgence. It can also apply to dysfunctional relationships. If you find you are addicted to a person who so clearly is not good for you. Or if the relationship you are in is totally one-sided, this service will help you get perspective or get the hell out of there if needs be. 

Whatever your destructive habit, Kick the Habit is designed to help you regain perspective and control over even your deepest, darkest issues.

The results can be surprisingly quick, even instant. There are no guarantees of course; but you can certainly expect a major release from that which oppresses, or burdens you and robs you of your freedom to be fully YOU ... 

Do not hesitate to get the help you need.

Obviously if you are under professional care for your issues, please stick to the medical advice and support you are also receiving. This service can work nicely in tandem with other disciplines, so do choose this as an extra source of inspiration and support for you in your journey to recovery.   

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