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Heart Wall Removal for breakthroughs in love & life success


I can help you remove many layers of resistance blocking you from progress in your life both personally and professionally.  A Heart Wall does sound a bit alarming, but it is linked to the energetic energy of the heart. It does not necessarily mean that you have a physical problem.

The Heart Wall is made up of many different, negative trapped emotions which have occurred through your life which may block your ability to give and receive love freely. It can also creates symptoms of depression, anxiety, self-sabotage and your ability to achieve what you really want in life. These negative emotions grow around the heart to protect it, but ironically end up separating you from others and your divinely entitled success. 

With various methods of healing I remove your Heart Wall and internal blocks and conditioning; all of which paves the way for some very dramatic breathroughs in a short space of time. 

  You receive a powerful healing when we connect. +353894249254




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