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Magic Mountain ~ Powerful Healing & REQUEST service



Magic Mountain is a sacred space up in the mountains of California. It is difficult to get to and involves an arduous uphill workout and scramble in the heat. But once up there the energies are amazing.  Utilizing this energy, the results for healing obtained thus far are absolutely wonderful.

A wide variety of clients have had spectacular PHYSICAL healings this way. But Magic Mountain can also be used for life changing shifts, energy boosts and requests also.

This service can also be used as a memorial for your loved ones and pets, if you wish to access the sacred energies on Magic Mountain to help send them on their way in style...

A clear photograph is needed of yourself or of the person/family member/pet you are making the request for. Plus full name and date of birth if possible (not essential but desirable).

The photograph is literally taken up the mountain and an energy shot is taken which displays tangible healing rays. A secondary healing away from the mountain is also done. So this involves a couple of stages. A copy of the energy shot photograph will be returned to you, and I keep a copy for further healing work if needed.

Email if you have any further questions

Some examples of what this service has already helped with ~ 

~ Post stroke recovery

~ Improved lucidity in senile dementia 

~ Anti inflamatory work in auto immume disorders

~ Reduced swelling around knees to allow for surgery (something which drs had not been able to achieve)

~ Financial boosts

~ Love finding and/or returning

~ Insomnia cure

~ Crossroads decisions and clarity

~ Energy boosts 

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