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Comprehensive Astro Reading (written)


Astro Mix is an informative reading using both my Astro analytical and Psychic skills. I will need your date of birth of course. I can also profile your love interest in the context of the reading but again must have the correct date of birth. I need this information in good time as there is quite alot of preparation required for this consultation.

This approach to a reading is useful in many ways. we can look at your psychology and profile your best options and tactics regarding your current situation. We can also project into the future based on the astro reading and the current energies in play.

The date of your reading will also play a part, as it will be important to assess your natal chart in the light of current and future trends. If you need a more in depth understanding of the past this approach can also help.

I will look up the placing of the planets, the main players, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Pluto, Uranus etc at the time of your birth and we will use this information to place your energy NOW.

I will guide you astrologically and psychically with the questions you have or I will simply read for you and relay the impressions I get. These readings can be as interactive or as one way as you like! Whatever suits you.

NB) This is a WRITTEN astrology profile NOT followed by an hour long session (2 elements hence the price)....Check the other offered service for BOTH together 


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