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Family Ties ~ GIFTS & Services for all the FAMILY


FAMILY TIES ~ GIFTS for all the family ~ This package is made to be shared. This service can be used for your close family members and loved ones. All those in your inner circle can benefit from the magic and healing of this service. 

In Family Ties, we will together compile a strategy that serves you and your loved ones in the best possible way. If things have been less than harmonious at home, this package can help. I can work one on one with individuals who need help and also with the energy of the family unit as a whole.

If someone needs a reading? We fix it up! If a couple of people in your extended family need a healing or energy boost? We fix it up! If one or both parents would benefit from the heart wall removal service? We fix it up! If someone in the family is struggling to find work and it is effecting the family resources and income? We fix it up!

If mum needs The Wishing Stone Service or Money Tree, she may include it. If Little Johnny is struggling at school with his work, he may need both a healing and a consultation. If Pa is overloaded and stressed, he will likely benefit from Magic Mountain or The Druid's Chair Service to help re set his goals and boundaries.

There are MANY WAYS we can adapt this package to suit your needs. Please email for further details after purchasing the package ~ [email protected]

Really, all you have to do is advise me of the needs of your family and we will address the issues over a number of weeks of working together.

This service is also a great investment for GIFTS for the family. Within reason a number of the other services on the web site can be allocated to various family members at a greatly reduced price.

This is a great package also for any Holiday Season or for the year round birthdays, or whenever the family needs an overall boost and energy healing. It can be purchased for use over time in this way also.

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