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Angelic Light ~ Consult the Angels


Angelic Light is a unique reading service where we look at your situation from an Angelic perspective. This reading carries a lovely healing energy with it too. It lasts 30 to 40 mins as the guidance requires, and is not so interactive as other readings as regards your questions. But it does give you what you need to know at any given point in time from a spiritual perspective.

This reading will meet you at the NOW in your current process and will give you the required and desired pointers you need for good decisions at this point in time. Basically this reading will put you on the right track without telling you every little thing that is going to happen. So for those who like to keep a bit of faith and mystery in the mix, this should suit you well.  

If you want a heavily predictive reading and have a ton of questions and feel totally *stuck* in a big way I highly recommend the *fail safe* hour long reading.

This reading is also good for a top up of energy and guidance when you have worked with me previously. It is a good maintenance of our connection, especially if previous work has left you empowered and in a good place. Even if you are in the middle of a package with me and need a another angle of advice, this Angelic Light reading hits the spot.

Email or phone +353894249254 after payment is made to arrange a time.

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