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Mystic Makeover ~ #MermaidMagic


Mystic Makeover

Is a complete overall for your life on every level. We look at your physical appearance and health; your emotional well-being and your spiritual development . Plus your love life, family life and abundance levels. Anything that needs to be addressed we will attend to it.  

This is a full on intensive assessment of your life and where it is heading also. So we have time to compare notes on intentions, decisions and predictions for your best ways forward.

Mystic Makeover is an all inclusive programme which gives you a complete overall in more ways than just one. It is inspired by a TV slot I used to do on Irish TV where we predicted and made over someone based on their star sign. I did not see or meet the person but I intuited what would best suit them and I gave briefs to hair, makeup and wardrobe. The results were amazing and the clients were very pleased.

This programme takes Mystic Makeover to a whole new level. No stone will be left unturned as we work together to improve your outlook, well-being and impact on life.

We work together over weeks and months on this... as long as it takes to get you to that *Happy Place*.  

Mystic Makeover works on YOU; on your appearance, your demeanour and your Modus Operandi! 

It is not as specific a request as services like *Desired Outcome* or *Karmic Krunch*; but it gives you a wonderful foundation for further work with me as you intuit the need or depending on what arises as we work on this together.


~ This may be payable in installments depending on your circumstances, though it is advisable to pay it in completion if you can...  (for the energies and best results etc)

Email or phone +353894249254 after payment is made to arrange a time.

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