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REBOOT ~ Powerful Energy Reset Service


Are you feeling lethargic, drained, always tired, depressed or struggling with 101 aches and pains along with intense headaches? Many of these are *ascension* type symptoms which we are all coping with and processing at the moment.

Planet Earth is being bombarded with energies which are upgrading and rebooting our systems at a relentless pace. I can HELP you integrate these energies. I can help energise and ground you and make you feel alive and dynamic once again

Work with me over a few weeks for a complete system reset and you will come out the other side feeling lighter and brighter and more ready to cope. Not only that, we will work together to boost your abundance factor and reset your ability to attract good things into your life.

This service is avaiable as a one off energy boost AND a package.

Use the donation button on the home page for the one off energy reset at a cost of $555 

Pay through pay pal using email


For all payments go to the web store or simply use the donations button across in the right hand column of the home page


There are great results with these readings usually in the two to three weeks following but sometimes the energy starts to work as soon as you book.


Email or phone +353894249254 or +447535172629 after payment is made to arrange a time.


Please note you do NOT need a paypal account to use the paypal system of payment. There is access to use your visa or debit card at check out also.





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