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2020 General Intro

2020 is all set to be one humdinger of a year personally, professionally, and on the world stage with many powerful countries in a state of flux. There are tipping points within and without, and if you have been feeling tense and on the brink of a meltdown, do not feel surprised. Forewarned is forearmed as we head into this powerful take-no-prisoners year. As we hone our 2020 vision with self-knowledge and inside astrological information, we will be better informed about what serves us, and what we should avoid.

Early in the New Year on January 10th there is a significant Lunar Eclipse with the Full Moon in Cancer. This energy urges good communication and emotional intelligence when it comes to your big decisions and relationships. The Sun will be conjunct Mercury, and we all need to brace ourselves for honest expression and a heart-to-heart. This is the time to tread lightly in imposing work situations. Anything that is high in tension and conflict needs careful handling, and sensitive people will need to protect themselves. Those in positions of power and authority, (parents, bosses, media figures, broadcasters, the wealthy) need to be extra mindful of those in their remit. Extra provision must be made to ensure things run as smoothly as possible and that the vulnerable do not walk blindly into a big problem. It is a time to nurture love and good feeling to counter the quite challenging aspects of an ‘afflicted’ moon. There will be a lot rumbling under the surface, and it will pay to be aware, cautious, protective and protected.

Saturn and Pluto form a heavy alliance in the skies which is quite oppressive and dictatorial. You need to be on the right side of the law, kowtowing to demands and generally behaving yourself in situations where you are controlled in anyway. Expectations are high and there may be pressure on you to deliver. Saturn conjunct Pluto on 12th January has not happened for around thirty-four years (November 1982). These two cold and harsh planets create in combination pressure, challenges and hard times. On a personal level you may feel constricted or boxed in. It is time to assess what is past its sell by date in your life. So, in a way, this energy paves the way for quite determined and dramatic resolutions. It is really time for a reality check. ‘Cut the crap’ to put it bluntly! Whatever you have known is right for you for some time will have to be addressed. There is always a gift in these situations. It is a good energy to engage with full focus and get things done. Build new foundations for the future which will stand you in good stead; and above all be patient where things move slowly. It is imperative to sort what has been hanging over your head, and now is the time to do it. Decide internally your plan of action. But remember that required sensitivity dictated by the Eclipse in Cancer. Balance is key. Set things in motion. But gently does it. DO consider those around you as you shoot for the stars!

All of this applies very directly to the world stage, particularly in places like Hong Kong, USA, and UK, which are right on the front line of this energy. Where authority figures try to bare down on individuals who value freedom of expression and basic human rights, there will be inevitable clashes. Brexit is a farce - we all know that. The impeachment of Trump is another; as liberals seek to bring down an admittedly wayward President, While the situation in China is really where all our eyes should be. It is explosive, worrying and could have incredible ripples and consequences throughout the planet. Watch this space. Just a word of reassurance for The Emerald Isle at this point. Even despite Global Warming and Climate Change alarmism we are not about to sink into the sea. Ireland is economically protected and there is not going to be another Celtic Tiger type dive or economy collapse. Ireland will continue to thrive, whatever goes down with Brexit. The main worry is the border issue, but when push comes to shove it should all remain workable. Fear is really our worst enemy. If we deal with those inner demons and negative expectations, we will find both individually and as a nation, that everything is not quite as bad as we thought it was going to be. The key is to flow with what is working, and ditch what is not. Quite simple really!

The key to making 2020 work for you is to engage in hope and trust, not fear, or doom-and-gloom. There are three important Jupiter Sextile Neptune aspects during the year (February 20th, July 27th, and October 12th). These alignments have a pattern of every four or every nine years, and they bring the potential for resolution and harmony. So, use these times for boosting good energy, optimism and wellbeing. The emphasis on self-development and spiritual awareness would not go amiss in 2020. So much is happening on levels of consciousness that it would be as well not to get left behind. Even the older generations can see an unusual spark and knowledge which comes along with the millennials who are increasingly running the show. The younger generation are powerful and bring in a lot of ancient and stellar language and knowledge. Expect your teenager to look at you blankly when you question their ‘knowing’ on something. These are kids with psychic intelligence and an ability to cut to the chase. You only have to watch an episode of Junior Bake off to see it in action. This is the way to come. These vibrant beings hold the key to our future. We have to start to embrace it and leave the old ways behind. The likes of Trump and Boris are transitory figures, who have had a destiny mission to carry the world through dubious underground agendas and activity, even as they display these traits and tendencies themselves. It is ironic and it is complex. But we do have to start to piece it all together, understand it, and get over it. Then we can all more quickly move forward. Really, we should be considering Greta Thunberg and her ilk - Though I think she should probably go to school at some point. Right?! Some will say Greta is a tool of the Liberal agenda and is being used to pioneer scare mongering. But the reality is, we DO need to take more care of our planet, and this starts at home. We DO have an individual responsibility. Are we all quite as doomed as ‘they’ say? NO, we are not. But that does not mean we get complacent about anything any time soon. It is time to pull the socks up on all fronts. Fear mongering is one thing, and it is real. Fake news is real, Misleading information is out there. Our personal responsibility is to sift through what makes sense, and what resonates, because even in the middle of so much BS, the truth always DOES shine through!

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of June 5th echoes some of the energy of the January Eclipse, where the Moon Squares up to Mars. DO avoid conflict and rows and controversy at these potent times. The Moon opposite Retrograde Venus in January also threatens to over burden relationships under strain. These will be testing times. You will know if you get through this in unison that you can get through anything. But baring in mind what I have already said, it could be that pastures new beckon for some long-suffering people. Where a job or relationship has become too gruelling and unfulfilling, 2020 is the time to create something new, innovative and imaginative. Going solo has some appeal at these times affording opportunity for self-development and growth, so do not stay in situations that stifle your life and creativity, whether they be personal or professional.

Jupiter conjunct Saturn on Dec 21st is intriguing. This conjunction happens every nineteen years or so, and likely aligns with the Christmas Star of Bethlehem all those thousands of years ago. This powerful conjunction indicates potential danger for any newly elected President. Whether it be endangerment through heart attack and ill health or an assassination attempt, the Secret Service need to be on high alert shortly after the election results. The USA elections are in November, and despite Liberal protestations it appears Trump may pull off a coup; or at least the Republicans. Though Pence is possibly to be feared even more than Trump ironically.

The Eclipse mid-way through 2020 is concerning on the world stage too, lack of communication, impatience, and inability to understand the opposing force’s agenda creates a melting pot that could flare up in nasty ways. The earth may rumble and protest this energy too, so expect news of natural disaster and turmoil at this time. Diplomats are needed at acute points through 2020. Step forward the negotiators, the empathic and the wise, and we will get through these pivotal points. There are three Jupiter Conjunct Pluto flare ups too on April 4th, June 30th and November 12th. These will amplify the deep dark undercurrents of our times. Jupiter’s expansive energy in these moments is not helpful if human responses are trigger happy and reactive. Taking the plus side, this energy shines a light on the darkest agendas. The truth will out, and it will certainly be interesting and informative. Such crisis times can be amazingly productive as long as objectivity and wisdom prevail. We need our world leaders to step up and not be children. We need them to follow the example of our children. 2020 is a time where the student teaches the teacher, and everything is turned on its head. These are exciting times to live in if we can get past the fear and worry and access the opportunities for growth.

Where there is a choice between choosing the light side or the dark side, I think we all know which is preferable. So be aware of the Pluto, Mars, Saturn influences as they roll and flare through the year. But really exploit the luck factors and harmony bestowed by Jupiter and her allies. We do not have to be dictated to, even by the planets. Take what works for you and roll with your 2020 vision.

Happy 2020 !

General Astrology for the 12 signs 2020

ARIES: You need to stay centred and strike a balance as 2020 gets under way. Your ambitions are never more expansive. But you need to temper them with a common-sense approach. The key to greater success is to stabilise what you have already accumulated, emotionally, financially, and materially. Spiritual perspectives will help a lot and you will need skills of empathy as you try to work out the agenda and requirements of loved ones and partners. There are some exciting shifts and changes on the way. Be mindful, and do not over-extend yourself. But you will see seeds planted some time back take root and blossom throughout 2020. This is set to be an encouraging productive time. It is important to live in the now; the ‘present.’ Take initiative in love and business and express yourself from the heart. There may be risks involved. But none so dangerous as holding back in the wrong moment or out of nervousness. Follow your gut and intuition, for the best results. Dithering and second guessing will cause a myriad of problems and you will not get things done if you hesitate. Implement all the lessons you have learned recently. Discipline and focus will align you with the right timing for your creative endeavours and your romantic expression. Being a tempered Arian in full flow is your key to success throughout 2020. Try not to worry needlessly.

TAURUS: You hate upheaval and any deep-seated change makes you very nervous indeed. Be ready though, as you are long overdue some breakthroughs of a deeply personal nature. 2020 and everything it will bring is nothing to be scared of. It is a case of brush yourself off and start again for some. Looking at things with fresh eyes and gaining perspective will help you a lot. You have everything to play for and not a lot to lose. Treasured dreams and visions can come to the fore and your creativity will get ample expression. Important choices need to be made. Loyalty is at a premium. But you will be inclined to make some quite surprising moves. Those looking on will accommodate you, after the initial shock has worn off. 2020 is the time to do YOU. Love will refresh and surprise you and it will have its roots in the deep distant past. Some of your decisions will appear to be out-of-the-blue. But you know better. This has been along time coming. Take some good advice when it comes to investment of precious time and money. But be aware that your usual advisors and companions may have more of an agenda than you previously realised. All is not as it seems. What looks to be turning your world inside out is absolutely the right thing. You only live once. Or DO you? 2020 brings abundant blessings and unusual opportunities. Think outside of the box for once!

GEMINI: 2020 is set to be a dynamic enlivening time for Gemini. You will learn to read the energies and people in your environment a little more accurately. Intuition and good judgement are key to your success in the year ahead. Many of you have a blank canvas and there is a sense that anything can happen. Expect the magic of the universe to work in your favour. As long as you listen and respond carefully and on time, you will put yourself in alignment with some spectacular miracles and blessings. Pace yourself and do not be premature with your actions, especially not with the love stuff. Someone may not be quite on the same page as you. Read when to step forward and when to back off. Sometimes it will be an intriguing mixture of the two and it could even vary from day to day; even hour to hour. The onus on you is to read situations effectively. Fun, passion, and adventure beckons. 2020 will bring expanded horizons and opportunity to travel within and without. Some of you may disappear down the rabbit whole and sort out your inner world. Others will head out into the world and draw much attention. For others it will be an intriguing mixture of the two. If you can play both-ends-against-the-middle, you will succeed both personally and professionally during 2020. Follow all unique ideas and magical impulses that come your way. You have the edge!

CANCER: There will be quite a lot coming your way as we head into the New Year. There is so much activity in Capricorn your Polar Opposite sign that the stress on relationships could be quite overwhelming. Early January, Pluto, Ceres, Mercury and Saturn are all lining up in a row at 22 degrees Capricorn. The temptation to duck-and-hide, or crawl under a rock could be immense for the Zodiac Crab. In the big wide world power will start to be distributed differently, and you will find these changing dynamics will start to reflect in your own life. Try not to get into too much drama or vying for attention. It is best if you do not panic and keep a level head. The key to success in 2020 is to dig deep. Work with your shadow side and understand how personal weakness and negative patterns of thinking and behaviour affect your ability to achieve the good things you wish for. 2020 is when it all changes, so the purge and self- analysis will be beneficial. Your rewards will be spectacular as you dig deep to turn your personal circumstances around. There is scope for improvement on all fronts. You just have to be brave and confront things within and without. Self-knowledge is key to your 2020 success. You can run but you cannot hide. You will be tempted to retreat in the face of embarrassment, challenge and bombardment. But stand fast and your rewards will be nothing short of miraculous.

LEO: Leos will certainly be kept on their toes during 2020. Expect lots of shapeshifting and circumstances which twist you into a pretzel on more than one occasion. It does not pay to be a control freak this year, that is for sure. You will have to give up striving for your results. Trust is key, and it is important to surrender to the divine flow of things, knowing that you will end up in the right place and with the right person if you do. Sometimes we think we know best; until it becomes apparent that we really do not. You can affect some things and indeed must draw a line in the sand where personal and professional situations no longer work. You will need sound judgement too. Just because something is difficult does not mean it is wrong. The right things will not let you go in 2020. The wrong things will very quickly be removed from your sights. This will be very disconcerting, especially if your heart was set on someone or something. Energies will feel like you are on a wide swift flowing river with no chance of grabbing a stick or boulder for refuge. You are heading to the ocean deep and will come through the experience bursting with experience and excitement. Alarming as it all sounds, it is a case of you could not have worked this out if you tried. The best things will happen, and you will finally understand this. The key to 2020 success is to be open to new people, places, and situations.

VIRGO: Many Virgos will feel out of their depth going into 2020. What is new? This has been the way of it for quite some time. The key to success is to rely on intuition and knowing in situations. Practicalities will take care of themselves, and there is a sense that events, people and finances are beyond anything you can affect. All you can do is respond and be receptive. Some connections will subside as people reveal their true colours. You have given many people and situations the benefit of the doubt for quite some time. During 2020 it will be quickly apparent that you can do this no longer. You have to cast all dubious behaviour to the winds, including your own. There is much that you should no longer tolerate. Have a deep think about your resolutions. You owe it to yourself to create better boundaries and expect better for yourself and your life. Make this shift and all sorts of spectacular things can manifest for you. Are you going to be that anonymous lottery winner, or that person who needs to keep their personal life private because it is so exciting and potentially scandalous? Quite possibly! During 2020 you must play your cards close to your chest. Only you must know the detail of your world. That way you can clear your energy and will no longer be subject to the profound interference you have had to contend with in the last while. During 2020 energy must move and flow. Go for it!

LIBRA: Ese and grace are key words for Libra during 2020. It looks you will be having a slightly easier time than most, so the onus is on you to assist and help where you can. You may well be performing more than one rescue operation for you and yours. 2020 is a magical time for relationships. The emphasis is on quality connections. There will be light-hearted encounters and many chances for flirtation and passion. Just make sure you are not putting at risk important long-term arrangements. Karma balances during 2020 in good ways, and many of your past good deeds will be serving you well. There is much to celebrate, you just have to get your priorities right, and let the blessings flow. Unpredictable events relating to others will have an impact on your world. No man is an island and the struggles or breakthroughs of others will indeed affect you as well. Take complications and agendas in your stride. How important is it all in the scheme of things? You will have to breathe and ask yourself quite a lot in stressful moments. Say yes to social invites and work promotions and proposals. You can further your life experience by honouring and responding to what comes your way. Where you can access moments of rest and relaxation for these will serve you well when the demands made upon you by others put you onto overload. You will have to pull your weight. But really, it is all on a plate for you. What is not to like? Bring it on!

SCORPIO: 2020 lightens your load quite considerably. You will find that feelings of oppression and constriction fade away as 2020 gets underway. A lot starts to flow and roll in your favour. You do not have to stay in a state of high tension for much longer. Stay on your game. But realise that in many respects the pressure is off. Doors that were apparently closed are flung open. You will find that if you ask for something, you will receive it without protestation. It is as if your stars are finally aligning gracefully. They are! That gritty feeling which accompanies constant stress can now subside, and you will know that you no longer need to strive for every ounce of attention or recognition. The energy around you is positive and dynamic and this will rub off in your dealings with others. Things that were previously on hold, can now happen. You have a magical touch which blesses all that you do. 2020 urges you to work well with others. Your currency and effectiveness transforms when you combine your resources and work as a team. Your personal power and force allow you to hit big. But you may have some company when you do. Share of yourself more freely. There is no need to be quite so secretive. You will get everything you wish for by opening-up, rather than clamming-shut. Sneaking around is for amateurs. Be flamboyant and magnificent and know that your light shines in reflected glory. You do not have to be that lone beacon on the hill. Positive energy is shared and spread abroad.

SAGITTARIUS: Ditch anything holding you back in terms of personal baggage and hang-ups. 2020 allows for a clean sweep. You can remove dust and debris from your emotional trunk and vacuum away those cobwebs that have kept you entangled. Cut ties with anyone who drains your energy. It is time to work out who enhances your life, and who is detrimental and treat them accordingly. If something is bothering you, it really must be dealt with. 2020 will bring the changes you have been wishing for. But you must do your part and consciously move away from what is not working for you. Patience is required, especially with all the planetary action aligning in Capricorn. These aspects link to your material well-being and resources. Be methodical and sift through the details of disorganised paperwork. You may well have to account for yourself at some point and it pays to be organised. Build the spiritual connections of love, trust and hope. You will then have a more positive outlook as well as better results.2020 can see many of your dreams come true. There are dynamic interventions by Jupiter your ruler, and you have everything to play for. Just do not get too pushy as you go about your business. Construct an intelligent game plan for your goals for 2020 as the year sets off. The total Eclipse of the Sun in Sagittarius by the end of the year will then reap impressive rewards on your behalf.

CAPRICORN: There is very intense action in your portion of the heavens as 2020 klicks off. This may leave you feeling exhausted and energised in completely random moments. Do what you can when you see an opportunity. There is much on your side enabling the alignment of energies in your favour. Inner stillness will serve you well. It pays to be mindful and you must be careful not to make reactive decisions. There are high octane elements in your energy field and things could get explosive if you make wrong uncalculated moves. Try to retain your usual caution and serenity before you fly off the handle and damage someone or yourself in an emotive situation. Things will get done in the right divine order and it is not smart to push them. Your task is to be responsive not reactive: smart not insistent. Keep perspective and despite frustrations, know that it will all pan out in your favour. Step back of the gas and let the Universe coordinate what happens. Focus on friendship, romance and shared goals. Your heart will lead the way and save the day. The Eclipses of 2020 do you great service and boost your work prospects, as well as the efficacy of your creativity. Love will make you think, and the required spiritual inner work will help you make the right choices for YOU. Do not rush with the most important decisions at this time. If you take things step by step as the year kicks off, universal magic will align spectacular events and developments as the year winds down Prepare to have your mind blown!

AQUARIUS: You need to adopt a different perspective heading into 2020. The worst that you fear never happens, so it is probably as well to ditch thinking so negatively. You will at least give your nervous system a break if you do. When you wobble about the future, do the next practical thing. Make lists to divert your attention if needs be. There is a discipline to avoiding the ‘talk in your head’ that wears you down. It is very important that you master this as it is the most effective technique, enabling you to ‘get out of your own way. You do not know your personal power and you prime yourself with self-sabotage moments when you think and speak negatively. Aquarians tend to project into the future too much. Harness your energy to the here and now. You will be glad you did. Work with your inspirational ideas and creativity as the year kicks off. The Capricorn energy will make you feel anxious and tetchy. This is where the self-love, and nurturing MUST come in. Allow yourself to just be, as you reflect. You can be as introspective as you like. Just do not always assume the worst. Once your birthday has been and gone you can get down to business. Things will flow better, and you will feel more in control Try to be mindful of your own needs and do not sacrifice yourself at the altar of obligation. As if! New ideas and creative projects stimulate you. Success is within reach, so do not baulk at the challenges.

PISCES: Try to stop being so fretful and anxious. Off balance you can be your own worst enemy. It is very important not to undermine what is essentially a good thing. Second guessing everyone’s mood and response never did anyone any favours. Sometimes, you must just let things be. People will find their own way. It is not up to you to carry every burden and load that you stumble across. Even beloved family members probably need a bit more space. Focus on you and your own needs for a change. This will probably help everyone in your immediate environment. What is more, it will make you more effective for the taxing year ahead. You can achieve much through 2020. But you need to preserve your energy for your own pursuits as much as possible. Doubt and indecision and revisiting decisions after they are made must be avoided at all costs. These are the negative emotions and habits that can overwhelm and sink your enviable position. Take responsibility and master the past as you put it all into perspective. What did or did not happen does not have to keep coming back to haunt you. Master your world and allow it to work for you. You may never have the same chances again. Work it! You are not obliged to rescue everybody, especially not those who have done you no favours. Smart moves on the home front bring security and happiness at last.


ARIES: Mutual respect and understanding strengthens all your relationships for much of 2020. A Saturn Sextile boosts harmony, so long as there is attention to detail and consideration. You may have to rein in your passionate side a bit to ensure the continuation of a commitment. But when did you ever manage to do that? If you are facing a triangle situation you will have to choose between your heart and your common sense. Knowing you, you will find a way to amalgamate the two. Mid-Summer brings on the sexy vibes and you can breathe again. You will never have felt more alive. Some things are worth waiting for. You may well be smitten when you least expect it. Is this the stuff of romantic novels? Quite likely! For the best love results make sure you do not judge or put loved ones in a box. It is important to really listen and hone your empathy skills, so that the right things happen. Mars during July and August puts you into overdrive. Your energy levels and inclination to intimately connect are at a premium. Your partner will be walking around with a big smile on their face; and so, will you. If you are trying to expand the family, the summer looks like an optimum time to get busy. If you are single and wish to attract new love, putting extra efforts into your appearance and physicality will pay off during 2020. Do not rush in too readily. Tease and test the water, just a little bit. It all adds to the fun after all!

TAURUS: Your love life will benefit from the synchronicity and serendipity inspired by the Christmas Season Eclipse. This has an exciting knock-on effect for the following six months. You can expect coincidences and chance meetings to work in your favour. Destiny is all geared to steer you in the right direction. Usually you let it all happen around you. Your key to love success is to be responsive. When something (or someone) is staring you right in the face, it could not be clearer, right? A new connection or a fresh start will inspire you. Love can be enlivening rather than demoralising. You do not have to settle. Loyalty is one thing, and you are always commendable in your commitments. But life needs to be lived to the full. There is no point continuing at half-cock. A Neptune Sextile aspect heightens your spiritual connection with loved ones. You may well have given someone so much of your time and energy that you cannot imagine life without them. The realisation of other ways forward will be daunting, alarming and liberating. Your empathy is heightened, and you can expect emotions to run deep. All expressions of love be they familial, intimate, or filial will find great opportunity during 2020. The Lunar Eclipse on January 10th stirs deep compassion, Astrological aspects amplify your powers of feeling and knowing. The truth will not pass you by; though you may not like everything you ‘see.’

GEMINI: With Saturn Trine your energy field the emphasis is on growing commitments, especially between mid-March and Mid-July. If you are newly into a relationship 2020 offers great opportunity to expand your life experience together. Partnerships can flourish with mutual transparency and sharing. The key is not to judge, nor jump to conclusions., It is very important you do not let past disappointments cloud your vision for what is now presenting. Take love on its own merit and take loved ones at face value. There is no point trying to second guess agendas or intentions. If someone is with you and connecting, therein lies your answer. Build on what is and make the most of it. The June 21st Solar Eclipse brings harmony, peace and self-confidence, which is great for your love life. A Saturn Trine by the end of the year allows for even closer bonding, and there may well be a plethora of Festive engagements. It may not sound the most romantic approach but take a practical view of love during 2020. Your investments of time and energy will pay off if you push in logical directions. Who is that person who keeps showing interest, but who you continue to ignore? What makes more sense for your long-term future; the known and trusted connection, or the tempting fling in a work environment.? Could you have your cake and eat it too? Quite possibly. But the truth prevails in 2020 and the ways in which you are lying to yourself are likely to come to light. Give yourself a good old talking to and do the right thing!

CANCER: Uranus Sextile Cancer throughout the year will allow you to know yourself and your preferences better than ever before. If you have been in a less than satisfactory situation with your love life, you will at least have a much clearer idea of what works and what does not. Take your chances on something that feels right. Even if the options defy logic of common sense, your heart will know best and will guide you. It is not always possible to explain why something is right. You will just know when you find it, so do not let anyone take that away from you, nor make you doubt it. Play your cards close to your chest romantically. Privacy is important. There is no need to confide in that friend who always knows your business. Sometimes things must now change. You will realise that much of what you have been doing, has in fact done you no favours. Take the reins of your own happiness and follow through on a dream you have always held. Only you can make it all happen. Be proactive and daring. Life may never be the same again. Jupiter opposing you will make you feel very disgruntled if you are making do with the wrong situation. Frustrations may surface too in what is essentially a very good connection. So do tread lightly, and do not blindly over- extend your reach and end up with nothing. Take actions based on careful moves if you have something to lose. Smart love developments are based on your ability to distinguish between what is doable, what is right, and what is too much to expect. Nonetheless dreams DO come true!

LEO: The June 5th Lunar Eclipse is likely to expose strained relationships. Only those who are determined to weather the storms, stress and tension will pull through. Aspects of 2020 will be character building, and any relationship that survives the year is destined for the long haul. Rather than react and end something that may be intrinsically good, take a breath and ask for some independent time: a boys’ or girls’ trip; some time alone in a log cabin; a lengthy trip to Aunt Matilda; that sort of thing. Different needs and priorities need to be considered and factored into the equation. You cannot and must not gloss over a partner’s restlessness or dissatisfaction. Mercury in Leo in the first part of August enables deep effective communication when a whole lot can be sorted out. Rather than rush into mad decisions and changes agree to give each other space, and then revert to compare notes. These times can be character forming. People too readily blame a relationship when in fact it is something within themselves that needs attention. Avoid projecting your stuff out there and keep communication transparent and clear. There is no need to resort to covert behaviours or secret rendezvous. Take things a day at a time and allow your loved ones some room to breath and do their own thing. Be adventurous and redefine things and support each other in finding out what the answers might be. Friends for life is certainly better than animosity between exes. Foster independence and true loving support during 2020.

VIRGO: Uranus Trine Virgo energy brings a lot of exciting changes that come thick and fast. A whirlwind of experience beckons. This may test established connections. It will certainly change things in interesting ways. Partners will likely enjoy the interjection of new people, events and places. Indeed, you might ask questions of those who are stale and closed off to the big wide world. There is no place for stagnancy during 2020 and anything that shakes things up should be welcomed. New ideas and opportunities will excite the right partner. You must seriously question yourself if you are choosing to remain with a moaning Minnie. Life is too short to be always complaining. Tap into renewed vigour and optimism and your love life will surely benefit. The Lunar Eclipse of 5th July launches a few months where patience will be needed. Foster mutual understanding and give someone the consideration you would love to receive yourself. You can at least lead by example. Partnerships will benefit from your loving leniency in certain moments. What is new! During October Venus in Virgo can enhance romance once again. Love moods lighten and intimacy is magical. It will all be worth the wait. What might have seemed like a lot of hard work, can rebalance with some good clean fun. The rush of hormones and joyous connection need not fade forever. Love can come around again with someone exciting and new, or with the tried and tested on a revival streak. Find and express love where you can. It is all around you.

LIBRA: Venus Goddess of Love rules Libra, so you are always looking for love and harmony anywhere you can find it. Your love life gets greatly boosted when Venus joins the Sun in Libra and in 2020 this happens end of October into early November. Do not panic, it does not mean you will be short on action until next autumn. Quite the opposite. But it is worth keeping this phase in mind for proposals, significant plans and celebrations linked to love and happiness. If you have been single for some time, a new romance will turn into a long-term commitment and something special by the end of the year. So, whatever comes your way in 2020 is surely worth investigating, even if the chemistry is not immediately obvious. Sometimes the universe knows better than we do, what is going to most enhance your life. You are not exactly a gold digger, but do enjoy the finer things in life, and love with a decadent twist can take shape in 2020. You may well be the envy of your friends and family as you land on your feet in unexpected but magical ways. Long-term partnerships gain from better communication and mutual understanding. It is crucial that you leave past grievances behind for the New Year. Casting up someone’s misdemeanours or their irritating foibles is not going to help. I mean if you dislike it all that much, you might ask yourself WHY are you still there? So, leave behind the nit-picking, and celebrate all the reasons to be cheerful. Build on a good thing.

SCORPIO: If you need a major heart-to-heart about your mutual future, do avoid the Mercury Retrograde phase from mid-October. You may feel there is a lot of time between now and then. But be warned time will fly in 2020 and you will be busy. You may have good intentions for a relationship and keep putting off those big chats and talks about full commitment. Yes, you can get around to it at some point. But it might as well be sooner than later? I tis important not to let the weeks and months run away with you. A shared burden, and a decision to move in together may be just what the relationship needs. It will take the onus off you in terms of practical planning and joining forces quicker than you had intended will be a blessing, and a de-stressor. For those already in full blown commitment, it is crucial that you do not take each other for granted. Find time for date nights, and make sure the kids are cared for by other family members on a rota system, that gives you much needed catch up time. It would be all to easy to let everything drift by super-fast and so loose sight of what brought you together in the first place. 2020 requires you to find time for love. Build those connections and make the most of all the quality relationships in your life. Quality time is essential with family, friends, and your love interest. A strong support system is built through love. It is your only way forward. The Lunar Eclipse of July feeds the good vibes in your world. Happiness feels much less elusive these days. Do not be afraid to embrace it all.

SAGITTARIUS: From the Spring until mid-Summer Saturn Sextile your energy brings many blessings. Discipline and taking on more responsibility in family settings will enhance your status, and you will begin to feel more appreciated. It is important to pull-your-weight. Others will respond in kind, and you will feel more valued. The more you invest and put into your closest relationships, the more you will receive. During 2020 do not be afraid to make the first move. Ask for that date, suggest ways to boost and build love and passion, and make time for the most important people in your life. All your relationships need more priority so that love can grow and flow. It is the little things that make life feel worthwhile. You do not always appreciate this until you experience a huge loss. Try to be aware of this in advance of devastating events and appreciate every moment with loved ones. Grieving is a complex process, whether for a pet, a good friend, or family member. But at times of acute sadness, love reaches us in deeper ways. There is a curious powerful comfort in loss that brings us humans together. We remain humble, and appreciative even in sadness. It is okay to be upset. Know that love is all around you and will find you again. Let go of the past and build for a positive future. Things will never be the same again. But you will start to feel that is okay during 2020. The divine plan will become very apparent. Expect miracles.

CAPRICORN: Mars action from mid-February peps up your energy levels and sex drive. If you have been low or confused, you should notice a whole lot coming together as Spring is sprung. There will be great moments of emotional clarity, which will help you pip-point what or who you want. Your love life will benefit as you make more definite positive moves. 2020 is the year to go after what you want. No more dithering. Speak up, and woo, and pursue. No need to stalk or panic. Simply be sure and passionate, then let your love interest respond. Uranus Trine Capricorn coming into the New Year allows you to cope with a whole lot of chaos, turbulence and disruption. You are all set to easily deal with whatever comes your way. 2020 is your time to take no prisoners. If there are rivals for your affection or more than one person is targeting your love interest, 2020 will bring things to a head. Roll with the punches (though hopefully there will not be too many of those!). In love if you play it smart and take the long-term view, accompanied with knowing focus, you will win out. There is nothing more appealing than someone who knows their own mind, and who acts upon it with surety and passion. These qualities will bring you the happiness you rightly deserve. If you have been dithering on taking a relationship to the next level, the same applies. Someone deserves your full attention at this stage. You owe it to yourself to follow your heart.

AQUARIUS: Make moves to be more social for 2020. Invites are coming your way for a reason, so do honour the interest of others in you. There will be competition for your heart. But you are loyal and know what you want. It is important to be honest to those who are getting ideas about you. It really does not help to give them false hope and attention if you do not intend to follow through. Now is not the time to be a loser in love. Your heart knows what to do. If you need to have talks to clear the air and decide the general direction of your most important connections, then now is the time to do it. Brace yourself. Not everyone will agree with your approach. You would do well to weigh up all the options. Single Aquarians will not be so for much longer. But they do need to respond to the moves being made. The onus on you is to know what you must do, and to follow through. Mercury in Aquarius from mid-January is the best time to speak up and resolve issues in long-term connections with mutual sharing. Make sure you LISTEN to each other! None of that talking over the person before they have made their point. The Summer Lunar Eclipse is not a good omen for relationships under strain. Good solid connections with weather the storm. But they may well have to redefine the terms and conditions of the ‘arrangement.’ Summer season separates the men from the boys, and it will be clear what is working and what is not. Now is the time to stop making so many allowances for what is essentially, bad behaviour.

PISCES: Venus in Pisces from Mid-January is good news indeed for the love life. The feel-good factors of your best connections should be buoyant and delicious coming into 2020. Anything that is causing stress could probably be over-looked or even brushed under the carpet. The point is, nothing is as bad or as difficult as you thought it was or would be. Look on the bright side and feed the positives in a love situation. If you are in a committed relationship, this can go the distance, and the ground you make up coming into the New Year, will stand you in great stead come the summer. The powerful mid-Summer Eclipse will raise some questions. But you probably have touched on the answers already. Whatever is working is worth fighting for. There is no good reason to give up now. Singletons will be feeling their most attractive and confident during birthday season. Watch out for your tendency to second-guess everything during the Retrograde Mercury phase from mid-February. You could do a lot of damage at this point if you give negativity airtime. Not everything needs to be discussed or stated. The past is the past, and somethings need to be left alone. All we have is ‘NOW,’ so work with what is going on around you and love will find its way through a maze of challenges and confusion. Guard against the interference of others. Only YOU know the ins-and-outs of what you have been through and how you feel. Sometimes there is no such thing ss good advice – except what you read here!

2020 Health Reset

ARIES: The Sun Square Aries coming into the New Year helps your determination and focus. This this assures that you may stick to any new health plan or fitness regime. Pluto Square encourages the mastery of your power and tests your reserves and resilience. Discipline is key to ensure major long-term results. You may well benefit from being more adventurous with your fitness plans. Look for things that test flexibility as well as stamina and strength. Keeping things moving is a repeat refrain for 2020. So within and without check that your dietary requirements match this flow. Pressure from Saturn may discourage and demoralise you just when you thought you had nailed it. Spring urges a revisit of the goals you set for New Year, to make sure everything is still on track. If you are seeking to release weight you would be better off doing the right things. Perhaps eliminate dairy and gluten for a time to rest your system. Add plenty of vegetables and protein to your daily diet. But try to avoid the Ketogenic fad, which potentially puts the body into metabolic crisis. Such an approach needs careful handling. Carbs are important, at least in small measure. Keep your carbohydrate intake low GI, which favours things like Spelt flour, beans, pulses, lentils, and root vegetables. Oats are the ideal way to start the day. But avoid anything which has a ‘simply add hot water’ for a quick fix. Apricots are a great way to boost sugar levels when you feel drained. Do add a high % of Cocoa dark chocolate to your diet too. Eat your food as close to its natural state as possible for a clean energising diet.

TAURUS: A Jupiter Trine coming into the year urges you to relax and preserve energies where you can. There is no need to tank into a brutal health regime as soon as 2020 begins. Pace yourself with gentle walks and cardio activity when you feel the urge. Fresh air and aerobic activities suit you best. Listen to your body and follow its lead. The gym can wait. Where you have over done it at points in the previous months, your body now requires some TLC and healing from emotional trauma, possibly linked to grief and loss. Deep seated emotions and traumas can be very taxing and tiring on the system. It is important to be patient with yourself. Sleep more. Relax and rest with your feet up. Your health will improve, and your batteries will get a chance to recharge. While in low-key mode, make sure you do not overload with rich, sweet or fatty foods. Follow the French way which allows for some red wine and butter, but make sure the diet is otherwise balanced and healthy. The French approach does not in this instance mean indulge yourself with sweet Patisserie whenever possible. But you can get away with a bit more of the yummy stuff for the first couple of months of 2020. Just be aware Jupiter may also expand your waistline if you go all-in. Venus in Taurus in the Spring is helpful. You will want to tend to your appearance then, and the results should be good. Jupiter Conjunct Pluto at this point will enable you so long as you are passionate about your fitness regime. There is no point in anything half-hearted. Once you define your goals, you must remain committed.

GEMINI: If you came up with a new fitness approach over the Festive Season, the Eclipse energy will help align you with major success over the next six months. So, think back to the intentions you had just after Christmas and therein lies your clue. A Saturn Trine from March to early July will help your focus and discipline. The early part of the year is highly beneficial for dietary changes and new approaches in the gym. Pilates and dance will strengthen your core. Anything that makes you feel light and not heavy will work. This applies to foods also. You know what suits you. Listen to your body more. You know when you have eaten something that makes you feel off. Do not be tempted to feed those sluggish feelings. Engage with some good clean fun to spark up further fitness. Anything involving teams, groups or partnership combined with fitness will work for you this year. Soul Biking, Spin classes, Hiking, Trekking, Mountain climbing, all suit you well. You need to trick your body into more movement, so if there is an enjoyable social element you will do much better. The results will creep up on you. The Spring and early Summer brings added incentives to look your best. New romance, or renewed, improved love will help you shift extra baggage in more ways than one. The feel-good hormones will operate in your favour, and beneficial modifications with fitness and diet will come naturally. In fact, if you are forcing anything for 2020, know that it must be wrong for you. Being an Air sign, you need to roll with the ‘lightness of being,’ to always give your optimal performance.

CANCER: In some ways it is okay to coast into 2020 simply listening to your body. Ask yourself, do you actually want breakfast today? Do you want that heavy lunch, or having had a full breakfast would you not rather wait until evening? There are no hard-and-fast rules for Cancerians during 2020. What is right for someone will be wrong for another. It is key that you listen to YOU and assess what you need in any given moment. If you need to lose a few pounds try the eighteen- hour fasting, which is so good for resetting the system. This is not as daunting as it sounds. You last eat at six and then do not eat again until noon; or you last eat at eight in the evening, and then wait until two in the afternoon for a late lunch. You then eat all your meals in a six-hour time frame. This works incredibly well if you are retaining belly fat or have insulin resistance. It is very doable once you get used to it. Ideally it may become a life-time’s habit for some who wish to avoid middle-aged-spread for example. Water and fluid retention may be an issue. Perhaps try a diuretic tea like Hawthorn, which is also good for high blood pressure. Research foods and fitness approaches that are going to really help you for 2020. Whatever has an application for your health can only be a good habit to get into. Think of good nutritious food as medicine for your soul. Try Apple Cider Vinegar for all sorts of health niggles including weight loss and fluid retention. There are many approaches, and you need to find what is right for you. Take an interest in YOU! It can be something of a project until you stabilise and find what really works.

LEO: A Uranus Square during 2020 puts many Leos on edge. You may be feeling fractious and out-of-sorts, and not quit know why. The need to let off steam will greatly help. So, invest in a punch bag, or go for a long sweaty run when you need to ground yourself, or release pent up emotion. Leo needs to find ways to channel strong emotions this year, and high impact fitness approaches will suit well. The emphasis is more on finding an outlet for frustration which then in turn benefits you, health-wise. The more worked-up you feel about other aspects of your life, the more this can be channelled into highly beneficial fitness goals for great results. The key to sorting out your life during 2020 is in fact to be found at the gym, or in the great outdoors. Whatever activity is going to bring that diversionary release is what is going to work. What is more you will enjoy it. If you make your fitness a focus for 2020, everything else that bothers you will find a natural solution. Almost by default, the breakthroughs will happen in all areas of life. You will have to work hard, just not in the ways you originally thought. All the better if you can become a little obsessed with your regime. Something like Sam Heughan’s 2020 Peak Challenge is worth a look online. A lot of thought goes into the menus, programmes and there are videos and demonstrations and a face book group to help you focus. So if you are daunted by the gym, start with something more individual and private where you can self-monitor your progress.

VIRGO: You will be inspired with a lot of self-discipline and focus on the back of the mid-summer Eclipse in early July. This will enable you to achieve great fitness and dietary results if you make a game plan in the months and weeks ahead. Dip your toe into what you want to achieve and do not necessarily leave it as late as the summer. Your New Year resolutions still have some bearing on how it will all go. But the summer certainly brings added incentive and energy levels which will help you finally get the results you originally wanted. in translation, be patient with yourself. Many Virgos have had a lot to contend with in other ways during 2019, and there is still some emotional debris to process and assimilate. Your process is complex and deep integration, even spiritually is sometimes more important than brutal circuits at the local gym. ‘Everything in good time’ might be a motto for Virgos as 2020 gets under way. Make the changes you feel you can. Gently does it. You are disciplined and focused. But you must feel your way with what is right and decide in what order changes must be made. Simplify your diet and make sure you are more aware of what goes into your foods, especially if you have been using short cuts and home-ready recipes. Try one of the home-delivery services if your budget allows. If you are busy this will ensure you get the right balance in your diet. It may well benefit you to go wheat and dairy free to rest your system and to deal with any inflammation, especially if your digestive tract has been playing up. Take a good quality probiotic and look upon this as medicine. A detox may be needed but research wisely and make informed choices.

LIBRA: With a Jupiter Square challenging Librans as we ease into 2020, you will have to guard against excess. Eating too much, drinking too much, too much of anything will overload your system and it will very likely protest. You are not a greedy person, but sometimes you fall foul of too-much-of-a-good-thing. Make sure that you at least start to ration the obviously detrimental aspects of your diet and routine. You can go cold turkey, or you can phase something out. Try one, then the other. So long as you are expressing the intention to improve then you will eventually get results. The Saturn Trine from mid-March to mid-July will help greatly. Your discipline will be greater once Spring is sprung. Do be patient with yourself in the meantime. Monitor your sugar intake and investigate more natural sugars to satiate that sweet tooth. If you load up heavy on the cream and sugar in beverages, do try to wean yourself into better habits. Financially and health wise, significant tweaks to your schedule will help a lot. Put the money you spend on takeaways into a savings account and opt for healthier options. Aim to eat more at lunch time so that you use the energy boost through the day and get into the habit of lighter evening meals. This will sort out just about everything you complain about or criticise in your appearance. The very best way to streamline your physique is to get so busy with everything else you forget to eat. A few days of this will not go amiss. Read about fasting and see how it can benefit you. Or try the 2:5 approach to eating where you eat healthily and fully (the good stuff) for five days a week, and limit yourself to 500 calories for women, and 800 for men, for the remaining two days.

SCORPIO: Uranus opposing you for 2020 may make you feel edgy and fractious. Practising mindfulness will be very important to your equilibrium. It is crucial that you do not let life’s stresses and strains get the better of you. Find positive ways to relax and distract yourself. When you catch yourself thinking a negative thought, or indulging a questionable habit, check yourself, and find a way to stop. Self-discipline in these matters will re-educate your system and your mind-power. Your life performance and personal power will greatly increase with a clear head and detoxed system. Being Scorpio, you can be prone to some bad habits which are difficult to shake off. 2020 gives you the inner strength and tenacity to tackle these issues head-on. Succeed in this and you will never look back. Now is the time to deal with everything you have been procrastinating about. Put it off much longer and you will never get around to it. Is it a case of do or die? Hopefully not. But your health regime needs some attention. Even if you think you are Mr or Ms fitness bunny, have a look at your schedule and tweak it. It is quite possible you have been over doing things, and your body needs to take a breath. Your obsessive tendencies can play out either way, on either end of the scale. Indeed, you may find that you swing between extreme fitness and health care, and extreme laxity and indulgence. Try to find something in the middle, so that your body is not dealing with such bombardment. It is all about balance and control and sensible approaches. Have a deep think about what is going to work for you in 2020.

SAGITTARIUS: From mid-March to mid-July Saturn Sextile energy helps you achieve your goals. Systematic approaches and personal discipline pay off if you set yourself a realistic programme through the middle phase of the year. As 2020 kicks off pace yourself. Now is not the time to beat yourself up. But you can make some useful dietary changes at least at this point. Try to avoid carb overload and separate your food groups out for good digestion results. Try not to eat carb at the same time as protein and your body will thank you for it. Even this simple approach to your meals will rest your digestion and gently detox your system. Be honest with yourself about alcohol intake and make sensible decisions. Do you need to stop completely? 2020 gives you the chance to kick your bad habits to the curb. You will have the energy alignments in full support and the inner strength to sort things you have been procrastinating about for a long time. Neptune Squares your energy for 2020 which is a double-edged sword. Forewarned is forearmed. There will be moments where you flag and threaten to throw in the towel. But the under-riding feeling is one of tenacity and determination. Work out a code of conduct to pre-empt the low points. If you need to work with a fitness coach to remain focused, do so. Sign up for a class or a gym, where you can request to be guided and monitored; where your improvements can be recorded. You need encouragement from somewhere. Similarly, if you want to shift a few pounds, sign up for something like weightwatchers, or a specific food plan where calories are measured to the nth degree. If you can take a somewhat scientific approach to your health and fitness you will have useful boundaries for measurement and results. You need this structure.

CAPRICORN: Uranus Trine your energies for 2020 is very helpful. You will be all set to make big changes without the usual nervousness and feelings of disruption. This energy also supports you in self-improvement, even of a drastic nature. What seems daunting or impossible becomes doable. Apply this to your dietary and fitness regime for 2020, and you should feel very proud by the close of play. Mercury in Capricorn as the year kicks off too makes this an ideal time to consult with a professional and say all those things you usually gloss over or forget. This means an appointment with your Dr or a fitness supervisor can be much more productive. Have some honest heart-to-hearts and pave the way for better understanding with all those around you. Deciding on what is going to benefit YOU with a professional is a good way to start. Do you need chiropractic adjustments for that pain in the neck? Or is some trapped emotion confined to your neck that links to someone in your energy field who should not really be there? Who or what is your ‘pain-in-the-neck?’ Be more aware of how your body takes on aches and pains which have an emotional root. Is there anything physically wrong with you at all? Or are you sensitive, empathetic and absorbing everyone else’s ‘stuff?’ 2020 encourages you to consider your own needs above the needs of others, so that ultimately you can give out more. There is no point bending over backwards to help when you do not have the reserves for your own needs. With all the Capricorn elements in the heavens as the year gets under way, nothing could be clearer. This is the time to pay yourself some special attention.

AQUARIUS: Stress and over worry is the bugbear of your existence. You must do yourself a favour for 2020 and stop fretting over things that may never happen. Find an exercise outlet that suits your disposition and make sure you indulge in it regularly. You need the grounding and focus enhancements that time in nature provides. Empty your mind as you walk, power-walk, or run. You will find that ideas and answers come to you. Rather than second guessing the universe and others the whole time. Empty yourself and find some inner peace and serenity. 2020 encourages you to be more Zen. Nothing gets solved or worked out while you are wriggling from the truth and hiding from yourself. So, for your health’s sake it is time to be completely honest with yourself about what is best going to serve your future. Sometimes you try to keep a myriad of balls in the air. These may all be very tempting, pretty and beguiling. But you are serving no one by keeping options open at this stage. You do not need a back-up plan or twenty. You need to make a commitment and some heart-felt decisions. Your physical and emotional bodies will thank you for the clarity. Anything you have been holding onto past its sell by date has to go. 2020 is a time to streamline and hone your life in all ways. Look at the bigger picture. Where do you want to be and what do you need to do to achieve it? Your health and fitness will fall into alignment when you work out the deeper answers. The main thing is to clear your mind, knowing that the rest will follow. You will be shown what to do. Just do not assume you ‘know’ at this stage. Be open!

PISCES: As 2020 kicks off you probably have a lot on your plate. Literally as well as figuratively? It is probably best not to be hard on yourself, as generally you need to ease your way into a New Year. The run up to your birthday can be quite an introspective time. Your health will respond better if you take it easy rather than force a point in the gym, giving up before you see any results. It is clear you should not tank into a crazy fitness schedule right away. Indeed, you probably do not have the time anyway. You need boosting in more ways than one. Your morale may be low, and your vitamin levels and vitality may have followed suit. Take a tonic or two, rather than seek to detox and over stress your system further. Keep warm. The measures that benefit you as 2020 gets under way, self-care and prevention of harm. It is too late for the flu jab, but do not create more problems for yourself. Take the liquid B12 with iron and vitamins to supplement your diet. Olive Leaf Extract is a great supplement for warding off viruses and bacteria. Bone broth and chicken soup will serve you well if you are not Vegan. And if you are? Please assess your diet and check the ingredients of those milks, breads and spreads in the supermarket. You may find you are unwittingly taking things that are even more detrimental than dairy for your system. Just saying! Jupiter Sextile from mid-January to mid-March is good news for your health and vitality. Follow some of these simple measures and you will be able to stave off the bugs flying around. Avoidance of anything that is overtaxing, or which causes too much stress and strain is your key to good health. Be flexible and fluid with people and in complex situation and you will flow through everything. 

2020 is about preserving your boundaries and looking after number one.

2020 Money & Luck Matters 2020

ARIES: The Solar Eclipse during Christmas Season has a great knock-on effect for you into 2020. Your luck and abundance are greatly enhanced by this magical energy. You do not have to be cautious, simply spot your investment moment. Serendipity and apparent coincidences align in your favour. There is a great flow to funds and free fearless spending generates even better chances. Be on the lookout for unusual ways to make money. The obvious logical routes are not necessarily the best for you. None of this condones irresponsibility with money. But look on coins and notes as energy which have an unlimited source and supply. The great banker in the sky has more than enough to go around. You have access to an endless and abundant benefactor. Learn a bit more about spiritual approaches to handling money. You will find you become much less screwed up and less fretful about it all. You still need to exercise patience and self-discipline at times. None of this is a license to be reckless. Having said that your chances of winning are nicely enhanced by all the light energies flowing around you. Just do not go crazy chasing a pipe dream. Remain grounded and pragmatic as you apply the lessons coming your way. The combination of fate with smart deliberate action will serve you well indeed for 2020. Finances will respond well to intelligent campaigns and wise moves.

TAURUS: Jupiter action assists Taurus and boosts luck and financial gain for lengthy stretches of the year. From 10th January through to March there are auspicious energies working in your favour. These come back around again from the end of July through to October. If you are planning investments, partnerships and purchase of property, these would be the times to take advantage of the markets. You can even afford to hustle a deal more than you usually would Taurus. Usually you are the laid-back assimilator of the competition. You tend to weight up the options and nudge forward cautiously to test the water. 2020 finds you daring to be more dynamic and even pushy to seal a deal. You have both the energy and smarts primed for this. Do take advantage. Not unscrupulously, but smoothly. You will win out using focus and well-timed decisions. Intuition is key, and that inner sense of ‘knowing,’ is better guidance than analysis of facts and figures. Some of you may be quaking in your boots at this prospect. But the reality is, if you act forcefully on a strong hunch, you will be quids-in. Jupiter Conjunct Pluto drives you to succeed against the odds in the Spring. The combination of your personal luck with spectacular determination will part the waters in your favour. No one dare take you on. You just must believe in your power and persistence. Your natural talent, flare, and ability takes you far in the arenas of wheeling and dealing.

GEMINI: Saturn Trine Gemini energy makes the whole of 2020 great for buying and selling and cutting a deal. If you have property you wish to invest in or off load, now is the time to do it. Never mind Brexit fears or fears of a Celtic Tiger type crash to the economy. (Not. Going. To. Happen!) So do not let unfounded or unsubstantiated threats hold you back. There are ample opportunities to glow and flow through the year ahead. Finances and luck will mirror your expectations, so you have a lot of personal power in this situation. Not exactly a ‘Law of Attraction’ theory. But it pays to look on the bright side and serve yourself well but not undermining your position with needless doubts. Trust your power, belief, and ability to deliver or land a deal. No one can supersede your wit and sales banter when push comes to shove. The Christmas season Eclipse serves you well, enabling you to set long term plans and goals that will actually reap dividends this time. You can afford to trust what is taking shape at this time. It will propel you nicely into the future and enhance your prosperity for some time to come. If you need to secure a loan, the Spring is the optimum time to pursue this. Consider chatting up a business partner to buy you out, or investigate investing smartly, if not heavily. Your skills of negotiation will be high, so take your chances and state your case. You have the facts at your fingertips and will be able to impress with your vision and knowledge.

CANCER: Jupiter opposing you coming into the New Year indicates that you should tread carefully and not be too demanding. Share resources and do not seek to undercut others in business or partnerships. The best results come from joining forces and smart investments. 2020 at the start urges caution and it is best to avoid sticking your neck out with all the energy in Capricorn your Polar Opposite sign. Luck is heightened but it is enhanced by inner knowledge and circumspection rather than random spurges or urges. You would do well to wait until your birthday season has gone by, before you make more bold moves. Your personal New Year often turns things around in style and 2020 is when the scale of your results can amplify. The mid-year Mercury Retrograde phase means you need to be careful before you sign on the dotted line. Where you are buying or selling or taking out a loan, your openings will more likely come in the second part of 2020. Let the universe bestow its magic upon you and do not question it as the year kicks off. There is a lot of energy that will trigger you in interesting ways. Try to respond positively and look on it all as an adventure. The practical stuff comes later. 2020 will stabilise your finances if you are smart and cautious. But do recognise your fortune and good luck when it aligns. A slow evolutionary process of growth builds your empire overtime, and 2020 plays a very significant role.

LEO: 2020 opens up new and exciting opportunities for many Leos. Prepare for the unexpected and magical in your life. This means you must recognise it when it is happening and not block it by second guessing or doubting. Good luck amplifies when it is received and not questioned. So do not dismantle what is coming your way before it even fully grounds into your world. Saturn can slow you down a bit coming into the year if your projects and ideas are out-of-time. There is reason to be sensible and pragmatic in your approach too, especially where business and investments are concerned. It is better to respond to random openings than dig around too much in one direction trying to make things happen. Mercury in Leo during August is oddly the best time to negotiate and seal a deal. This could be because everyone is otherwise occupied and distracted. Watch for such moments during 2020. It pays to be on your game, so that you slip through the openings that show a chink of light. You do not need to barter or sell your soul during 2020. Your great results come sometimes randomly, other times systematically. You cannot really work it all out, so do not even try. Suspend judgement where you have to and know that it will all work out in your favour. That one thing IS for sure. Jupiter Conjunct Pluto in the Spring, and again in the autumn enhance your luck nicely. Situations and deals that looked dead-in-the-water will spark into life. You could not have worked this out if you tried.

VIRGO: Jupiter Trine Virgo coming into 2020 is lucky indeed. It lifts the cloud that has been hanging over the heads of many. Both your personal and professional life will benefit from renewed optimism and better energy. You will notice your luck turning in your favour without too much effort at all. The more you sit back and observe, the more things can align in your favour. Do not miss opportunities to grab a deal. Be responsive in the right moments - they should be obvious. Your chances of winning are nicely boosted, and you may indeed find that a streak of luck breaks through a lot of barriers and opens previously closed doors. The Solar Eclipse of the Christmas Season serves you well and sets you up for much of 2020. Make your wishes and express your intentions; then watch it all take shape. Do not bother to pit yourself against competition. You outshine everyone anyway. Business, funds, and luck will knock on the door. You do not have to pursue it; nor do you have to fret about it. Jupiter Sextile Neptune in the Spring is a truly magical time. Make sure you consistently do your numbers. You may just hit the Jackpot! Some Virgos may be looking at early retirement or surprising financial breakthroughs that bring the energy of ‘setting-you-up-for-life.’ Take good advice when it comes to investing in real estate. You need to not put a foot wrong with investments, even if money is ‘no object.’ Luck sparks-up many unique opportunities during 2020.

LIBRA: Do not rush into things coming into 2020 Jupiter squares up to your energies and you could be tempted to push too hard and fast in the wrong direction. If you are in a financial hole do stop digging and take a breath. Things will rectify if you are systematic and sensible Calculate what you can get away with and what you can do to make amends. Saturn Trines you from March onwards for quite some time. You will have the patience and determination you need to sort out a lot. This is a great stretch of time to get your ducks in a row. Sort the debris of false leads and investments that did not work out. There are ways to get you back on track and if you need a form of debt management do not be afraid to pursue it. Your commitment and sense of duty will allow for expansion, organisation, and achievement. You can now build a cornerstone of stability that will serve you well for years to come. There is no mad rush. Slow and steady is the approach that will yield your rewards. Jupiter action may cause you to leap ahead of yourself as 2020 gets underway. DO follow up leads with circumspection and moderation, so that what is really for you can shake down in practical ways. You will be thinking and dreaming big. Yes, your goals are achievable, but you must not rush your fences. Mercury in Libra in the autumn is one of the best times of the year to sort more lucrative deals. You will be on your game during your birthday season., Make your main moves then.

SCORPIO: Early in the year Jupiter Sextile your energy brings great surges of harmony and good luck. 2020 kicks off in grand style, and things may descend upon your quickly. Yes, you may panic at the rapidity of developments. But do not pass up a good thing. Your urge to control everything could ironically hold you back. Sometimes you just need to jump in with two big feet. Apply this to work and business and you may be well ahead of everyone at the top of the year. Move swiftly! From March to July Saturn action may be whispering negatively in your ear, and you will likely feel a bit thwarted and oppressed. What started out so well, may now look like a mistake. Trust me, it is not. But you will need to exercise patience and not throw good money after bad during the middle part of the year. If you take a systematic approach you can sort out a whole lot. Background efforts and analysis of facts and figures will serve you in good stead when you come to pitch something later in the year. Save your more adventurous moves to your birthday season. If you missed the bonanza as 2020 kicked off, opportunities will come back around again by the close of play. The Lunar Eclipse on 5th July brings a good turn in your fortunes. Your luck is boosted mid-summer. But err on the side of caution until things are fully in place. You will get good guidance at the right times. It is all much better than it first seems. Tackle 2020 opportunities with this in mind and give it all half a chance.

SAGITTARIUS: Mars action gives you grit, energy and determination as 2020 kicks off. You will be onto a sure thing before you know it. Channel your competitive energy in the workplace constructively, and you will be ahead of those who would out smart you. Just be you, and the rest will follow. You do not have to fight your point. Let others speak first. Whatever. You are the one who is making the most sense and this will be highlighted as all you have recommended comes to light and works well. You do not need to pay much heed to office politics. 2020 allows you to ‘do you.’ In the autumn Jupiter Sextile Neptune urges you to join forces openly with others. Your fortunes are boosted in teamwork situation, at least until your birthday season when you can more effectively go it alone. On balance, a unified approach is the best way forward for much of the year. Jupiter Conjunct Saturn towards the end of the year is truly magical and your abundance, luck, and finances will be greatly boosted. A time to not forget your numbers! Mercury in Sagittarius early December is the optimum time to seal a deal and strike a bargain. But there will be a window of opportunity for a spectacular breakthrough mid-summer with the July Eclipse. You will feel the pressure at points during 2020, so be mindful and do not allow stress to get the better of you. Patience is your best ally, until you see the doors open. Only then should you act. DO not chase too much during 2020. Let it all come to you, and land squarely in your lap!

CAPRICORN: Uranus Trines your energy making things much more harmonious and less frenetic and frantic. Luck and time are now on your side. Your personal power is at a premium and you would do well to follow through on whatever is offered to you as 2020 gets under way. Try not to over analyse it. Just get on with what is happening. Sometimes you hesitate and miss your moment. This must not happen this year. Mercury in Capricorn allows you to speak from the heart. Make requests, get things practically sorted and compile those intentions and resolutions. You may stick to them this year! Finances will get a boost with smart negotiations. Oddly, this is the time to go after that loan or deal, before everyone else has realised it is 2020. You can be ahead of the game if you move quickly and take advantage of everything working in your favour. Your luck is in. Build on it and exploit it. Mars action in the Spring allows you to take progressive action in business or work projects. Your results will come quickly too as the time is ripe. The hard work you have put in finally comes to fruition. Jupiter the planet of luck bestows good fortune upon you. What can go wrong? Nothing. Only your doubt and hesitation will block the good things coming your way. It is down to you to say yes and follow through! 

The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn mid-summer further enhances your luck, bringing through new contacts, chances, and circumstances.

AQUARIUS: Finances have been desperately stressful at points through the last year. 2020 is a whole new ball game. You will find even more creative ways through the challenges. One thing is for sure, you will succeed. Luck turns in your favour after your birthday season. Simply brace yourself as the year kicks off. It will not be as daunting as you fear. Try to trust for your provision more than you have in the past. Factors and energies will align in your favour. There is a lot of planetary action in Capricorn which stirs up a lot for you. You may feel the pressure is on and the tasks are insurmountable as 2020 kicks off. Even though it does not feel like it yet, there will be some amazing opportunities surfacing throughout the coming year. You will not be able to anticipate any of it. Just be responsive when people knock on your door. Mercury in Aquarius allows you to do intelligent deals and make smart business moves well before the Spring. During April Mars action gives you the drive to succeed, and the energy to tackle daunting tasks. Your patience and tenacity will be rewarded in unexpected ways. Others will see your potential and you do not have to knock on doors. The best chances come when you are looking the other way. Make sure you turn around when someone important taps you on the shoulder! Sometimes you do not know best. Nor can you fathom how the universe will deliver you; which is surely will. Lunar Eclipse in July is fortunate indeed, and lady luck surely smiles upon you by the end of the summer.

PISCES: Mercury Retrograde in the Spring will not help your business matters nor skills of negotiation. Get in there quickly as the year kicks off. Even better, wait until after your birthday before you put pen to paper or make your requests. On balance it is better to ease your way into 2020. Watch, look, listen and observe and work out your game plan. Your own New Year begins with your birthday season, and you will do better creatively and in business come mid-March. If you need to apply for a loan or go into partnership or make an investment try to hold off until the May buds blossom. Your luck is greatly enhanced once the air is warmer. You will find that what was closed off will open-up, and you will be feeling better within yourself, and more able to take on the world. Listen to your intuition and do not rush to sort things as soon as 2020 gets under way. Mars action during May will give you lots of impetus and energy. You will be a step ahead of the competition coming into the summer. The Mid-summer Eclipse on 5th July will set you up for a whole lot. 2020 is a year of two halves for you. You will be so much more productive during the autumn season than at the top of the year. Jupiter Sextile energy helps you from 24th July onwards. At this point you will gain momentum and your lick will be seriously boosted. Be patient as the year gets under way, then play a blinder once you have your strategies organised. 
All will be well.

2020 for The Decans – Tips for Success in 2020


March 21st – April 20th

Ruled by Mars

FIRST DECAN: March 21st – March 30th

Planetary Influence: Mars

Lucky Numbers: 30 22 12

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Tip for 2020

Take your time and breathe on your main issues. You will soon get the clarity you need, 

and will make the smart, right decisions.

Watch for: Rushing in too quickly.

SECOND DECAN: March 31st – April 9th

Planetary Influence: The Sun

Lucky Numbers: 13 36 47

Lucky Colour: Orange

Lucky Tip for 2020

You crave understanding and recognition on one point. But please do not chase after it. Let life flow as it will. 

Your time will come.

Watch for: Getting ahead of yourself

THIRD DECAN: April 10th – April 20th

Planetary Influence: Jupiter

Lucky Numbers: 2 14 31

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Tip for 2020

Allow your bravery and your survival instincts to kick in. There is no point running away from things. 

Face into 2020 head on and take it as it comes.

Watch for: Focus and determination


April 21st – May 21st

Ruled by Venus

FIRST DECAN: April 21st – April 30th

Planetary Influence: Venus

Lucky Numbers: 9 10 22

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Tip for 2020

Love will get you moving in a different direction. It is key to follow the feeling and your heart this time.

 Do not second guess people. Take it all at face value.

Watch for: Emotional self-deception

SECOND DECAN: May 1st - May 10th

Planetary Influence: Mercury

Lucky Numbers: 19 20 34

Lucky Colour: Lime Green

Lucky Tip for 2020

As you start assessing your position both professionally and personally, you may be shocked. 

Self-knowledge is key to your success in 2020. Time to face u0p to some home truths?

Watch for: Reality check

THIRD DECAN: May 11th – May 21st

Planetary Influence: Saturn

Lucky Numbers: 3 16 33

Lucky Colour: Earthy Brown

Lucky Tip for 2020

Embrace life fully and engage in all the new experiences coming your way. 

You do not want to miss out because you dithered and said ‘no.’ 2020 needs you to say ‘YES!’

Watch for: Deliberate avoidance


May 22nd – June 22nd

Ruled by Mercury

FIRST DECAN: May 22nd – May 31st

Planetary Influence: Mercury

Lucky Numbers: 6 17 45

Lucky Colour: Sky Blue

Lucky Tip for 2020

Do not baulk at the challenges. Realise that you may not know what is best for you at this stage. 

Allow the Universe to deliver some surprises. You will never look back.

Watch for: Being receptive

SECOND DECAN: June 1st – June 10th

Planetary Influence: Venus

Lucky Numbers: 2 22 32

Lucky Colour: Aqua

Lucky Tip for 2020

Realise that you make your own luck. Take your chances and push those doors that you think will open. 

Take actions to further your goals and aims. Intelligence is key.

Watch for: Smooth moves in love

THIRD DECAN: June 11th – June 22nd

Planetary Influence: Uranus

Lucky Numbers: 4 15 19

Lucky Colour: Pink

Lucky Tip for 2020

Explore your creativity and express your soul in intriguing ways. 

Tune into you and what you wish to create in the year ahead. 

Put good energy into production and tasks.

Watch for: Dynamic action


June 23rd – July 23rd

Ruled by The Moon

FIRST DECAN: June 23rd – July 1st

Planetary Influence: The Moon

Lucky Numbers: 13 30 33

Lucky Colour: Dark Blue

Lucky Tip for 2020

Good communication is key to your success. 

Work on your connection and empathy with the people around you. 

Teamwork and partnership are everything. Find your way!

Watch for: Magical connections

SECOND DECAN: July 2nd – July 12th

Planetary Influence: Pluto

Lucky Numbers: 12 35 42

Lucky Colour: Turquoise

Lucky Tip for 2020

Guard your tendency to moodiness and frustration. Patience is everything as 2020 kicks off. 

Let life come to you, as you do what is required. Love turns your life around.

Watch for: Surprises

THIRD DECAN: July 13th – July 23rd

Planetary Influence: Neptune

Lucky Numbers: 8 18 38

Lucky Colour: Sea Green

Lucky Tip for 2020

Your ability to connect and understand others will bring you much success. 

Focus on the outside world, rather thank festering too much. Avoid worry and stress.

Watch for: Negativity – avoid!


July 24th – August 23rd

Ruled by The Sun

FIRST DECAN: July 24th – August 1st

Planetary Influence: The Sun

Lucky Numbers: 5 15 25

Lucky Colour: Fiery Red

Lucky Tip for 2020

Self-confidence is key. You are the one with the power. The world is at your fingertips. 

Be proactive and charming and go after what you wish for. Others will facilitate you.

Watch for: Opportunities

SECOND DECAN: August 2nd – August 12th

Planetary Influence: Jupiter

Lucky Numbers: 19 21 27

Lucky Colour: Pale Yellow

Lucky Tip for 2020

Be kind, open hearted and honest and life will open-up. 

Try to avoid doubt and distrust, as ironically being closed-off will trip you up. 

Wear your heart on your sleeve

Watch for: Mutual respect.

THIRD DECAN: August 13th – August 23rd

Planetary Influence: Mars

Lucky Numbers: 7 29 39

Lucky Colour: Pale Pink

Lucky Tip for 2020

Discernment is key. You need to be wise and canny. Your sharpness is key to your success. 

Things may fall into your lap in 2020. But you would do well to go after a few as well.

Watch for: Pushing on through


August 24th – September 23rd

Ruled by Mercury

FIRST DECAN: August 24th – September 3rd

Planetary Influence: Mercury

Lucky Numbers: 9 11 19

Lucky Colour: Hot Pink

Lucky Tip for 2020

Luck favours you for 2020, and there is not much you need to do. Just be in the right place at the right time. 

Work that out and you will be onto a winner. Life brings blessings.

Watch for: Being primed to say ‘YES!’

SECOND DECAN: September 4th – September 13th

Planetary Influence: Saturn

Lucky Numbers: 4 14 44

Lucky Colour: Deep Purple

Lucky Tip for 2020

Avoid being your own worst enemy. Be self-aware and watch for the ways you sabotage yourself. 

Life will have some cool gifts lined-up. Do not second guess generosity.

Watch for: Knowing best.

THIRD DECAN: September 14th – September 23rd

Planetary Influence: Venus

Lucky Numbers: 15 25 35

Lucky Colour: Lilac

Lucky Tip for 2020

You have the magic touch for 2020. So be careful what you wish for. Your skills of manifestation are high. 

Think something and it will soon be a reality.

Watch for: Manifestation skills


September 24th – October 23rd

Ruled by Venus

FIRST DECAN: September 24th – October 3rd

Planetary Influence: Venus

Lucky Numbers: 6 16 26

Lucky Colour: Burgundy

Lucky Tip for 2020

Seek harmony in all things. If you remain in positive mode, not much can go wrong. 

Damage limitation is helped by seeing the bright side. Challenges will lead to good results.

Watch for: Determination

SECOND DECAN: October 4th – October 13th

Planetary Influence: Uranus

Lucky Numbers: 4 13 24

Lucky Colour: Pastel Pink

Lucky Tip for 2020

Other people bring you much magic and success for 2020. 

Work on your friendships, partnerships and romances. Success and happiness by default is the sweetest.

Watch for: Empathy skills

THIRD DECAN: October 14th – October 23rd

Planetary Influence: Mercury

Lucky Numbers: 1 16 36

Lucky Colour: Royal Blue

Lucky Tip for 2020

Encourage yourself and others that you meet along the way. 

An attitude of optimism and receptivity will serve you well. ‘Do as you would be done by’ will be an effective motto.

Watch for: Teamwork


October 24th – November 22nd

Ruled by Pluto and Mars

FIRST DECAN: October 24th – November 2nd

Planetary Influence: Pluto

Lucky Numbers: 10 11 21

Lucky Colour: Deep Red

Lucky Tip for 2020

Your heart will lead the way for 2020. You do not miss a trick, and your mind is sharp. 

But relax and listen to your heart for different results. You cannot control everything for 2020.

Watch for: Letting it BE

SECOND DECAN: November 3rd – November 12th

Planetary Influence: Neptune

Lucky Numbers: 1 9 11 21

Lucky Colour: Black

Lucky Tip for 2020

Listen to your inner-tuition. You may doubt yourself at points. 

But the key to success it to trust your gut reaction to things. Express yourself when asked and when it matters

Watch for: Honesty

THIRD DECAN: November 13th – November 22nd

Planetary Influence: The Moon

Lucky Numbers: 12 21 22

Lucky Colour: Pastel Blue

Lucky Tip for 2020

Seeing the true reality in complex situations and harnessing your potential to change things is key for 2020. 

You will be a step ahead of the competition. Work with that and fly!

Watch for: Applying knowledge.


November 23rd – December 21st

Ruled by Jupiter

FIRST DECAN: November 23rd – December 2nd

Planetary Influence: Jupiter

Lucky Numbers: 4 14 46

Lucky Colour: Flame Red

Lucky Tip for 2020

Leave the past behind for great energy and success for 2020. Do not keep looking back over your shoulder.

 This will hold you back. It is a case of onwards and upwards.

Watch for: Self-esteem

SECOND DECAN: December 3rd – December 12th

Planetary Influence: Mars

Lucky Numbers: 3 13 30

Lucky Colour: Peach

Lucky Tip for 2020

Humour will disarm people and get you what you want during 2020. 

Keeping loved ones, and colleagues, bouyant will serve you well. 

Looking out for number one is not your best way for 2020

Watch for: Selfishness – and avoid!

THIRD DECAN: December 13th – December 21st

Planetary Influence: The Sun

Lucky Numbers: 11 14 17

Lucky Colour: Forest Green

Lucky Tip for 2020

Play both ends against the middle and consider all sides to every argument.

For 2020 you can be all things to all people. Avoid deception and play this energy with as much transparency as possible.


December 22nd – January 20th

Ruled by Saturn

FIRST DECAN: December 22nd – December 31st

Planetary Influence: Saturn

Lucky Numbers: 17 24 33

Lucky Colour: Deep Brown

Lucky Tip for 2020

Avoid making assumptions and second-guessing those who seem to stand in your way. 

2020 brings blessings to your door in surprising ways and from surprising sources. Be open to all.

Watch for: Blocking things off

SECOND DECAN: January 1st – January 10th

Planetary Influence: Venus

Lucky Numbers: 9 18 22

Lucky Colour: Soft Pink

Lucky Tip for 2020

Follow the lead of people and places that you enjoy. 

If you can boost your personal happiness in simple ways, your luck will amplify. 2020 brings abundance and many ways forward. All good!

Watch for: Good Choices

THIRD DECAN: January 11th – January 20th

Planetary Influence: Mercury

Lucky Numbers: 23 33 32

Lucky Colour: Purple

Lucky Tip for 2020

Good communication is key for success in 2020. Personal and professional situations will respond to your transparency. Dare to be brave and say what is on your mind.

Watch for: Different approaches


January 21st – February 19th

Ruled by Uranus

FIRST DECAN: January 21st – January 29th

Planetary Influence: Uranus

Lucky Numbers: 19 29 39

Lucky Colour: Aquamarine

Lucky Tip for 2020

Do not be too proud. 2020 will challenge your usual approach to things. Life is full of surprises.

 Ditch negative thinking and let the Universe work in your favour for once.

Watch for: Being too proud.

SECOND DECAN: January 30th – February 8th

Planetary Influence: Mercury

Lucky Numbers: 24 42 44

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky Tip for 2020

Special blessings descend from the heavens from surprising places. 

Others will offer you clues and the way through your dilemmas will be revealed. Do not give into fear.

Watch for: See the best in life

THIRD DECAN: February 9th – February 19th

Planetary Influence: Venus

Lucky Numbers: 13 19 33

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Tip for 2020

Indulge your creativity. 

Expressing yourself in unusual ways and exploring the scope of your imagination is everything for 2020. 

Your innate talents will land you the success you deserve.

Watch for: Unusual answers


February 20th – March 20th

Ruled by Neptune

FIRST DECAN: February 19th – February 29th

Planetary Influence: Neptune

Lucky Numbers: 8 13 24

Lucky Colour: Rose Pink

Lucky Tip for 2020

Keep your courage buoyant and be brave as you face into 2020. Sometimes things overwhelm you, and your sensitivity can be a curse as well as a blessing. Be strong for luck to grow.

Watch for: Overwhelm

SECOND DECAN: March 1st - March 10th

Planetary Influence: The Moon

Lucky Numbers: 7 17 47

Lucky Colour: Navy

Lucky Tip for 2020

Try not to be too self-critical. You often undermine your success with too much fretting. 

Let things be, and realise you are in the current situation for specific reasons that will work in your favour.

Watch for: Understanding

THIRD DECAN: March 11th – March 20th

Planetary Influence: Pluto

Lucky Numbers: 5 25 35

Lucky Colour: Bright Yellow

Lucky Tip for 2020

Let love find and keep you. You are worthy and must start to appreciate yourself more. 

Ditch the self-sabotage and soul searching and know that others see you. Allow it all and embrace it all fully.

Watch for: Undermining things

2019 Predictions and commentary

Richard Madden 18th June 1986 and ELLIE Bamber 2nd Feb 21st 1997


Gemini and Aquarius are a curious mix. Two air signs like this will have a good soul connection and a whole lot to talk about. In fact, where does the talking stop and the fun begin? Ellie the Aquarian is serene and lacks drama, and therefore appears to be mature for her age. She needs to be. She must implement a reservoir of resources to cope with Mr Gemini's erratic spontaneity, and occasional outbursts. Calm and aloof, Ellie provides an interesting counterfoil for Richard, who is a live wire hot-head. Richard protects Ellie in her youth, and he enjoys being “the man!” But Ellie surprises him time and again, with her insights and perspective. Will they last years and years, and live happily ever after? No and No! But they can make conscious efforts to make this work, for as long as it suits them both. The bug bear is Ellie's age really. She has her life ahead of her, and although she is very engaged with Richard, and may indeed concede to get engaged to him, she has a whole lot more living to do. If they make it to the summer that bodes well. But a split, looks highly likely in April of 2019. Work pressures will put a strain on things, and time apart will lead to adjustments and the need to re-bond. These two are hot for each other and the chemistry is good. Richard is quite beguiled by Elle, and she has a bewitching quality that he finds compelling. They are going to have to put their heads together in the spring, come up with a game plan, and agree to be on the same page or bust. Springtime is make-or-break time. This would appear to be something of a "friends with benefits" situation to those watching on. But the truth is these two, value their privacy, and Madden is anxious not to offend anyone; nor give anyone else the wrong impression. He is enjoying the vibe at points, and both are engaged more deeply than others would think. They just consider it their business and no one else's.  Any developments between these two will happen in private. They are the type of couple to get quietly engaged and not tell anyone. If they get past the hurdles of work and outside commitments in the next couple of years, then they may well have a child together. But as forever? Like I said Ellie s youth will catch up with them somehow.  

The next 007 ?

Northern Irish actor Jamie Dornan is a strong contender for the next James Bond 007. Will Scottish Richard Madden pip him to the post? In a battle of the Celtic accents - NO, I don’t think so.   Daniel Craig still has one more Bond to film, which means a new Bond will not be cast for quite some time. Do not expect a new 007 announcement sooner than the Spring of 2021. By that time, Madden will look less likely, and Dornan more so. Dornan wants to keep his acting roles diverse. But at the end of the day a fat pay-check will talk him into it. 007 is a smooth operator, and Dornan has the ability to pull off the energy required of a very British Bond. Bond is an "institution," and Jamie has already played a hot, super-smooth billionaire to great effect. He is not an obvious choice. But he is the correct one, and I believe the right one. Him - or Sam Heughan of The Outlander fame! 

Kardashians ~ The Kardashian dynasty rolls on. Expect a baby boom from all the sisters in the following months and years, as Kris Jenner expands her matriarchy further.

Kylie is all set to be the most successful sister with her cosmetics line, though the veiled pregnancy is a concern for sales and the product fan base. I personally do not see why. Kris Jenner thinks the brand must be protected and a baby is the last thing compatible with teen hype. Guess she has a point. But soon enough, fans are going to have to embrace reality. Handled the right way this will lead to more sales, not the end of the line.

Kendal continues to blossom into one of the world’s highest paying models. Her reign will not dissolve any time soon. She is one class act, and one would hope for a reconnection between her and Harry Styles. Not likely to happen, though rumours will abound. Harry is all set with some French model who elegantly handles a tirade abuse from his crazy fans. Kendal, will find love soon enough. Indeed, she already has. Her current beau is completely suitable, and will lead to a lasting union, as long as work does not get in the way.

Scott Disick and Sophia Richie are a serious item. Her father Lionel is just going to have to get used to this. Scott, although at times a liability, has really tried to clean up his act. He desperately wanted it to work with Kourtney as he still loves her. But she was having none of it. He provided the babies and is a good father but that is where it ends for her. If she wanted another child, that might change things. She does not. Sophia gives Scott the understanding he did not always get from the Kardashian clan. She studies him, spoils him, adores him. Kourtney took him somewhat for granted in stages, and really, they both came to deserve better than each other.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are quite the couple of happily marrieds. Or are they? They are certainly devoted to their two wonderful children. Ashton wants more babies, Mila does not. Wil this be a bone of contention soon enough? I doubt it. Ms Kunis has Mr Kutcher under her spell, and their union is built on solid ground. Having been friends for years, it all makes a whole lot of sense. Kutcher is not the douche or the player some people think he is. He desperately wanted to be a parent. He was a wonderful step dad to Demi Moore’s grown daughters. But there is no substitute for siring your own children. A wonderful father he surely is, and between them “Ku Ku” are providing a solid loving foundation for their children’s future. Will they stay together? Unfortunately, not. But do not expect a break up any time soon. This is on a roll for a while longer. Just not for as long as you might think. They are a normal couple getting on with the stresses and strains of parenting young kids and loving every minute of it. But there changes coming where one of the two will put their foot in it and create a situation that is beyond repair. For the sake of the kids they will endeavour to soldier on. For a while….

Demi Moore ~ Much more settled and content and rebuilding all her closest relationships. The divorce and separation from Kutcher put her through the ringer. Their inability to have their own family essentially put the kaibosh on things and Demi sunk into various insecurities, problems and addictions. Demi and Ashton will remain eternally connected though and their charity *THORN* is fully committed to making big improvements to prevent and expose the trafficking of women worldwide. Demi continues to hand out with Eric Buterbaugh, and one wonders if there are any secret meetings going on! Say no more…

Harry and Meghan are a very warm and compatible match. There is much more lively action and less stilted behaviour between these two. Well she is American, and as such she will be a breath of fresh air to the palace environment. I am not sure the royal ways will rub off totally. Meghan will be respectful and charismatic always, but she is her own person. No one can take that away from her. It is true she has made the sacrifice of her country and her career to come and live with Harry. But it is a bit of a no brainer when you are in love, and a life style many would die for is on offer. This is no gold-digger however. Meghan and Harry are the real deal. I am sure both of them will survive the rigours of the house of Windsor, as the new generation of royals takes a further stance. Expect a lot of events in the coming months, which really demonstrate how the times are changing. I predicted that Meghan was not pregnant when she walked down the Aisle and that there would be a new Royal baby in the Spring. This is shaping up nicely as Meghan prepares for mother hood. She will love every minute of it, and both Harry and Meghan will thrive on their new role as parents.

U2 ~ U2 maintain their relevance year after year. The newest offering Songs of Experience really caps their achievement in an impressive way. The project blends spectacularly well with the life recap that was Songs of Innocence. How did the protagonists get from innocence to experience? The thirty- year interim journey led to a recent integration point. Bono’s alarming health scare during the Chistmas to New Year holiday season of 2017, created an epiphany moment. The consequent lyric adjustments have a raw honesty. In love letters to Ali, America, the fans, the kids, and his legacy, Bono sings with urgency, passion, and complete transparency. The heart is on the sleeve, and the music reflects a pause in the road. What could have been the end of the story, was not. But everything was addressed as if. Fears have been conquered, the right things have been said, and life is left to live in true integrity and freedom. That powerful punchy rap from Kendrick, along with those spacey keyboards for effective star gazing provide texture and interest. “Get out of your own way”, is a track we can all relate to. U2 are as relevant as they always were. Now if Bono could stay around a little longer, there is more where that came from. But why is he walking away?

Melina Trump ~ Well this will be a controversial thought. But despite her shyness, and initial reluctance to embrace her role as first lady, we will see Melina come out of her shell. She has a part to play and is much misunderstood. She has a lot to deal with, and one would wonder how she copes. But cope she does, with ease and grace. Expect to see the first lady styled and presented as more of a style icon, as the Trump machine attempts to save face and divert attention from all sorts of shenanigans. As the Watergate type drip, drip, drip gains momentum, we may find we all come to like Melina, as she shows her personable side. Or. Not!

Queen Elizabeth increasingly frail and Duke of Edinburgh will soon cross over. Charles may very briefly take over the reins but more as a Prince Regent *stand in* than a King. Prince William and Katherine ascend to the throne MUCH quicker than people will expect. All in the next 2 to 3 years. Another pregnancy to come for this wonderful couple also. Another pregnancy announcement before too long, a girl this time.

*Justin Bieber comes of age, growing into a man with a sharper image. Expect scandals and surprising revelations, followed by a calming down and out of the blue engagement announcement. * - I predicted this last year, and sure enough Hailey Baldwin and Bieber engaged in a world wind romance leading to marriage. Expect babies soon for the couple. They need to stop justifying and defending themselves to the world for lasting happiness.

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* I'm not into horoscopes in general, Im into your wisdom and refined writing, there is some kind of synchronicity with your words and the events in my life which I find very inspiring and reassuring, and reading others is painful to my eyes ..... * #someoneinSpain

*Sarah, I have been a fan of yours for years,though I must admit only in reading daily horoscopes, which I found eerily accurate.  I am delighted to have found this site with so much details, the books I will source. *

Hi Sarah you don't know but you kinda do. i have been reading my scope in the indo since you started there thats years. the insight you give me into my situation well i can tell now i will never be grateful enough. its been a long road and more to come but the 316 revolution stated 21 years ago and will always be relevant.thank you for all your support and encouragement. my journey continues and you and the others of your kind and mine will prevail.

Thank you again LIBRA 316

2019 for the Astro Signs 


General: The Lunar Eclipse on 21st January heralds a new phase of harmony. Access the good feelings and build strong foundations for 2019. The universe is going to spring some surprises, so you will need to learn to dance on your toes! Try to adjust to new levels of uncertainty as best you can. The 2nd July Eclipse works magic. 

You can expect deliverance from stuck situations.

Love: Love will conquer all. You are about to find out how appreciated you are. Learn to receive more. You are worth it. I would say sit back and lap it all up, but you are going to have to pull your weight as some serious commitment issues surface. All events serve to reinforce how you feel. 

Stick to what you believe is right and loved ones will accommodate the changes.

Money: Jupiter will bring opportunities for serious investment. You need to seize the moment and go all in. You may not have such expansive energy working in your favour any time soon. 2019 is not a year to dither when something major comes a-knocking. You would live to regret turning what looks exciting but risky. Never mind common sense. 

Trust in God’s provision.

Career: Superiors may challenge your credentials at points. You need to toe-the-line and be on your best behaviour. Being a team player is never more important. You will have opportunity to shine. But you must be seen to be doing the right thing. If you are respectful of those who run the show, then you will be given more responsibility. 

Leadership skills will be called upon.

Luck: Your luck for 2019 is built into the way you respond to things. Oddly you do not have to go out of your way to align with lady luck this year. She will bring much to your door. Just make sure you recognise a good thing when you see it. Now is not the time to question too much. Do not turn your nose up at people, places and events which do not appear quite in the way you expect. Reserve judgement.


General: Uranus is going to challenge you, for the duration of 2019 to become your true authentic self. The universe is not going to take ‘no’ for an answer. You are going to have to do some deep thinking about the ways in which you have failed yourself in the past. Have you been living up to everyone’s expectations?

 You are tired, if not literally sick of it all. It is time to draw a line in the sand.

Love: Do not allow underlying tension to throw you off your goals. You are going to have to be strong. Those who are truly in your corner are along for the ride no questions asked. Do not let a lover dictate what must happen. It is up to you to decide what direction things will roll. It is time you put your foot down. 

A different way of being presents and it is important to embrace it.

Money: Finances respond to creative investments and imaginative lucrative deals. An element of risk will pay off. There is a handsome long-term reward in developing an unusual partnership. An idea you had some time ago, could turn out to be the best idea you ever had. Do not dismiss what has worked in the past either. Digging deep will yield a big crock of gold.

Career: The January Eclipse will break down barriers to progress. The old groove paves the way for something new and innovative. It is time for renewal and fresh input. If you have been feeling held back in a repetitive groove, now is the time to try something exciting and cutting-edge professionally. 

Tried and tested approaches continue to work. But do access your creativity too.

Luck Tip: Try to break free of old impulses. Access fresh energy. Changes are afoot; exciting dynamic changes inspired by your dreams and visions for the future. Inject some new enthusiasm into stuck areas, and luck will reward your commitment and patience. A mixture of magic and hard grind will bring a rich reward. Life continues to expand and entice your personal development.


General: Neptune is a bit pesky for Gemini coming into the year, meaning there is a lack of direction and listlessness about where you are heading. You do not like uncertainty, but this unease is in the air for a while. Work with it and be patient about results. Your sense of adventure and focus will spark up soon enough. Self -reflection, analysis and tapping into your dreams for the long term will help.

Love: Coming into 2019 sees a bonding balanced phase in your relationships. All is well so continue in this vein. Sort out any whiff of contention as it arises and do not let the negativity of expectation or demand or insistence gain foot hold. Let loved ones be. Allow you and yours to flourish and blossom in the truest self-expression and exercise the same right in return. Love conquers all.

Money: Jupiter opposing Gemini stirs up a reinvention of your finances. Expect to feel the consequences of bad decisions and any excess spending. Use these aspects to rein yourself in and instil some discipline. You can pull it all together and an investment will save the day when you least expect it. A random offer or even win of money will turn things around in the blink of an eye. But you must act as if that is not coming.

Career: Partnership is important to Gemini, but now team work is emphasised. This means you must take a back seat sometimes when you will not want to for the benefit of the end result. Your humility is needed and a strong altruistic streak. Find this deep within, because it will serve your purposes in the long term much better than blustering in with a sense of moral rectitude. Work it in faith. All will be well.

Luck Tip: Patience, an open mind and persistent optimism will keep you right for the challenges coming. Lady Luck needs you to be on track and doing your thing, not flailing, failing and drowning in pessimism. Look on the bright side for the light side to bless you. What seems like a dark stretch will turn brilliant when you least expect. 2019 will ultimately be amazing, and you would not have it any other way.


General: Home life is blessed and should feel pretty cosy coming into the year. It is a low- key start, which should suit your purposes. Be accepting of this if you have things you want to achieve. You need to wait for openings. Do not try to force doors open. A gentle nudge maybe to test the waters. But generally, 2019 is a year when things land in your lap, without you having to do too much.

Love: Uranus action promises some unusual twists and turns come the summer. Unusual events, adventures and people show up in your life. There will be challenges to the stability you have at some point, and some decisions will have to be made. Are you sticking with what you know, or are you forging ahead into the unknown? 

Let your heart guide you and lead the way.

Money: Remember money is energy, and energy is the currency of the Universe, not money. This might sound pie-in-the-sky. But understanding this is the way to a new productive way of being. When did you ever go without? Your needs will be met in intriguing ways when it does down to the wire. Keep this in mind, and do not baulk in the 11th hour. 

This is when the magic happens.

Career: Keep things even and do not take advantage of others. There will be opportunity to do this, and it is better for you long term if you hold off and see the bigger picture. Now is not the time to act entitled or overly egocentric. Yes, we all admire action and initiative. But you must also retain humility and good sense. 

A bit more trust in the Universe will help you immensely.

Luck Tip: A key tip for 2019 is to attract not repel your luck. Ditch impatience and trust divine timing to know what is best. Magical events will align in your favour if you get out of your own way. You may think you know; but you do not. Be aware that God and the Universe know better than you do, and the hidden parts of your psyche are seen and noted!


General: There may be some anxiety about the future coming into the year. But be aware that it will be a year of two halves. Essentially there is nothing to fret and worry about. It will be a case of easier said than done at points. But you are able for all the challenges coming, many of which will be inspiring and exciting. Look on everything that presents this year to develop and flourish. The game is on!

Love: A potential birthday gift from the Universe begins its process with the January Eclipse. The seeds of a new relationship will be sewn. Or there may be renewal in a current situation, which leads to engagement, marriage, pregnancy, and/or birth. Life’s love riches are on offer. You do not have to do much. Just let the magic and wonderment unfold. All you must be is receptive and responsive. Blessings abound!

Money: The July Eclipse is inspiring for Leo, bringing many breakthroughs aligning you with health, wealth and riches. The knock-on effects will roll into 2020 and your vision is at a premium. Even you will not be able to anticipate the result of investments. They will far supersede expectations in the long term. Observe the process.

Career: In business you have the Midas Touch, especially come the summer. Much will take you by surprise, and there will be a sense of you could not have worked it out if you tried. Interesting people and new adventures will colour up your working life. There will be much to excite and stimulate you. Be careful not to cross boundaries of what is appropriate though. There will be some temptation too.

Luck Tip: Lucky breaks and amazing events come towards the end of the year. But there will be signs and signals that everything is heading in the right direction way before then. You will get tastes of the best in life, and the Universe will bring major clues to your door. Read the events as messages of promise. Understand that everything happening is working to your best good, creating the best outcome.


General: Uranus energy is going to shake up your world. Nothing will be the same again. Big change is coming, and not a moment too soon. The past could come back around and look completely different and beguiling this time. The wheel is turning full circle. Past trials and challenges shape to create something spectacular. Do not try to work it out. Just watch, look, listen and learn. Life is about to surprise you!

Love: You can expect new and exciting developments in your love life too. The old and out worn must be discarded. Authentic real love is all set to arrive in your life. This begins with you. What are you telling yourself about what you deserve? You have had quite a journey and therefore have become quite self-sufficient. Love and partnership are set to disarm you. Fulfilment and soul completion beckon.

Money: Jackpot time? Could be! What you need to know is that your money is about to work for you. Streams of income will become more varied and diverse. There is no reason why you cannot multi task to pull in a whole lot more. 2019 sees you becoming a veritable money magnet. There is a joy about you and this will help you manifest for all your needs and wants. Exercise no fear.

Career: You are probably going to get the best benefit from going solo. If there is a chance to start up your own business, consider it carefully. Even in established work situations guard your ideas and secrets and work largely alone to achieve interesting results. It does not mean you need to be guarded and defensive. Trust is key. Trust in yourself and in your creativity, which will deliver.

Luck Tip: The mid-summer Eclipse in July powers you up. Face the world, promote yourself and be confident. You are your own secret weapon. 2019 sees the world favouring you. Instead of feeling like everything is conspiring against you, you will start to feel blessed and supported. Achievement and recognition are coming your way courtesy of Lady Luck. Access your magic side and believe in miracles.


General: Saturn that old dampener of spirits may find you a bit low key as 2019 gets under way. Protect your boundaries and contemplate on lessons learned. A time for reflection will not go amiss. Find light-hearted ways to raise your spirits at well chosen moments. 2019 is going to end on a different note, so pace yourself. Know that the breakthrough is coming when you least expect it.

Love: Use the Eclipse on 21st January to restore harmony. You are at your most reasonable and balanced at this point. Use the energy to smooth things out or to negotiate better deals and understanding with loved ones. Do not dither in putting things right; nor in setting up the best way forward for your love life. Bonds can now grow through mutual trust and respect.

Money: Uranus action can make things seem a bit unstable. With investments, material concerns, and the juggling of resources do the sensible thing. You are smart enough to make what is available to you work well. You do not need to budget as such; but do make wise choices on quality items, which will serve you well for the long term. Think Investment pieces, and work to set yourself up for the future.

Career: The Eclipse on July 2nd sets challenges in your working life. You may be up against people throwing their weight around, who do not fully understand your ability to make things happen. Make sure this does not throw you off. The more head way you can make at the beginning of the year the better. There is a storm coming, and if you are well prepared you will come out on top.

Luck Tip: Saturn in harmony with Neptune allows you to follow through on your dreams and visions in practical ways. You can systematically make your own luck happen through intelligent actions and a common-sense approach. Making the best of it is sometimes the way to achieve a whole lot. You can make progress in doing the next thing. Lady Luck can then pull a stunt and take you by surprise!


General: 2019 will bless your long-term goals and give you a chance to fulfil responsibilities with joy. You will be able to up your game plan to implement your dreams and visions. Extra energy will be yours to burn. Just do not get ahead of yourself. Stay grounded and focused for the best results and exercise a little patience. Like the phoenix that rises from the ashes prepare for transformation.

Love: Love is all set to inspire you, and much of your intention must be put towards building better relationships. Something stable is not a sure thing, unless you make efforts to engage further. Now is not the time for complacency. Keep going after what matters and make some romance! Trust is key. Do not question someone or get too hooked up on what they are doing when not with you. The point is they are WITH you!

Money: Team work and community endeavours bring in money this year. You do not have to go it alone. Mutual partnerships and investments will pay off. So, do engage with other’s input and magic. You will go further hand in hand. Do ditch the need to control everything. You are all set to prosper on equal terms. Sharing is caring, so roll with what unfolds and trust it.

Career: The January Eclipse brings good opportunities to promote yourself. You are all set to shine in a work environment. Your natural ease and confidence will win you more fans, and more tangible support which enables your ambitions. You do not have to scrimp on being yourself. Your renewed self-confidence will serve you well. Keep balance! Not too sanctimonious, nor too much grovelling.

Luck Tip: Developing your spiritual side will oddly enhance your luck. Trust more in the signs the universe delivers and then get out of your own way. For the luck factor to flow, you would do well to allow more. Be receptive, open, and try not to think you know best all the time. Making listening your main action for 2019. You will learn much and this will enhance your luck.


General: The January Eclipse stirs up a lot. You may feel a bit anxious and ill-at-ease. Try to access your sense of adventure and prepare to respond quickly when things threaten to overwhelm you. The universe has some interesting plans for you. So, prepare yourself for major change. There is a lot to look forward to, and much can turn around in the apparent chaotic climate. All good!

Love: Have faith and trust in yourself. Be on your guard for too-good-to-be-true situations. Follow your heart; but also keep your wits about you. Love has many interesting twists and turns and will keep you on your toes. The best way to create lasting love is to work on your inner strength and resolve. An ability to forgive and forget will work wonders too. Do not hold someone to account. Be accepting.

Money: Jupiter brings the crock of gold to your door, and you will have resources to burn at points. Make sure the prosperous times are used to insure balance for the lean phases. Finances must be kept under control. Try to not give in too much to the ebb and flow. Money is an energy and it is also unwise to hoard it. So, find the middle ground. Spend freely without being too profligate.

Career: Watch your back in the work place and keep insights and secrets to yourself. In a team situation people will be trying to use your ideas. It is important to be wary. There is no need to be paranoid having said that. The boss is a listening ear, so make sure you pitch straight to the top. Your opinion counts, and you could well be in line for promotion if you are smart.

Luck Tip: You are lucky to have Jupiter lining things up for you. 2019 will not be a picnic and there will be testing conditions. But you can be damn sure that it will be your year. Karma will work in your favour and anyone short-changing you with love or money will surely “get theirs.” Make sure you “get yours!” You will!


General: Uranus connecting to Capricorn energy as the year begins puts you in adventurous mode. You are more willing to experiment and follow through on ideas without analysing them to death. This is a refreshing change. Try to access more of this spontaneity. It will serve you well throughout the year. Change is at hand. But you are primed to find it exciting rather than nerve-racking.

Love: Loved ones respond to your experimental nature and open-minded approach. You will see the great benefits and open heart can bring. Rather than second-guess a lover’s motivations, support them as they try to find their way. Your kindness and disconcertingly different approach will bring rich rewards. There is nothing to fear in being more honest. Use good communication to sort everything out.

Money: Plutonic energy means that some loss is inevitable. Damage limitation tactics work well. Assess what needs to be modified and look for ways to economise. Tightening your belt will have a great effect by the summer, when the flow of the green stuff is more in your favour. Even amidst the debris and chaos of what might look like a failure, there is a nugget to retrieve which will save the day.

Career: You may well feel a bit constricted, and like you are being watched. You are being! But this may not be a bad thing. Be conscientious and you will come out favourably despite any background politics. You are not about to be the fall guy or gal. You are too smart for that. Make yourself indispensable where you can. You will have a chance to save face. So, keep your eyes peeled for that magic moment.

Luck Tip: The January Lunar Eclipse is a great omen for your Luck over the next twelve months or so. Seeds sewn now will reap a good harvest later in the year. Take the long-term view. There is no rush and Lady Luck favours a leisurely approach. Do not miss chances and open doors when opportunity knocks. But aside from that sit back a bit. Be responsive not pushy for the best results.


General: A powerful leap of faith is about to propel you into the stratosphere. If you do not do it now, when will you? Access deep inner strength for the best results. If you are well organised and have a specific game plan, your results will reflect your efforts. The world may take a while to catch up and resonate with the new you. But whoever does not understand can move along regardless.

Love: Have you been deceiving yourself on a point or two? Access some clarity of heart and mind. Take a stab at explaining yourself. Being secretive and hiding the truth is not going to work in your favour. It is much better to take a clean sweep at it, and sort out how you really feel. Let your heart and spirit guide. Magical love will fall into alignment. The rest can stroll on by.

Money: You may well be panicking about finances. But all the work you have been doing will bring a great reward, and quickly. You are in alignment for a bonus and windfall soon enough too. Keep plugging away, doing the next thing. Your karma will set you up nicely for a good return. Be creative and imaginative. 

Honesty in all things, even the finances, will pay off.

Career: If you are a typical Aquarian, you do better in leadership positions. You are great at working with people, if you have the control. You are not about to be subordinate any time soon. If you must work as part of a team, be careful not to alienate those around you with that mysterious aloof quality. Make special efforts to connect and to avoid misunderstandings.

Luck Tip: You make your own luck, and do not like to be at the mercy of external forces. However, sometimes those fickle energies really do deliver. 2019 brings cosmic magic to your door. You do not have to do much to avail of Lady Luck’s charms. Spot your moment and use creative intelligence when you see a chance opening. 

Random events will now favour you.


General: It will pay off to be brave. Some major events are going to leave you reeling. But you must experience them, and not avoid them. Your destiny path is unfolding. Be careful not to miss out. Accept all invites. There is a grander purpose trying to organise your future. You must play along, or all the magic will dissipate. 

Let the universe bring you many blessings. It is not that hard!

Love: You know when you have found a good thing. It is important not to analyse things too much. Your heart knows the truth. Never mind all those who hover around your prize. Agendas do not have a place in the scheme of things. Love wins out, and all the nonsense surrounding what people think and perceive must not concern you. 

Make it about you and “them” only.

Money: As you join forces in partnership, romantic, or businesswise, you will bring in greater stability. Money works well for you. But you must stop fretting about what may never happen. Money is an energy that needs to flow. So, some creative investment and spending is healthy. In fact, it is necessary. 

There is no need to be quite so cautious about everything.

Career: You will have some major choices to make about your career direction. Be careful you do not run after the nearest shiny object. Assess carefully the offers on the table. Make sure you choose what is right for you in the long term. What brings the best opportunity for expansion? What avenue will be most fulfilling. It is not necessarily about who pays more. But you do have to make sure the bills are paid.

Luck Tip: Try to focus. An all over-the-place, haphazard approach favours no one. Lady Luck response to order and good sense. Where we help ourselves, she can do the most to amplify the result. However, you will get some left-field Luck manifestations. In fact, there will be magic and miracles to reaffirm your faith in life. Yes, you have had a rough ride. 

But now calmer waters make you feel most blessed.

LOVE STUFF for 2019 


Love Stuff: Make sure your feelings are going to last before you say ‘I do’!  However, if you have found someone who can match your lust, enthusiasm and appetite for life therein is a lasting connection.  Hold onto it for dear life.  Rarely does such intensity and reciprocity come around twice.  So be willing to put in the work and effort once you are settled.  Build on equality in your relationships and all will be well. 

If Single: The friend of a friend perhaps. Explore all your options. Fully! Earthy signs are good company.

If spoken for: Pay a little more attention to the finesse of romantic relationships.  Some signs love to be wooed and want love to develop slowly but surely.  Unless you can develop some grounding and patience, you are liable to miss out on the subtle nuances of seduction.

BOOST LOVE LUCK Hot sex, more hot sex, oh and did I mention; endless hot sex? Be impulsive and spontaneous. This lover is not for prudes. You want to build the best ever connection, so be very open. Prepare to experiment. 


Love Stuff: Natural good looks and bucket loads of charm enable the Zodiac Bull to play the field and have the pick of the crop. But being Taurus, you are rarely in a hurry to connect.  You are an earthy creature and want to be sure of a good thing first. Marriage brings the safe feeling that loyalty and commitment provide. Once committed, you tend not to stray.  Well not when anyone is watching anyhow. There is no escaping the compelling Taurean

If Single: Fire signs Sagittarius and Leo have a lot to offer for the fun times. Pisces is great company and highly romantic.

If spoken for: You find it difficult to let go, and need to express anger and frustration vocally. If your emotions become blocked the eventual explosion is not a pretty sight. Never treat loved ones and friends as possessions. Learn to respect their freedom and independence. Your loyalty will be well rewarded.

BOOST LOVE LUCK: Laze around in bed, for grand seduction style. Massages both given and received engage attention. Be in deep, hands-on and sensual. Set the scene with music and fine food. Get out the aromatherapy oils, and Hey Presto!


Love Stuff: It is relatively easy for Gemini to make the moves when they are attracted to someone.  You are one of the Zodiac’s great communicators and possess a fine imagination.  Charming, witty and creative, not much stands in your way when you are on the prowl. With Gemini, the risks are worth it. You are great at heart felt expressions. Not afraid to verbalise feelings, you may astound people with the speed at which you fall madly in and out of love.

If Single: Leo and Sagittarius are all action and lots of fun. They will show you a new love style. 

Pisces is emotional and romantic.

If spoken for: Over time, your dual nature is a potential spanner in the works. Along with a low boredom threshold; a Gemini finds the battle to settle down a constant struggle. Indeed, complete faithfulness is a rare achievement for those with lashings of Gemini energy. Partners of Gemini must understand your need to fulfil or sublimate restless urges.

BOOST LOVE LUCK Texting, e-mailing and phone calls float the boat. Seal the deal with all things technological. Secret notes and flirting build the sense of anticipation. Do not give too much away too quickly. Keep up the interest.


Love Stuff: Cancer thrives on the nurturing possibilities of Love connections. But strong and powerful emotions should be monitored, or you risk overwhelming the object of your affections. You are a true romantic who enjoys being wooed and seduced.  However, coziness may set in, if the urge to nurture and protect takes precedence.

If Single: Water Signs Scorpio and Pisces are great emotionally and physically. 

Capricorn is seriously sexy and full of good intentions. Get thee to the cinema!

If spoken for: You can be flexible within your relationships which will allow for development and change.  Protect yourself, or you may feel left behind and abandoned when love moves on. Respect freedom. There is no point drowning someone in kindness. Besides, your wonderfully warm sensuality and ability to tune-in will keep them coming back for more.

BOOST LOVE LUCK Be smouldering sexy, without being immediately obvious. Try to find that magical balance of allure and availability. If things get off to a slow start, panic not, for the best is yet to come. Take your time. Soothing sensual locations and hassle-free environments do the trick.


Love Stuff: You are all heart and should therefore guard against being hurt. The Zodiac Lion is readily wounded and falls in love heavily and swiftly. If intense feelings are returned in full you are destined for blissful happiness. But life can be unkind, and you will often experience heartache, before peace and harmony finally descends.

If Single: Reunions hold a lot of promise. Cancer and Scorpio have a lot to offer. Taurus looks interested.

If spoken for: You are a faithful creature, who is naturally loyal and open. You love social intercourse and need the stimulation of a variety of connections. Partners should understand that you are completely faithful when given free rein. Your heart is slow to heal and you feel things deeply and intensely. 

Be careful not to overwhelm your partner with your generous spirit.  Less is definitely more.

BOOST LOVE LUCK Luxuriate in sumptuous surroundings. Be absolutely fabulous. Mirror reflect much of interest. Capture the heart and imagination of your love goal. Go for weekends away and live it up in style. Be as showy and flash as you can afford to be.


Love Stuff: Being Virgo you find it difficult to believe that anyone would fall for you. Highly self-critical you like to offer perfection only. If you feel inadequate in any area – not slim, tall or cute enough you will take some persuading. The irony is that Virgo is often quite stunning; and others fail to understand where the reluctance to engage comes from.  A smug Virgo is a rare creature indeed.

If Single: Water signs Scorpio and Pisces bring deep love and sexy encounters. 

Leo is exciting and offers something different: be daring! Stay alert at work!

If spoken for: Once committed, you are loyal and faithful. Even if the physical aspect of a relationship diminishes Virgo will not stray. If you are a Virgo, be careful not to project your issues onto your partners and loved ones.  Modify your expectations of people, places and things for sanity’s sake.  Learn to accept others on their own merit and appreciate the positive aspect of doing things differently.

BOOST LOVE LUCK Build the privacy and trust factors for the best results. Under covers this can all come alive. Your partner will soon find out you are the Zodiac’s best kept secret. Sensual, earthy and up for it, you would be hard pushed to find a better lover. You make your own luck by simply being YOU!  


Love Stuff: Librans love the thought of being in love. You thrive on the anticipation as much as the event itself. You tend to fall in love very easily and should make a concerted effort to choose wisely. A trail of broken hearts does not a pretty picture make, and you must be careful with your emotions. Be aware that you are more vulnerable than they realize. It is imperative for you to exercise discrimination and protect your interests.

If Single: Fellow Airheads Aquarius and Gemini will always amuse you. Enjoy fun times. 

Aries is a challenge and very up for it! Get to the gym

If spoken for: Do learn to accept people on their own merit; and try to watch what you expect from others in return. Honour the freedom and independence of partners and family members, then your expectations will be repaid tenfold. The looser the grip, the more you will receive.  Unconditional love, painful though it may be, also guarantees big rewards. You are a born romantic; but need to keep those feet on the ground. Start to be realistic about love

BOOST LOVE LUCK Get yourself in the mood first and foremost, or nothing is going to happen anyway! Think romance, soft lighting and sensual music. Flowers, chocolates and all the traditional gestures are expected, cliched and annoying though they may be. But try spontaneous gifts and love notes (or sexting) instead to build the feeling.


Love Stuff: Scorpio is both plagued and blessed by deep emotion.  This renders you a great catch indeed.  But also signifies that there are deep-seated issues to be processed in matters of the heart. You rise to the challenge; but needs to temper obsessive and possessive tendencies in relationships. Scorpio loves to control the proceedings and feels uncomfortable when out of its depth. So it takes you time to trust and feel comfortable one-on-one.

If Single: Water signs Cancer and Pisces understand you and make you feel great. 

Libra is funny and great company. Outdoorsy pursuits boost love chance.

If spoken for: Guard against jealousy, suspicion, and resentfulness.  When insecure, you can be aggressive and prone to picking fights.  There is inevitably intense drama when Scorpio does not feel loved. Learn to cope with your deep feelings and be patient with yourself.  When you find your Soul Mate, you will realize what a gift these emotions really are. You are loyal and committed once in love. Recognize that mischievous secret grin which manifests when you love someone

BOOST LOVE LUCK Build the passion and make it as intense as possible. If you are half hearted yourself, you will not get the desired results. You must go all-in. Take charge in the bedroom and act out your fantasies. Anything goes here.  


Love Stuff: Sagittarius has boundless energy for love and life. Your free-wheeling nature needs variety and diversity; which can of course herald trouble when it comes to commitment.  Sagittarius has wild oats to sow and is not ashamed to say so. You are never backwards about coming forwards. But as you mature you value companionship and conversation

If Single: Virgo and Capricorn are sensual, earthy possibilities. Pisces is all over the place, but most appealing. Take your pick.

If spoken for: As long as you are free to roam and consider endless possibilities, fidelity is not a problem. This may be unnerving for loved ones. But if Sagittarius is respected and unconfined, no harm is done.  One whiff of possessiveness and you will find ways to wander. If you are Sagittarius, you may at times be too casual about love and sex.  Jealousy is not in your vocabulary, which can be both liberating and disconcerting for loved ones.  However, once you connect with your Soul Mate, nothing will persuade you to stray. 

BOOST LOVE LUCK Access your sense of adventurous and work on the fun factor. You like surprises, so do they! So, use your imagination. Introduce a copy of the Karma Sutra and work your way through the pages over time. Prepare to be wild and free.


Love Stuff: Capricorn is cautious in matters of the heart. The Zodiac Goat needs to find its feet and tends to warm up slowly.  Once committed you are steadfast and true. Since few can match your devotion and loyalty. It is advisable that you ditch control issues.  When you develop an open attitude to feelings and emotions, anything can happen. Capricorn often holds back for fear of rejection. TRUST is the key

If Single: Water signs Cancer and Scorpio get emotionally interesting: can you handle the intensity? Taurus is sensual earthy fun. 

If spoken for: You are not a great risk taker, and do not act on impulse; which is good protection of course.  But can mean that you miss out on all the fun. You are a sure thing, who expects as much in return.  Fair enough!  But do unwind; and watch that tendency to penny pinch. It is not a crime to spend money. But missing out on romantic dinners, presents and gestures of affection IS. Loosen purse and heart strings, just a little

BOOST LOVE LUCK Build up the confidence. Flattery is good, but you must mean it, or you will repel the target of your affections. Well-placed compliments and sophisticated romancing hit the spot. Be a tad old fashioned for the best results


Love Stuff: Aquarius is a private person who does not readily make deep, intense connections.  The Water Carrier is alluring, charismatic, and rarely spoiled for choice. However, you do not fall in love easily. Interested in a whole range of options, you flit in and out of possibilities until surety descends. 

You have a magnetic pull, which may attract and repel in equal measure.

If Single: Libra is humorous and lots of fun. Virgo is earthy, sensuous and full of surprises. 

Sagittarius will keep you on your toes. 

If spoken for: Learn to show your emotions more fully and be honest with love’s expression. Once you fall for someone you fall heavily. Your choice of partner may be unusual; but your loyalty ensures that they have you for life. Find a partner who respects your maverick nature and unique disposition.  Prepare for an exciting and fulfilling relationship; and do not allow anyone to sway your choices…as if! 

BOOST LOVE LUCK: Variety is the spice of life. Captivate the Aquarian mind and build the mental rapport between you and the rest will follow. Steer clear of what is predictable and boring. Equality is important, so swing it both ways for sexy times.


Love Stuff: Pisces loves to display a whole range of emotions with passion and gusto! Love delights in The Fishes’ openness; but is also embarrassed by that tendency to be over eager in public places. Do access the lighter side of love, life, and happiness. Do not take things quite so seriously. You may always find refuge in the fantasies revolving around your head.  But will this substitute for an experience of the real thing?  I think not!

If Single: Capricorn is sexy and very with it. You will enjoy the natural authority of the goat. 

Leo and Gemini provide lively social fun

If spoken for: You must learn to define boundaries; and should be careful not to chase love away in an eagerness to please. You are liable to be overly intense, a little sentimental, and highly idealistic. These honest qualities echo the naïve child attempting to make a dream come true. Pisces must be mindful that adult relationships inspire a mixed bag of emotions; requiring adjustment and compromise along the way.

BOOST LOVE LUCK Romance, watery backdrops, and emotional warmth will build the connection. Take it easy, SLOW, and turn it on by following your intuition. A Polaroid camera should be nearby; but be sure to safeguard any footage!    

Ruling Planets 


March 21st – April 20th

Ruling Planet: Mars


Aries is ruled by the fiery uncompromising planet Mars.  This glowing red explosive energy influences sex drive, our competitive streak and physical activity.  Mars inspires a warrior like mentality that fires up adrenaline levels and takes no prisoners.  Aries therefore possesses a determination to win at all costs.  

This sign is well equipped to deal with most crisis situations. 

The energy of planet Mars inspires the Arian to swift action and the resolution of pressing issues.  On the down side Aries struggles with temper flares and a fierce unbending will - good in some situations,

 but don’t rush in where angels fear to tread!




Warren Beatty, Vic Reeves, Victoria Beckham, Chris Evans, Elton John, Russell Crowe, Mariah Carey,

 Eddie Murphy, Joan Crawford, Celine Dion, Charlie Chaplin, Marlon Brando, Vincent Van Gogh, 

John Major, Quentin Tarantino, Vivienne Westwood, Colin Farrell.    


April 21st – May 21st

Ruling Planet: Venus


Venus is the planet that engages our feelings.  This emotional energy challenges the way we relate to each other socially and financially.  Venus heightens the connection between our romantic and economic relationships.  She demonstrates that everything is inter-linked.  According to this Ruling Planet: love, money, sex and material possessions are irretrievably married - for better or for worse! 


Venus emphasises partnerships, professional and personal. If you are Taurus, notice how your attitudes concerning money reflect in your attitudes re love and romance.  This may sound particularly mercenary. But remember Taurus is a practical Zodiac sign that oozes common sense. Love comes at a price with Taurus…



Jack Nicolson, Al Pacino, Michael Palin, Shirely Maclaine, Bianca Jagger, Cher, Andrea Corr, Bono, Michelle Pfeiffer, Meryl Streep, Diana Ross, Priscilla Presley, Sigmund Freud, Pope Jean Paul II,  Queen Elizabeth II, William Shakespeare, Buddah, James Brown, Barbara Streisand, George Clooney, Karl Marx, Orson Welles, Salvador Dali, David Beckham, Tony Blair, Jean Paul Gaultier, Andre Agassi, Janet Jackson, Pierce Brosnan.    


May 22nd – June 22nd

Ruling Planet: Mercury
Mercury’s influence is cerebral and lively.  This planet’ s position is the best indicator of the way a person’s mind works. Mercury is a small but potent planet that impacts our intelligence and thought patterns. Mental agility may be instinctive, logical, slow and deliberate, or somewhat scattered.  Whether we are intuitive or excruciatingly systematic in our thinking, Mercury provides the clue…
Mercury enhances our ability to make decisions.  And it also determines how we communicate. It is no wonder that Gemini’s have such lively minds and original ways of thinking.  Their interest in a great diversity of people, places and subjects also reflects Mercury’s activity.    
Julian Clary, Kylie Minogue, Nicole Kidman, Liz Hurley, Mark Walberg, Denise Van Outen, Tom Jones, Sir Paul Mc Cartney, Mel B, Bob Dylan, Clint Eastwood, Brooke Shields, Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Bob Hope, William Butler Yeats, Queen Victoria, Henry Kissinger, John F Kennedy, Naomi Campbell.     


June 23rd - July 23rd 

Ruling Planet: The Moon  

The Moon influences our lives at a profound level. Her powerful lunar energy has an amazing impact on our creativity. Both our psyche and energy are invariably affected. And depend upon her current phase and position.

The Moon connects us to the feminine aspect, regardless of our natal sex. The nurturing energies of The Moon define our parenting skills, and emotional impulses. Its gentle but relentless force shapes our familial and domestic arrangements.

Lunar inspiration affects intuition, instinctual reactions; and the ebb and flow of our feelings. Moon energy rules the changing tides of the sea. But she also governs the twists and turns of our behaviour patterns…


Pamela Anderson, James Cagney, George Michael, Neil Morrissey, Mike Tyson, Dani Behr, Courtney Love, Richard Branson, Harrison Ford, Robin Williams, Tom Cruise, Princess Diana, Nelson Mandela, Michael Flateley, Louis Walsh.


July 24th –August 23rd

Ruling Planet: The Sun

The Sun is the most luminous and obvious ‘planet’ in the sky. Down the aeons The Sun has been worshipped for its Life giving Force. Without The Sun we would not exist and our lives would have no warmth, heat or sustenance. The Sun is the centre of our World, and the Universe. All the other Ruling Planets revolve around it.

The Sun enhances and emphasises our primal instincts. It heightens a person’s power, and lends them an air of ultimate authority. Ego issues go hand in hand with those ruled by The Sun - it could be no other way! But The Sun also ensures great generosity and a magnanimous attitude. Along with an open heart and sunny disposition, those ruled by The Sun are difficult to resist.


Bill Clinton, Mick Jagger, J Lo, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Madonna, Alfred Hitchcock, Fidel Castro, Napoleaon Bonaparte, Mussolini, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Robert Redford, Geri Halliwell, Neil Armstrong, Princess Anne, Roy Keane.


August 24th – September 23rd 

Ruling Planet: Mercury


Mercury enhances mind power, empowering both intuition and logical thought.  Sun signs ruled by this energy usually have staggering intellectual capacity.  Mercury enables its people to see around corners, and to cover all aspects of an argument.  This planet is thorough, brilliant, and leaves no stone unturned. 


Mercury facilitates the decision making progress, propelling us towards conclusions.  Whether by logic or intuition, Mercury allows for optimum mind function.  Those ruled by Mercury possess the inside track to swift resolution. Some situations need the clear, sharp discipline of logic, or lateral thought.  Whilst others cut to the chase with a searing and impressive intuition.  Mercury wins either way…    




Hugh Grant, Michael Jackson, Pink, Claudia Schiffer, Cameron Diaz, Liam Gallagher, Keanu Reeves, Harry Connick Jnr, Guy Ritchie, Stella McCartney, Barry Gibb, Sophia Loren, Gloria Estafan, D.H. Lawrence, Leo Tolstoy, H. G. Wells, Queen Elizabeth I, Lauren Bacall, Ingrid Bergman, Beyonce Knowles.


September 24th – October 23rd

Ruling PLanet: Venus  

Venus heightens our feelings.  This emotional energy challenges the way we relate to each other socially and financially.  Venus points out the connection between our romantic and economic relationships.  According to this Ruling Planet love, money, sex and material possessions are irretrievably married - for better or for worse. 


Venus’ activity in Libra emphasises the importance of equilibrium and balance.  Libra needs and thrives on positive partnerships.  This sign flourishes when there are impartial judgements and merciful decisions to be made.   Libra is characterised by the gracious and fair demeanour that Venus bestows. Merciful and magnanimous when in balance, Venus heightens Libra’s ability to live compassionately and considerately.   




Brigitte Bardot, Will Smith, Gwenyth Paltrow, Sting, Luciano Pavarotti, Eminem, Danii Minogue, Sir Bob Geldof, Simon Cowell, Sarah Keating (SIX), Kate Winslet, Donna Karan, Mahatma Ghandi, John Lennon, Heather Locklear, Groucho Marx, Pele, Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta Jones, Julie Andrews, Bruce Springsteen.   


October 24th – November 22nd

Ruling Planet: Pluto (and Mars – see Aries)


Pluto highlights personal obstacles and our ability to overcome them.  This planet has a strong influence on our hidden secrets.  Life’s mystery and dark side loves Pluto energy. Its terrain is the skeleton in the closet, and the subterranean depths of the unconscious.


Pluto is the ancient god of the Underworld.  This energy dances in the shadows.  And is not afraid to stare death in the face.  An intrepid fearlessness attaches to this Planet’s vibration.  Pluto is resilient, determined and will not take defeat lying down. Therefore, Pluto inspires transformation.  But Pluto can be dark, dangerous and cruel.  When off balance resist and avoid this energy at all costs…         




Joaquim Phoenix, Larry Mullen Jnr, Liam Mc Kenna of SIX, Jodie Foster, Prince Charles, Katherine Hepburn, Winona Ryder, Theodore Roosevelt, Marie Antoinette, Marie Curie, Bill Gates, Vivian Leigh, Piablo Picasso, Julia Roberts, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Sam Sheppard, Louis Nurding, Mickey Mouse, Johnathan Ross, Leonardo Di Caprio, Demi Moore, Meg Ryan.



November 23rd – December 21st

Ruling Planet: Jupiter


Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system.  It is associated with expansiveness and development, both intellectual and physical. Jupiter was the king of all the gods, akin to the Roman god Zeus.  This regal energy of kingship blesses those born under Jupiter dignity and composure.  Along with inherent spirituality and the ability to philosophise, Jupiter bestows abundance and wealth.  Whilst the inherent cosmic link to ancient gods ensures great luck.  


Positive mental energies direct those born under this sign.  Knowledge, vision and optimism are all gifts from Jupiter.  However, caution is needed for Jupiter can inspire over confidence and stubborn behaviour.  Watch out for extravagance and histrionic, ‘Drama Queen’ behaviour.




Brad Pitt, Ralph Fiennes, Warren Beatty, Eddie Murphy, Joan Crawford, Celine Dion, Charlie Chaplin, Marlon Brando, Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra, Tina Turner, Mark Twain, Walt Disney, Jane Fonda, Bette Midler, Andrew Carnegie, Jane Fonda, Zoe Ball, Uri Geller, Steven Spielberg, John Galliano, Mel Smith, Lorraine Kelly.  



December 22nd – January 20th

Ruling Planet: Saturn


Saturn’s authority puts a restraining order on excess.  This Planet holds The Universe in check.  Not an easy energy, Saturn challenges recklessness.  Saturn is our conscience warning against foolhardiness. Intimidating to the free spirited.  Saturn may undermine weak self-esteem, heightening self-doubt and confusion. 


Saturn’s buzzword is ‘don’t’, which may repress, depress, or comfort, according to disposition.  Like an autocratic parent, this Ruling Planet is good to have around in a crisis.  But debilitating when we need to muster self-confidence. Balance is crucial in the face of Saturn’s warning flag.  It is advisable to take the hint and put the breaks on questionable behaviour.  But equally important to resist Saturn’s bullying…      




Mel Gibson, Pete Waterman, Jim Carrey, Rod Stewart, Nicholas Cage, Kate Moss, Christie Turlington, Helena Christiansen,  David Bowie, Benjamin Franklin, Elvis Presley, Joan of Arc, Richard Nixon, Edgar Allen Poe, Martin Luther King, Joseph Stalin, Mel Gibson, Henri Matisse, Paul Cezanne, Mao Tse-Tung, Noel Edmunds, Denzel Washington, Rowan Atkinson, Mel C


January 21st – February 19th

Ruling Planet: Uranus 

(and Saturn – see Capricorn)


Uranus is the planet of personal transformation.  Inspirational for the individual, this Ruling Planet also blesses generations.  Uranus challenges the Status Quo.  And constitutes a challenging, difficult energy.  Independent and radical, this planet moves slowly heralding profound drawn out change…


To be born under Uranus is an honour indeed.  Which needs to be treated with healthy respect.  This planet inspires altruism. But also signifies self-importance and eccentricity. Uranus allows for detachment.  As well as the ability to be all things to all people.  This mode of being is a law unto itself.  In true maverick style Aquarius knows best.  A perverted rebellious streak gives Uranus the edge.




Robbie Williams, John Travolta, Frank Skinner, Elijah Woods, Oprah Winfrey, Ronald Reagan, Vanessa Redgrave, Virginia Woolf, James Joyce, Charles Dickens, Garth Brooks, Charles Darwin, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Galileo, Prince Naseem Hamed, Cindy Crawford, Eddie Izzard, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jennifer Aniston.     



February 20th – March 20th

Ruling Planet: Neptune (and Jupiter – see Sagittarius)


Neptune, ruler of the oceans has energy enough to transform the masses.  The processes inspired by Neptune are laborious but profound.  Ideologies, beliefs and social norms come under the jurisdiction of Neptune.  But commendable spiritual tendencies may become off-the-wall fanaticism. The down side of Jupiter involves escapism, indecisiveness, and elaboration of the truth. 



Neptune off balance muddles the vision. So discernnment is important. Those ruled by Neptune should guard against self-deception. For wild fantasy and wish fulfillment tendencies need to be monitored. 


With Neptune in the frame, dreams and visions are loaded with significance.  This depth, wisdom and imagination may be expressed as a great gift…        




Jon Bon Jovi, Billy Crystal, Michael Caine, Rachel Weisz, Patsy Kensit, Sharon Stone, Melinda Messinger, Zane Bowers, Chelsea Clinton, Liza Minelli, Sidney Poittier, John Steinbeck, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lewis, George Washington, Elizabeth Taylor, Nat King Cole, Mikail Gorbachev, Caroline Corr, Ronan Keating, Eva Herzigova, Ja Rule, Thora Birch, Tea Leoni, Kristin Davis.   

Mermaid Magic