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Astro Aromatherapy

It was the ancient physician Hippocrates who first identified the link between each zodiac sign and the various parts of the body. Just as each astrology sign has recognisable personality traits, so each is prone to specific physical strengths and weaknesses. Hippocrates recommended compatible herbs and plants for the treatment of the typical zodiac complaints he identified. Medical Astrology now is a respected and reputable practise which yields incredible results.

Aromatherapy is a powerful way of capturing the healing essences of flowers and herbs in oily suspension. These oils can be used to anoint candles, burned in diffusers, or added to a steaming bath. Learn how to work with the oils which support your personality and physical ailments. Your zodiac sign has a specific connection to certain oils, aromas and plants. This is a complex healing system, but the basics are applicable to all of us in some shape or form.

Here below I have outlined the signature oils for each zodiac sign. This is the oil which will lend you the most support in your daily life. But remember your natal chart is sophisticated. So if for example you are having a tough time emotionally, find out your MOON sign and use the oil which specifically resonates with that zodiac sign. If you are trying to attract love into your life and you know the zodiac sign of the person you find compelling, use the oil which best resonates with their energy. 

Want to boost your luck at a particular time of year? Then use your own oils in combination with the oils which resonate to the specific month involved. There are many applications for using these magical oils. So get creative and use your imagination.

ARIES: Signature Oil ~ Rosemary 

Rosemary is warming and no nonsense. It supports Aries energy when extra power and commitment is needed. It hits the spot and directly mirrors the impact an in-your-face Aries often makes. Rosemary is great for headaches. A few drops in some boiling water makes a great inhalant in a bowl with a towel over the head. Aries is high energy and always on the go. Rosemary has a soothing affect and stills the mind.

Companion Oils ~ Lavender & Bergamot

Lavender calms the mind and soothes the soul, and it is highly protective also. A few drops on the pillow at night with sort out the most stubborn case of insomnia. This oil is very supportive of mad frantic Aries, who sometimes finds it difficult to unwind. Bergamot calms the temper, and works well for the hot headed Aries who has sometimes has trouble controlling their anger and off the wall reactions.

TAURUS: Signature Oil ~ Rose

Rose links to the planet of love Venus which of course is the ruler of Taurus. This scent is beautiful, sumptuous and highly erotic. It suits the Taurus earthy groove, and is both intoxicating and alluring. Taurus loves luxury and needs to feel appreciated and *expensive*. Rose oil plays to this drive and supports Taurus with all their emotional and physical needs. Rose oil is pricey, but Taurus does not mind spending on the best, as long as it serves them well.

Companion Oils ~ Sandalwood & Frankincense

Taureans need to feel safe and secure and reassured. Sandalwood and Frankincense banish insecurity. These scents and oils inspire self confidence and a sense of innate well being. Both are luxurious and perform with depth and sincerity, which totally suits Taurus sensibilities. Highly sensual, these products offer a hint of decadence also.

GEMINI: Signature Oil ~ BASIL

Gemini is a highly focused sign, prone to being obsessive re ideas, goals and inclinations. Basil has a great *chill pill* effect on this highly strung zodiac sign. Gemini can not put something down once it is begun and will work mad hours until a task complete. Basil offers a sense of perspective, and encourages the recognition that tomorrow is another day. Basil revives a flagging bran also where there is a deadline to complete. It works towards the best outcome for the user. It has a variable application which is perfect for the versatile and multi-tasking sign 

Companion Oils ~ Clary Sage & Rose 

Gemini is prone to over thinking and worry too much. Clary Sage is great at dispelling angst and anxiety. Rose is a good balancing oil for the Gemini twins. The conflicting voices vying for predominance do not get a word in edgeways and calm descends. The dual nature of Gemini responds particularly well to Rose which primes the heart for decisive action.

CANCER: Signature Oil ~ Blue Camomile 

Family is fundamentally important to Cancerians. The need to love and be loved is the raison d'etre of this nurturing sign. Blue Camomile is highly relaxing and sensual. It suits this water sign's need to unwind and de-stress. This mothering oil is supportive and comforting. It is calming, soothing and a great oil for use on children. Cancerians often have upset stomachs caused by worry and stress. This oil relieves stomach cramps, and brings a warming effect to the solar plexus when rubbed directly into the skin. .

Companion Oils ~ Sandalwood & Cinnamon

Cancerians are known for their moodiness and they can become easily annoyed by the slightest irritant. Sandalwood is a great leveller and excellent at diffusing a bad mood. Cancerians are also highly sentimental and they find it difficult let go of anyone or anything at all. Cinnamon evokes the memories and encourages a healthy perspective. Very evocative of Christmas, Cancerians find the scent heart warming and supportive emotionally.

LEO: Signature Oil ~ Jasmine 

Leo is of royal lineage and only the best will do. This zodiac regal creature loves luxury and does not scrimp on extravagant gestures. Jasmine oil is the best of the best, aptly called the king of oils. Jasmine resonates with the sun and is highly compatible with Leo who needs to feel special. Leos are born at the height of summer, and they need the warmth and nurturing of this exotic oil. Bergamot inspires self confidence and self love, which may or may not be a good thing!

Companion Oils ~ Bergamot & Ylang-ylang

Leo loves to be adored, and when the zodiac lion goes unappreciated, the consequences are not pretty. Bergamot is a great aroma for lifting the senses and the spirits. Directly associated with the Sun, Bergamot inspires a sunny disposition and brings a heart-warming glow to the user. Ylang-ylang is supportive of the throat centre, very important for the lion who needs to be self expressive and HEARD.

VIRGO: Signature Oil ~ Lavender

Virgo is always the first person to offer support and a helping hand to those in need. Virgo links to the summer harvesting, abundance and horn of plenty. Not so much the zodiac virgin, as the prolific and productive nature goddess. Virgo is closely associated with inner healing and vibrant health. Lavender oil is a great de-stresser and is highly protective. Virgo can be over fixated on their own health and can become quite neurotic. Lavender has a powerful calming effect which stills the mind and supports deep sleep.

Companion Oils ~ Peppermint & Cedarwood

Peppermint stimulates the Virgo creative drive, making this hard working sign, productive and unstoppable. Virgo is often over worked and overloaded with responsibility. So Peppermint instils natural balance, and the impulse to ease off the gas a little. This scent encourages Virgo to be less compulsive and more selective. Cedarwood is balancing and calming, so also very helpful to a stressed anxious Virgo.

LIBRA: Signature Oil ~ Geranium 

Libra requires inner equilibrium, fairness and justice to dominate their world. For peace of mind and tranquil resolution, Geranium is a great balancer. Venus bestows a love of fine things, appreciation of beauty and the determination to keep things in harmony. An off balance Libran is not a pretty sight. Geranium in perfume or aromatic products gives Libra a great boost and ensures inner serenity. This scent suits Librans refined sensibilities, and enhances their expression of beauty and honesty.

Companion Oils ~ Rose & Marjoram

Rose is a scent and oil directly linked to the planet Venus which rules Libra. Geranium is an acquired taste, so its replacement with delicious, comforting Rose, works well. Librans often suffer from back pain, so Marjoram is a great one for the medicine cabinet when mixed with a carrier massage oil.

SCORPIO: Signature Oil ~ Patchouli 

Patchouli is dusky, distinctive and sensual. A great match for seductive Scorpio, this scent and oil gets powerful results. This energy works deeply and is transformative at a profound level. It is therefore perfect for the 'phoenix rising from the ashes' phenomenon that IS Scorpio. Scorpio is a private zodiac sign that finds it difficult to trust. Patchouli encourages the expression of real emotion and has great healing potential for a shut down control freak. Patchouli is also a great aphrodisiac, greatly compatible with erotic, intense Scorpio. Use this oil in the bath for the best results.

Companion Oils ~ Ginger & Lemon

Ginger has an unmistakable and lively tang. Associated with the planet Mars it does not mess about and it urges a result and quickly. Ginger is intensely energizing and a great aphrodisiac also. Lemon oil supports the heart which is good for opening up energies which maybe a little closed down. For overly secretive and self protective Scorpio, this is significant.

SAGITTARIUS: Signature Oil ~ Black Pepper

Black Pepper is a great vibrational match for the determined Sagittarian, who is set in their ways and fixed on their direction. Black Pepper does not mess about with the senses. It is in your face and makes a direct hit. It is a great tonic for tired muscles and an over fatigued mind. Like the Archer's Cupids bow, it shoots the target head on. Sagittarians are physical, active and up-for-it personalities. They have a quick flowing energy and although they seem to have great reserves, all of a sudden they crash and burn. Black Pepper is great for massage in combination with other oils, soothing intense aches and pains with ease. It is a great pick me up for those who suffer from jetlag also.

Companion Oils ~ Rosewood 

Sagittarius has a lot of surplus enthusiastic energy which can make this fire sign somewhat hyper at all the wrong moments. Rosewood oil calms the jitters and is calming. Also associated with Jupiter the ruling planet of Sagittarius, Rosewood is a good luck booster and general tonic.

CAPRICORN: ~ Signature Oil ~ Vetiver

Vetiver is an oil which directly supports the earthy nature of Capricorn. In the far east Vetiver is known as the oil of tranquility. This mellow grounded and relaxing aroma supports the ever busy Capricorn, who always has some place to be. Capricorn often gets overloaded with stress and an exaggerated sense of obligation. Vetiver disperses the angst and corrects that inner tension. Capricorns often suffer joint problems and structural skeletal issues. Vetiver is a great anti-inflammatory which can be directly rubbed into painful areas.

Companion Oils ~ Amyris & Lemon

Capricorn is always striving and busy. Life is one endless responsibility involving achievements and tasks. Amyris oil aids relaxation and peace of mind which is invaluable for Capricorn. Lemon helps keep an already busy bran alert and on point. A great anti fatigue oil, Lemon supports Capricorn with a heavy work load.

AQUARIUS: ~ Signature Oil ~ Neroli 

Aquarians can appear to be quite detached, cool and aloof. This is a very independent sign, which prides itself on its self sufficiency. The Aquarian is quite happy to keep his or her own company. Neroli has an aromatic and meditative energy which appeals to the Aquarian's soul. Also an aphrodisiac, this scent supports the sex life, and gives a warm tingling feeling all over. Aquarius needs to remember the importance of acknowledging personal needs. Relationships tend to be more social for the Aquarian. Neroli brings another more interesting suggestion into the mix.

Companion Oils ~ Marjoram & Cinnamon 

Aquarians can be prone to nervous disorders, so a soothing mellow oil like Marjoram is just perfect. This oil helps to disperse stress and has a calming influence. Cinnamon supports the great cerebral brain activity of the Aquarian who lives largely in their head. This oil boosts focus and concentration and is great where there is a deadline to deliver.

PISCES: ~ Signature Oil ~ Melissa

Pisces is the water sign of the fish, and Melissa the most watery of oils is a great support for the two fish that swim in different directions. The Lemon balm plant which yields the fragrance has a high water content, so it takes a lot of compression to create just a small amount of this precious oil. Pisces is typically a compassionate sign, often sacrificing much personal energy for the sake of others. Melissa is an oil that encourages the nurturer to look after themselves a little more. It is a soothing comforting de-stresser. Pisceans can also be prone to depression and Melissa is uplifting and is said to disperse dark thoughts and intense oppressive moods.

Companion Oils ~ Cinnamon & Fennel

Cinnamon will enhance the natural and latent psychic tendencies of Pisces, while Fennel is useful to ease addictive tendencies, giving inner strength when tempted to overindulge.

Make A Wish ~ Manifest Money, Love, Travel and Work in your life... 


The energy you put into a wish or into your manifesting attempts HAS to be positive to be effective. There are some who believe you are either lucky or unlucky and there is not much you can do about it. But the concept of manifestation puts a whole different spin on things. 

The law of attraction and our ability to manifest are either correct principles or they are not. I urge you to test the principles outlined in this supplement in as many magical ways as you can think of. That way your confidence in the universe and your own power to create will grow.

It is fundamentally important to stop all negative thoughts, words and deeds. Be very self aware of the chat that goes on in your head. Of course, it is a normal part of life to have days when we feel down and nothing seems to go right. This is common enough for those of us fully engaged in the human journey. However, pile a whole load of negative thinking on top of such days and the whole picture begins to look a little different. And not in a good way. It is so easy to get stuck in a negative spiral of thinking. This is where we need personal discipline. It is imperative to our life success to nip such negative energies in the bud.

Negative thoughts attract negative events. When we are in a negative groove confrontation and arguments increase and the world just does not seem to be very helpful to us as we go about our day. It is difficult to admit that the problem may be within ourselves and the energy we are putting out there. But this should always be our first port of call when we are trying to work out what is going on.

There is no doubt that focusing on problems amplifies them and seems to increase their frequency. Creating problems where none exist is also a favourite habit and past time of negative people. This is not the right way to go about things if we want to attract increase, love and abundance into our lives. Of course we can not totally prevent bad events. But our reactions and responses define us. The hugest indication of whether you are in positive or negative mode is how you deal with challenging events. We can not prevent bad things happening. But we sure can control how we deal with them. Our thoughts are where we experience the most personal freedom, so do keep that self talk as clutter free and as bright as possible

Tips to shift negative energy quickly ~

Acknowledge your feelings.

One of the best and quickest ways to deal with negativity is to be open and honest about your feelings. Suppressing difficulties helps no one, least of all yourself. So although it may sound positive to put on a brave face. It is actually better to confront the issues rather than push them down into your subconscious. If you ignore what you are feeling it is pretty much guaranteed it will re surface and bite you on the ass at the most inconvenient moment. Smart manifestors deal with things as and when they arise. So do not put off to tomorrow what you can sort out today. Live in the NOW with your feelings and this should keep your energies fairly clear and uncluttered.

Accept the flow of your thoughts.

Be very aware that your thoughts ebb and flow. Become the observer of your thought process. It is perfectly okay to note a negative thought, response or reaction. But do not feed it or hold onto it. Observe, take note and move on. Let the negative stuff pass on through your conscious mind. It is absolutely okay and normal that shows face from time to time. The best way to release it, is to simply let it roll on through. Do not attach meaning or significance to the negativity. It is what it is, and you can simply watch it come in, pass on and leave your energy field. 

This is a fine art, but once you have learned it, you have the best self empowerment tool at your finger tips. If the negative energy from within and without can be like water off the ducks back, well then you are all set.

Solve Problems

This is practical and basic advice. When you are faced with problems, however complex, solve them step by step. Be very systematic and matter of fact as you deal with what needs to be resolved. Again that healthy detachment will serve you well. Come up with a game plan to organise yourself and follow it through. With long term things, set your strategy and work through it consistently until you come out the other side.

Minimise negative effects

We all have negative voices from within and without. Be disciplined with the enemy within. And as for the enemy without, do as much as possible steer clear of negative people. You do not need this extra energy over load in your life. Obviously some of us are stuck with quite negative family members who have to be tolerated and dealt with in various ways. Treat this much as you would the negative voices in your head. Give it all no air time, and let it all flow in one ear and out the other. Do not take on board the negativity of others. You have enough to be getting on with. Surround yourself with positive people, events and energies. Thankfully you can choose your friends, so do choose wisely!

Enjoy Life

The best way to keep negativity at bay is to actively enjoy your life. Engage with the people and activities you most enjoy. Relish your favourite cup of coffee. Fully experience the wind in your hair on a wonderful walk in nature. Savour every positive waking moment, for this will keep you energised and able to function. Manifestation requires your energy levels to be of a high vibration for the best results. So look for ways to raise your energies to optimum levels. A soak in a bath of sea salt can be very cleansing and a great vibration raiser. Your favourite music keeps you clear, so does getting lost in a great book. All your favourite things raise your manifestation skills, so do not feel guilty about doing whatever it is you enjoy. Keep your happy list playful, light and hassle free. Yes it may involve a glass of wine with a wonderful meal. But just make sure your favourite indulgences do not tip into the negative scourge of addiction.

What you focus on grows, so do keep your thoughts light and bright and wonderfully positive. Appreciate the good things in your life, however modest they may be. A great exercise is to actively keep an appreciation diary and write between five and ten things daily which float your boat. The 100 Happy Days phenomenon is also a great example of how you can consciously focus on what actually DOES make you happy.


Your current finances are an active barometer of your thoughts and experiences linked with money. Your money energy vibration can be largely inherited and it can often be deeply emotive. Carefully think about how you feel about money. Do you feel guilty about the idea of having or wanting money because that might be seen as a sign of greed? Did your parents say *money is the root of all evil* once too often? It will reap dividends if you can be aware of how you feel about your money. Obviously to manifest money, it is important to have a positive and healthy mindset about acquiring it. If your unconscious beliefs are working against you, you will not get very far with boosting your bank account.

Start to love your money

Keep a diary or at least take a note of what you spend your money on. Are you responsible? Cautious? Do you freely pay your bills in the knowledge that paying out money actually creates a space for more to come IN?

Look at your relationship with money closely, and start to be better friends with the cash which flows in and out of your purse and bank account. Stress and anxiety over money is a major block to manifestation. Trust the universe and God to provide and that is exactly the benevolence you will receive.

SET A GOAL ~ To experiment 

with manifestations of money, set yourself a realistic goal. How much money would you like to manifest in the next month or so? This works best if it is for a specific purpose, like a holiday, or a new wardrobe, or a specialist course. Set the intention that you will have the money for what it is you want and need to do, and trust that it will manifest for you in the nick of time.

Have fun with this experiment and make a vision board of the items you wish for or are aiming for. But take it in stages and expand your ambitions as your manifestation skills develop.

Manifesting love into your life, definitely requires a positive mindset and outlook. Not only do you want to attract love, you also want to KEEP it. So focus on how much you deserve love in your life, and concentrate on being your own best friend when it comes to heartfelt advice.

Belief in Love
Hold onto the belief that love is out there for you if you are single. There IS at least one soul mate for everyone. Put out the right vibrations, and you will surely draw them into your life. The best way to attract love in your life, is to BE love. Love yourself first and foremost. Be generous with your emotions, feelings and resources in the relationships the universe delivers to you. These are all just preparations for the big love to manifest in your life at the right time.

If your past relationships have been less than perfect, you may well have had your belief in love dented. You may have even started to hold the belief that it is not possible for you to be happy. Try as you might, nothing has worked and you have run out of ideas. Of course it is absolutely crucial to ditch this negative thinking, or you will inevitably keep attracting more of the same.

Rather than dwell on what went wrong, remember the positive aspects of past relationships. Hold the good memories and try to find something constructive to hold onto about this stage of your life.

Build on the positive and allow the future to manifest. Hold to the belief that there is someone for everyone, and that your perfect partner is just around the corner.

Happy Relationships

Find examples of happy relationships amongst your peers and be happy to be around them instead of envious. It is good to watch the positive interactions between lovers and established couples. Observe and appreciate and make notes of what you are REALLY looking and hoping for. 

Love is magical, focus on this. Be excited about the flush of new love which will surely come into your life soon enough. Anticipate good things and dream often about the love you wish and hope for. Hold this energy and it will amplify within and without.

DO completely let go of past attachments. It is very important not to keep holding on just because you do not think you will ever find happiness or your soul mate. Release ex partners willingly and freely. De clutter your environment of these memories and prepare for new love. Cut the ties and energetic cords that bind you to the past. Until you are completely free the past will inevitably hold you back and act as an energetic block on your future manifestations. Forgive the past and walk away.

Open up your heart to love. Imagine a pink glow of love around your heart. Feel it grow and amplify, saturating your body and energy field with good vibes. Surround everyone you meet with this love. This exercise is powerful and its regular practise will give you an enticing and glowing aura, appealing to many. Simple and powerful this visualisation literally will turn you into a love magnet. You will have to be very selective about what and whom you say *yes* to!

It is very important that you do not focus on one individual with this exercise. We often have someone we are fixated on, especially when single. But this actually does not do us any favours. Yes we may indeed have found the correct person, but if they are not jumping on the idea, it makes you wonder does it not? it is crucial you remain open to the love the universe has lined up for you. it is guaranteed to be much better than you had ever imagined.

If you are less than satisfied with your working environment, the chances are you are looking for a new job. In this situation it is important to appreciate as much as you possibly can about your current job. Try not to focus on dissatisfaction or frustration about your work. Resentment only increases itself and the unhappy situation just perpetuates. Focus on the colleagues you enjoy and the daily tasks you find bearable. Appreciate the fact you even have work already if you do. This strengthens your position and will enable you to move on in a positive groove.

Burn it

Write down what you so dislike about your current job. Then tear this up and burn it. This shows willing to let go of the negative aspects of work and allows positive energies to realign. Once you feel a good sense of release, start to focus on what you DO want from your new job. Write this down and keep it, thinking about it regularly. Visualise your working day in detail and tune into how fulfilled and happy you feel during the working day.

Research the vibe, aura and clothing of those who work in your desired field. Match this vibration and it will draw the magic work to you. Where do your potential colleagues go for lunch? Go there regularly. Make the decisions daily you would make as if preparing to go into work. What would you wear today, how would you style yourself, and what do you need to prepare? How would the working day roll and what would you do in the evenings?

Prepare for interviews and job finding by writing an appreciation list of you. Write down your best qualities, your past experience and what you have to offer. Develop the qualities you will particularly need for your ideal job and work on these. Match your vibration to who you will be and how you will behave once you have the job. This approach will help you to reach your full potential creatively in next to no time!


copyright sarah delamere hurding

Do you really know what happens when you fall asleep? Do you ever get the sensation that you turned in for the night but did not actually stay in your bed? Or do you sometimes wake up tired with the feeling that you actually went somewhere during the night? You know what? Maybe you did!

Some of us experience the phenomenon of sleep walking where we literally get out of bed and head to the fridge in a deep sleep state. We may not remember this in the morning, but the fridge dessert tray tells another story.

Many of us have also experienced disturbing hypnagogic hallucinations where the bed appears to move or it feels as if the sheets are being pulled off the bed. Such phenomenon can be put down to spirit mischief. But the reality is, more often than not we are suffering from a sleepy delusion which is more a sensation than a real attack from the spirit world. This is not to say that visitations from the spirit realm do not happen as we sleep. They surely do. And there are frequent accounts of people being pinned down unable to breath. There are all sorts of night time events that take some explaining. But the most mysterious night time excursion of all is the phenomenon of Astral Travel.

Astral Travel is when your spirit temporarily leaves your physical body during sleep. We as human beings live on the physical earth plane. But during astral travel, our internal spirit enters into the spirit realm and we become a light body which is well able to transition into the spiritual realms. 

Our life force light body is able to travel in sleep to places far and wide. We may cross the planet, and possibly even visit other planets or other times. This sounds totally incredible, and unbelievable, and in many ways it is. But we are spiritual beings capable of much more than we realise. Astral Travel is something that spiritually advanced people practise consciously. And yes, it is something you can do too, with enough practise and receptivity.

The astral planes are diverse and connected to the after-life, other life times and the underworlds. It is possible to access amazing information in these other dimensions. You may recall your past lives, and rediscover skills from other times. In your astral state you may be multilingual or super powerful. Many amazing things can happen. But of course the ability to recall and remember is key.

The most common initial experience with astral travel is to hover above your physical body on the bed. Often the shock of looking down on yourself as you supposedly sleep can be enough of a jolt to bring you back down to earth very quickly. But get past this freaky sensation and the astral planes are yours for the taking. It is also possible to Astral Travel in a meditative waking state also. With practise you can take yourself across the world to that exotic location without leaving your seat.

Incredible realms of existence are accessible to us and it is possible to feel and experience these places just as vividly as we do life in the physical realm.
How to Astral Travel ~ Prepare your body and mind

Astral Travel is a launch into worlds on the ethers. It is a nonphysical experience. The physical body does not go anywhere. But for this to be successful, it is important to lose the consciousness of being IN a body. The best success with Astral Travel therefore occurs either when we are asleep or in a meditative, alternative state.

If you are awake and want to practise getting into this deeply relaxed state, find a place where you know you will be completely undisturbed. Lie down comfortably on the floor or bed with your arms placed loosely beside your body. Relax as much you can by sinking your body deeply into the surface you are using. 

Blend your energy with the floor or the bed and calm your mind. Focus on your thumbs in particular and keep these perfectly still. Focus on their shape, and weight and size, the skin and the flesh and the bone. As much as you can BE inside your thumbs! This may sound odd but it is designed to focus your energy in one very specific limited place. You may well find your thoughts flying off in all directions. Each time this happens bring yourself back *inside* your thumbs.

When your energy is fully focused on your thumbs, start to move your attention to the different fingers on your hands. First in the same way move *into* your forefingers, then to the middle fingers, then the ring fingers, then the pinkies. Move through each set in turn, making sure your attention is fully present in each one as you proceed. You will quickly get the hang of this.

Once you have conquered the hands in this way, your attention must then begin to move around the body in the same way. Each stage with this exercise takes you deeper and deeper into a meditative state from which you will be able to launch your *travels*. Work from your hands to your forearms, your upper arms, to your shoulders, then down the sides the sides of your body. 

During each stage of this you must feel FULLY engaged and present IN the relevant body part. Work down to the hips, the legs, the knees, the calves the feet. Then take your attention to the toes, beginning with the big toe. In the same way you did with the fingers, work your way through the pairs of toes ending with the smallest. Once you have completed the toes move quickly back up to the pelvic region of the body (you will noticed we skipped this on the way down). Focus on the buttocks first and then jump up to the nape of the neck. Move your energy across the scalp, the face and down to the throat. Then descend down through the chest, the stomach and back to your pelvic floor, deep inside your body.

Repeat this whole process a couple of times, speeding it up each time as you get the hang of moving your focus very specifically around your body. This exercise will very quickly get you into a deeply relaxed state. Once you find yourself completely blissed out, begin to imagine that you have a spiritual body of energy, YOUR energy, floating above your physical body. Remember, you are not a physical body. You are a soul inhabiting a physical body.

Visualise your vibrant energy body as similar in size and shape to your physical body. But this etheric body is made of white golden light laid over your flesh and blood body. Feel the lightness and purity of your spiritual body. Sense the difference of your physical body as heavy as clay on the bed or the floor. While your spiritual body echoes it in all ways except density. Your spirit body is light and energetic and as light as a helium balloon, and could float off just as easily right up to the ceiling.

Once you sense this floating sensation fully, bring yourself back into your body and feel through the physical parts once again to ground yourself fully. Work your way back through the system in reverse and bring yourself back into the room. You should find yourself amazingly energised and peaceful after this exercise. Do repeat it regularly as it is important preparation. Once you have met and connected with your physical and spiritual bodies in this way and experience their difference, you are ready for the next stages in learning to Astral Travel.

The more you practise the above technique in the daylight and your waking hours, the more ready you become to travel the astral realms at night in your sleep. You may well find you very quickly experience Astral Travel at night. But even so, do try these other advanced stages to hone your experience.

Travelling AT NIGHT

When you go to bed, quickly run through the stages of your relaxation method. Move your attention around the parts of your body in the same order as before feeling the weight of your body on the bed. Simultaneously allow the spiritual body to become light as a feather. Keep your two bodies very much in mind while focusing on the inside of your eyes. Access your inner vision in this way. You may see a light show and colours in your peripheral vision or on your inner screen. As you start to Astral Travel the colour around you becomes an intense purple. Even while your eyes are closed, you should get a sense that the room is bathed in purple light. This is your eyes connecting with ultra violet light which enhances our spiritual experiences and travel to the other realms.

While your eyes are still closed start to see the room around you. Visualise it in detail. Focus on one object in the room, preferably the light fitting above your head. Whatever you *see* in your mind's eye is the right object to work with. Imagine this getting bigger and bigger as it moves towards you. When it is very close up flip yourself into this object and turn to look at yourself on the bed. This may sound spooky and pretty impossible. But actually once you are experienced with the above relaxation technique, it is much easier than you would think.

As you look at yourself lying on the bed, enjoy the scene and stay out of your body observing yourself. Do this for as long s you feel comfortable. If you panic or want to return home to the physical simply visualise yourself back IN your body and there you will BE. safe and sound.

Get used to this process regularly as it is another important stage in learning to comfortably cruise the ethers at night. You may well experience some odd sensations at point like high pitched or odd sounds, bangs and flashing lights. But it is all part of the fun, and all perfectly normal. Expect to see the different colours of your energy body, the chakras are multi coloured and make up your spiritual body, so you can expect to see reds, greens, yellows, and blues. All the colours of the rainbow in fact.


Lucid dreaming is when you have control over what happens to you in a dream. You may awake in the night and choose to go back into the dream you were just having. You can change the events and can programme a different outcome to the one that was occurring and which probably woke you up. Astral Travel in its initial stages can be similar to a lucid dream. 

Keep a dream diary and try to work out and distinguish the different experiences you have. You may well travel to different places in your dreams and then be able to verify in waking how that place actually looks. if you saw it accurately in your dream, chances are you actually WENT THERE on the astral plane. Test yourself in this way and have fun visiting places you have never been before. You can actually DECIDE where you want to go when you become more expert at this. 

Once you master that, the world is your oyster, and it sure does save on the air fayre!


Once you master Astral Travel the 

opportunities are endless

~ You can contact deceased loved ones and meet with them on the inner planes
~ Need some information on a wayward lover? Visit them when apart at night and see!
~ Ask to meet with your spirit guides as you sleep and ask them what you need to know
~ Explore other places, other planets, other realms.
~ The further you can travel the greater your ability to direct where you are going
~ World Travel: as you fall asleep simply think about where you would like to visit
~ Ask to visit your past lives and so gain deeper understanding of your issues in this life

The Attraction Factor ~ 

The X Factor 

copright sarah delamere hurding

The X factor is something indefinable which we all recognise when we see it. It is a magical principle, person, event which contains a compelling quality that draws us in. When the X factor is in full operation we experience something that inspires us, fascinates us, and possibly makes us a little envious. Star quality is intangible, yet so recognisable. The good news is, there are many wonderful ways you can boost the magical happenings in your own life. Want to know how to work with the universe to boost your own X Factor? Read on!

It is now no secret that it is possible to create the life of your dreams by focusing your intentions. As Above So Below is a phrase which holds much truth and power. If we tap into this cosmic truth and work with it effectively, it is literally possible to ground many good people, places, and things into our lives.

Is it really possible to live the life of your dreams by focusing your intentions? The answer is absolutely YES. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is no secret anymore. But there are aspects of the Law of Attraction this book omitted to cover, which is somewhat ironic. More of this later.

Science supports the Law of Attraction also, and its relationship to Quantum Physics is something I write about a lot. The whole universe is made up of different frequencies of atoms which manifest as both solid matter and etheric energy. It is the energy we align ourselves to that dictates what will unfold in our lives.

The energy frequency we choose of vibrate with is really what makes up our destiny. So it may be odd to see and accept, but we actually DO have a personal responsibility and creativity with our own lives. We are not just victims of fate, unless of course we are oblivious to these truths. Armed with our potential and this knowledge and a huge dose of faith and willingness to experiment, there really is not much beyond our reach.

The Law of Attraction is a well known concept at this stage. But let us do a quick recap to simplify our understanding and make sure we have the correct principles in order.


It is crucial to commit yourself fully to your goals and intentions for this to work. If you harbour any doubts or wobbles, well then you might as well sit back and observe the failure. The success of this attracting principle is that it requires your faith first and foremost.

It is fundamentally important to be very specific in what you are putting out for. The universe does not like uncertainty or dithering. Life responds to our definite action and focused intention. There are times when we must remain detached and not too invested in the outcome. So it is a fine line of intention and detachment that works best.

A vision board is a great idea when you first start to work with the law of attraction. Set up a tumblr page, or collect images which match what you wish to achieve. Have what you WANT as your screen saver, or carry it on your phone as a wallpaper. Tune into this vision board regularly, and work with it in fun ways. This does not all have to be serious and laborious. It really should be light and fun for great results.

BE careful what you wish for

The best way to work out what you REALLY want is to ask yourself WHY you want it. Be very honest with yourself here. It will not work if you fudge issues, and do not understand why you want what you want. If you want a new partner, because you do not want to be alone. Well then you can expect the results to be less than ideal. The best way to attract the RIGHT partner is to be totally comfortable with yourself home alone. Plus have a very clear picture of the qualities you would like to see in your other half.

Before you finalise what you are really working towards be absolutely SURE you will enjoy the results. Use your imagination. How do you feel when you are experiencing this new situation. Are you stressed you will lose it all, or are you relaxing and enjoying the results of your manifestation? This clue is often the difference between success and failure. You know that expression, be careful what you wish for? Well, it is absolutely TRUE.

When you are manifesting it is important to phrase your requests carefully, both in your mind's eye and with your words. The most effective intention you can hold is to *put out* for *THIS or something better*. This gives the universe a chance to deliver on something that could prove to be ten times better than what you had originally wished for. Always remember, the universe sees around corners. Unless we are a well developed psychic (more of this later), we generally do not.


When you are manifesting it is very important to FEEL as if you already have what you are putting out for. This is along the lines of *fake it 'til you make it*. When you work with your intentions have the faith and belief that all this is already yours. Visualise it, experience it in your imagination and really work with the details. Consider the consequences, the effect on the lives of those around you. Really be mindful of all that your request entails.

Act as if it is all already yours. This does not mean you are walking around with your head in the clouds. Hold the energy of what you are doing so that others can not cast major doubts on all your good work. Keep this creative energy to yourself and do not share it. When we are manifesting it is important to hold the energy so that it may amplify. When you talk about it and share it you are potentially dissipating all your efforts, especially if someone ends up calling you nuts!

Live in faith on this and trust that what you want and desire is a match for all that is. This or something better will meet with you in the right time and place. There is no panic about this. It is all on trust.

Signalling to the universe that you believe in magic and endless possibilities is fundamentally important. This shows that you are open and willing to receive in abundance. If you close up and second guess everything and over think everything, this will block your flow. The universe only requires your receptivity. That is all.

If you want to be happy, smile more. Act as IF. If you want to shed excess pounds, eat with the belief that you are already your ideal body weight. This will align you with this truth and what you eat will serve you not sabotage you.


Be warned. This process is not for control freaks or the overly anxious. It helps if you are a fluid and adaptable type of personality. So adopt this approach and allow the process to unfold. Surrender to the flow and allow the events to happen which align you to your intentions HOWEVER ODD THEY SEEM. This is the KEY to success with manifesting. The universe sometimes delivers very strange experiences as the magic unfolds. It is all part of the fun. But it is so important not to panic and revert to logical thinking. TRUST that the universe knows the short cut is absolutely KEY.

De-stress and do not worry about how long it will all take, or what you have to do next. Do not second guess the universe or over question things. The universe responds well to our detachment and receptivity. A beautiful paradox which can sort out just about anything you are facing.

Do let go of your resistance and doubt. The universe likes a vacuum, so if you find you are full of questions, mad ideas and too much pent up energy, take a breath. Keep requests straightforward and simple. They can be ambitious, but they must not be confusing.

Try not to worry about TIMING of events. Divine timing is everything in this situation. Again trust that the universe knows what is best for you. Your delivery is on the way, but it may get diverted or delayed at points. The main thing is to trust that the delivery time is going to be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for you.


This is not all about sitting back and waiting however. A mistake we can make with manifesting is to do all of the above, and then sit back and wait, wait, wait. Once that frustration sets in it is game over. So as with all things, this is about balance. We have established how powerful we are, and how our thought processes can undermine or edify us. But action is also really crucial in the right moments. Spotting the moments is the main trick. When we are aligned with the correct receptivity, we must actually respond when the opportunities come along. This will not all land in our laps. We have to also engage with constructive right action at the correct times.

If you want a new job, you obviously have to send off applications. Or do you! I say this but sometimes you actually do not, the intention is enough if you are powerful enough. However, what helps is showing the universe that you are WILLING to participate. So even if the job comes in another unusual way (and I bet it does), it is also important to express your intention in action. So apply for the jobs, join the dating web site, plan that dream holiday and put a deposit down. Show willing.

The universe responds to our INSPIRED action. SO this is not any old action. Just take actions that simply echo your intention, then get out of your own way and expect the result to come magically from elsewhere!

If you are feeling frustrated, stuck and unable to get what you want out of life, then manifestation services may well help you. With many of the services on my web site I can assist you with manifesting the results you really wish for. *Desired Outcome* is a very popular and successful service, where we work together for a couple of months and really focus on your dreams, wishes and wants. How does it work? Well, it is a bit of a mystery, but work it does. I can help you sort through your desires and intentions and bring your energy into alignment with your goals.

If you have a sense of faith and wonderment and excitement about your future, these options may well be a good investment for you. But HOW can you help yourself, and align yourself with these magical energies?

Think Tank ~ 

Copyright sarah delamere hurding

Create your Future with some forward thinking using the Think Tank method

The Think Tank concept is a neat concept but does it actually work? Is it really possible to think your way into a positive reality? This is a dynamic theory, but does it create demonstrable results in practise?

There are thousands of books and articles in the market place, encouraging us to manifest our dreams and shape our reality. These *how to* pieces claim to give us the magic recipe which is guaranteed to turn our lives around. And the one thing they all have in common is this encouragement of positive thinking. You will not find an article out there which encourages you to transform your circumstances by wallowing and indulging in self pity. So go figure!

Everything is energy, is something I say a lot. As with many well known facts, it sounds like such a simple concept. And yet ignoring this basic truth can lead us into such complex situations. Positive thinking really can change our reality, even when we are being tested and this is provable. Just look what happens to your life, when your thinking takes a dive.

The law of attraction and concept of *like attracts like* may sound obvious. But we do tend to forget this when we fall into a rut, dragged down by our circumstances. It is easy enough to get into a negative spin. But, you know what they say? Come what may, it is important to count your blessings. There is a simple reason for this, even as we face life's challenges. Positive responses when we are being challenged are not easy to conjure up. But this is exactly the time we should be disciplined with our thinking. We all have a struggle to improve our lives at various points, and keeping it real in a light and bright way is fundamentally important.

Some say that a real view of the world, should be slightly pessimistic and low in expectations. But this thought puts out an energy which then creates a vibration match in the *thinkers* reality. Basically what we put our energy into, comes back to us multiplied. Our thoughts, words and deeds have the power to create or destroy. This is a complex point, as our unconscious runs so much of how we function, dictating what we can expect. We may not even be aware of what is holding us back half the time. Our unconscious gets in the way shaping our actions, emotional responses and beliefs.

So what do we do about this? Is it enough to simply change our thinking to turn it all around? Yes and no. To deal with the unconscious we may have to do quite major psychic surgery and work on ourselves. *Know thyself* is just as much an indication of the truth as the statement *everything is energy*.

What is most useful to see, is the demonstration that positive thinking really does yield miraculous results. It is actually possible to PROVE to yourself that your thoughts create your reality with a series of simple experiments.

The beauty of this metaphysical secret is that it encapsulates the truths of science. The statement that *everything is energy* is not exactly news. It is in fact the fundamental principle of quantum physics. We are ALL matter formed out of energy. Some call this soul energy God, others speak of it as our life force or *prana*.

The good news is? It is possible to work with this creative drive to manipulate our lives and our circumstances in quite magical ways. The technique involves a simple interaction between our thoughts and our energy, and holds the key to spectacular results of which we can be proud.

We all have an invisible energy force field around us. And it is possible to prime this force field to receive many blessings. Our energy system does not have to be a repelling, antagonistic or hostile environment. This energy around us can be conditioned to be abundant, profitable and receptive.

In order to work with this truth, it is very important to be aware of your patterns of thinking. Understand that your thoughts and expectations have a direct effect on how this energy manifests around you. Whatever you choose to focus on will expand in this energy field and you will amplify its possibilities. This principle is scary in its simplicity and it may be difficult to take on board that you can be this powerful.

The truth is? You ARE this powerful!

You can manifest anything you want or expect in your life, because what you focus on expands and amplifies. A vibrant energy with a knock on effect is thereby created, and before you know it, you are dealing with its consequences. It pays to watch and monitor your expectations therefore.

Your connection to the energy surrounding you has the capacity to provide you with unlimited and accurate guidance also. You are in fact a walking oracle. If you are aware and ask for it, you will get the answers you need by learning to read your own energy field and its responses. Your thoughts and consciousness affect what manifests around you. You are the creator of your life and its outworking. 

Changing Shape 

It is also possible to change your body and its shape through the power of thought. Yes, really! You are intricately connected to everyone and everything in the universe also. This web of energy is what we mean when we talk about the *Oneness* of everything. We are all ONE; fearfully and wonderfully connected. Every time you think of someone, you are sending them energy. If your link with that person is telepathically primed, they will pick up on this and think of you in return.

The universe is marvellously simple in its mirror effect phenomenon. And it is a much friendlier place than we sometimes realise. It literally reflects our thoughts and reality back to us, so that we get confirmation of our beliefs. This is a cycle which then reinforces itself and you become all the more convinced you were right all along. How to prove this is correct? Try a different belief system for a while and see the miraculous changes which take place in your life to reinforce THAT reality. The universe is nothing if not obliging; which is how so many conflicting belief systems and realities can be true simultaneously.

Simply put, life likes to agree with you!

The universe is limitless, abundant and WANTS to provide you with every good thing, if only you would truly believe this. Why not experiment in these following ways to establish that life is willing to actively engage with your thoughts and bring you many blessings?


Food, like everything else is just an energy. Eat your food with appreciation and love and it will serve you well. It is in fact possible to eat ANY food with the right consciousness and not put on weight. But eat a food with that *oh this is going to make me fat* thought, well then , guess what it WILL!

Food is infused with this life force energy and like anything else it will be responsive to your thinking. Learn to work with this energy rather than battle against it for great results. It is possible to lose and release weight effortlessly simply by shifting your consciousness about food. The food on your plate is not stagnant inert lumps of whatever; it is in fact forms of energy which will pick up on your intentions. Have good intentions towards your food and guess what? It will serve you well in appreciation. Send all the food you eat consciously loving and positive vibrations. Expect this food to nurture and serve your body, and stop thinking on it as the enemy which will inevitably increase your dress or waist size. 

Being mindful about what you eat is crucial to your well being. But it does not have to be a battle. That danish pastry can nurture you just as well as that salad if you bless it and allow it to work with your energies to serve you. This approach will allow you to reassess your relationship with food. And may indeed revert you to that good old fashioned blessing or prayer before you eat.

ASK and ye shall receive

ASK for blessings and gifts as a regular exercise. We are all surrounded by a generous, benevolent universe if only we would realise this. God, the universe, mother nature, our life force, are always ever ready to bestow blessings upon you. All you have to do is ASK! 


Albert Einstein recognised the relationship between mass and energy E = mc2. Mass and energy are basically two manifestations of the same thing. Energy is liberated matter and matter is energy waiting to happen. They are connected and two sides of the same coin. Energy and matter are interchangeable. The human body is also interchangeable and irrevocably connected with its energy field. In a previous article I talked about how the pendulum can be used to give you yes and no answers. Generally this is clockwise swing for yes and an anti clockwise swing for no. The use of the pendulum is another way to give yourself confirmation of your energy field and how you can work with it to bring you accurate answers and clarity. If you do not have a pendulum, simply tune into your energy field for a yes or a no answer. A good way to do this is to put your hand on your heart and hear the *yes* or the *no* from the core of your being. With practise you will find this to bring very clear answers. Remember you are your own walking oracle. You contain all the answers you need within. Ask your SOUL for that *yes* or *no*.


There is a famous experiment that was conducted by Japanese scientist M. Emoto using water. One sample of water was exposed to positive words, vibrations and energy, while the other was exposed to evil, hateful words and energy. NO prizes for guessing what happened next. The positive water formed brilliant, complex crystals when frozen, while the negative sample formed incomplete asymmetrical patterns. Similar experiments have been performed with plants also. And the results are always the same. Positive environment produces a thriving response, while a negative environment creates a restricted and mutant type response.

It is no secret that human words, thoughts and emotions affect physical matter. Experiment with the plants theory over a week or so if you do not believe this. Have you fallen out with someone recently? Try sending them loving thoughts and energy and forgiveness instead of resentment and hatred, and see what magnificent turnaround happens and how quickly.

It is quite clear we have a responsibility to each other and to ourselves to keep our thoughts, words and deeds as sweet and conducive as possible. Holding onto negative issues and unforgiveness does no one any favours least of all you!


The universe responds to your every belief both conscious and unconscious. We may hope and pray for something on the one hand, and then worry and undermine its manifestation with doubt on the other. IN short we get stuck and are probably delivered nothing much, or only a pale imitation of what could be if only we had expressed fuller trust and faith.

When you ask for something you HAVE to believe in it COMPLETELY, or it will not manifest for you. The force of your intention must be pure and clear for the delivery to arrive in tact.

Expressing more positive emotions in your life will enable you to be more energised and complete. Of course things will go wrong. But take a breath and revert to the core connection you have with your amazingly creative energy. Allow things to rebalance within and hold to the truth of your own magic and creativity.

Life the universe and everything WANTS to facilitate you and assist you. All you have to do is get out of your own way!

Dowsing it Out 

Ever wish you had a reliable full proof way to make important decisions? Well *Dowsing it Out* could be a technique you come to find very useful indeed. Did you know our physical bodies are pretty much a walking dowsing rod? Your body is so in tune with your unconscious mind; it is in fact a manifestation of it. We actually carry ALL the answers we need around with us. We are predisposed and pre programmed to sense what is right to some extent. But how do we know for sure? How can we check in a full proof way of our senses are correct?

Dowsing is an ancient art, only loosely linked to oracular traditions. It has roots in primitive science actually, as an effective dowser with his rods (twigs) is able to actually FIND water underground using this source. For centuries man has used dowsing to find water, minerals, gold and other natural resources. There are paintings on cave walls in North Africa over 8000 years old which show the use of divining rods being used in the search for water. So dowsing is not some thousands of year old whoo-hoo technique. It is in fact verifiable, even with something as fundamentally important as finding a reliable water source.

Dowsing is a divination process used to search for objects or resources hidden from view. It is a tool which can enhance your knowledge on powerful secrets. Or simply put it can help you FIND those lost car keys. I have many Dowsing success stories. But a cool one was when the manager of Bono's Kitchen nightclub lost the safe keys somewhere in the bowels of this dark, smoky crowded cavern on a Saturday night. With a makeshift Dowsing tool (I used my own key-ring) we were able to quickly identify that his keys were in the DJ booth. I did not even have to leave my own seat to be able to tell him this. Okay, it might look like a rather strange thing to be doing, but if you are under pressure, what better way to get some accurate answers? If it works people, don't knock it.

How dowsing works is not completely clear or measurable. But there are too many amazing experiential results down the ages, that we simply cannot dismiss this technique out of hand. It is thought that the dowser makes a psychic connection with the lost object or the question being asked. Everything is energy. So this form of divination is a way to tap into the situation and READ that energy. The physical body acts like a lightening conductor for this energy. The held pendulum swings or the divining rods twitch at the moment of truth.

This hand held divination technique works simply because we ARE walking embodiments of the truth and we DO instinctively know things. We are fire balls of energy and have the means to powerfully know and check the right path using this method. This act of dowsing is very user friendly and we can all do it.

Use Your Body

The body can even be used as a divining rod. The simplest way to get answers is by facing North and grounding yourself in the earth. Imagine roots going down from your feet into the centre of the planet. Your body will naturally sway forward for a *yes* answer and backwards for a *no* answer. It will remain motionless for a *you are not supposed to know this yet* type answer.
First check your *yes* and your *no* by using questions with very obvious responses that you already know the answer to. Use your name to verify this is working for you, and away you go. It is as simple as that.

There are of course many more elaborate applications for this amazing technique and I would urge you to take your time investigating what works well for you.

Effective dowsing can clear negative energy, and can be used as a powerful healing tool. There are high levels of expertise that can be achieved in this field. Dowsing can be used as an effective anti aging tool, chakra balancing kit and spiritual clearing technique. I would completely recommend my friend the Russian psychologist and hypnotherapist Miriam Divinsky if you want to find out more about these numerous applications . Check her out over at  ~

But how can you use this amazing magic yourself?


Before you begin a dowsing session, it is important to be in a still, clear and peaceful state of mind. Try not to bring too many expectations or too much excitement into the equation, for this may tip your answers off track. You have to be grounded, relaxed and open.

It is important to respect the process also. As with anything if we over ask and do not trust the answer, we may start to get conflicting results. Accurate answers come through for those who do not over ask on the same question. Have a healthy detachment to the answers you receive and above all trust the results you get.

Make sure you eat something before you begin, like something wholesome from mother earth, an oat cake, a piece of bread or a carrot. Any food that is rooted and helps you feel centred is good.

Be mindful and aware that negative, mischievous energies can invade a dowsing session if you are not careful. It can be much like working with an Ouija board, which in all honesty I would not recommend to ANYONE. The reason dowsing is safer and more reliable is that there are measures we can take to ground and protect ourselves. These MUST be adhered to though, or you can expect to get some rather incongruous answers.


When dowsing surround yourself with protection to ensure the best results. Imagine yourself contained in a luminous bubble of light with layers of gold and pink and white pearlescent energy. Fill your space with prayer, good intention and positive energy. Light a candle and dedicate your investigations to the highest good for those involved. It really is important to have integrity with what you ask and with how you handle the session. Be aware that if you do not, you are likely to get misleading results from wayward entities and tricky energies. So it pays to be vigilant.

As you work, tune into your higher self, the part of you that does not NEED things to work out in a particular way. Access the open and clear part of your energy and spirit so that you can be completely objective and wise as you assess the answers. Be receptive and open to what might happen.

If you find it difficult to enter a meditative relaxed state, think of your favourite place in nature and place yourself in that scene. Smell the flowers, the sea, the landscape. Visualise what is going on around you, the animals, the colours, the way it all feels and looks. Is the sun shining? Are there butterflies dancing around? How do you feel in this safe space? Imagine yourself sitting up against a tree and merging with its energy. Feel the roots of the tree going deep down into the earth and be grateful for this protection around you and this nurturing energy as you seek to find your answers.

As you become expert at feeling and seeing this place, it will be easy to *go there* at the flick of a switch in your mind's eye. Not only is this a great way to still your mind for dowsing. It is a great thing to be able to do in your daily life when you are stressed or upset. Do work with this and you will feel over all a lot more calm, grounded and centred as you go about your business.


The Pendulum is the easiest tool to use for dowsing, and is probably the one you are most familiar with. It is a common country practise to dowse for the sex of an unborn baby using the mother's wedding ring on a piece of string. Usually the ring will swing clockwise for a boy and anti clockwise for a girl. But it is important to verify which is the case for you if you are trying this.

To programme your chosen pendulum to work well with you, you need to make an informed choice. You may buy it in a shop or choose it off the internet. But make sure you feel the energy of the pendulum pulling you in. Do not over think the choice as it is important you let your instincts do the talking.

The right dowsing tool will feel compelling and you will get that *I must have this* feeling. Wait until that point as it is very important to find the right tool for you. You need to find a pendulum that will match your energy and respond to your spiritual skills. There are pendulums in many different crystals and metals, and you may be drawn to several for different purposes as you develop in the art of dowsing.


The pendulum works by swaying in various directions and there is no completely correct way to work with it. You need to establish what is going to be right for you and programme the chosen tool accordingly. For some people a *yes* response is up and down, and for others it is a clockwise spin. For some the *no* response is side to side, and for others it is an anti-clockwise spin. You can actually CHOOSE which you want it to be. Or simply ASK the pendulum WHICH it is.

Establish which is *yes* and which is *no*, by holding the pendulum still and asking a question to which you know the answer. Usually it will swing clockwise for a *yes* and anti clockwise for a *no*. it may of course move up and down for the *yes* and side to side for the *no*. Either works and it is really down to your preference or what the pendulum TELLS you!

You can also program a *maybe* into the equation by asking your pendulum to swing side to side when an answer is not clear at this point. Sometimes we are not supposed to over ask questions or know the answers so the *maybe* option is also useful.

Remember to respect your pendulum and the situation. do not over ask on questions which are not clear at this time. You will get conflicting and misleading answers if you do this. Do not over ask too many questions at one time, or the same question in different ways. It really is important to use this minimally and respectfully.


Dowsing has many applications. And pendulums in particular are very useful for all kinds of questions. But start simply and gain confidence in a measured way. You will get a good feel of how to progress as you begin to get your answers. It is possible to dowse over charts or lists. So if you have an important career choice to make, use a list of all the options. Want to choose the right college or course of study? Make a list. Have to choose between two or more romantic partners? Do you have a health issue and wish to know the best course of treatment? Make a list! Keep your lists simple and phrase questions as basically as possible. The pendulum is quite literal and takes you at your word. So to avoid confusion use very clear language which leaves no room for doubt.

The beauty of dowsing is that you are in control if you take all the precautionary steps described. You may not be in control of the answers, but you ARE in control of how you receive the messages.

Dowsing is a way to take responsibility for your own destiny. Do not over use it. Remember curiosity killed the cat! Respect the process and yourself and when you really are in a corner, you now have a very effective, accurate tool at your finger tips. Just be careful what you ask and wish for. Do you REALLY want to know the answer?

*Death Becomes You*

When someone dies they leave their body behind and their spirit, soul, consciousness, or energy lives on. They move to another plane of existence that is not visible to us here in this dimension. Obviously they leave behind the physical experience of living in the five senses. But they can still use these senses to communicate with us, providing visual signs, taste, smell or physical manifestations to make us aware of their presence.

It is totally possible to communicate with your loved ones once they have passed. All you have to do is ask for a sign, or physically TALK to them. They will hear you, and then very frequently will provide an unmistakeable signal that only you will understand.

You may find that when a loved one first passes you feel completely lost and devoid of their physical presence. It is the finality of death that is so shocking. Our grief is an important process and we must not try to deny or squash our grief. But when spirits reach the other side they are aware of the emotional impact their passing causes their loved ones. So many will try to send back a message that they are okay.

Signs can include flickering lights, pictures hanging on the wall that get skewed or fall altogether, disruptions with your electronic systems, animals going a little twitchy because they can see the spirit, finding pennies, finding feathers, odd interactions with butterflies or birds, familiar smells associated with your deceased loved one, special songs coming on the radio, and many more.

This is comforting to many. But sometimes it is difficult to make the connection and this is where a professional medium can be so important. Communicating in a two way process with someone who has passed on is like asking a gardener to perform brain surgery. Sometimes it is advisable to call in the professionals. An objective stranger bringing through messages from people they do not even know provides compelling evidence of the continued existence of life beyond the grave. The professional is shown pictures and is given information of things they could not possibly know and this can be a great comfort. If you wish to hear from your loved ones I can help you in this way, so do contact me through my web site or email me [email protected]

You may not be able to get a two way link with your loved ones in the same way a medium can. But you can absolutely communicate with your loved ones. Just talk to them out loud or link with them telepathically. Think about them, their energy and the quality of your connection. Deeply feel your love for them. This will feel familiar to them and to you and establishes a link which they can use to then send you a message or a sign.

A very common way for spirits to communicate with their loved ones is through dreams. If you have a dream that your loved one comes to you and gives you a message, it often feels very real, very clear, and like you really were talking to them. I believe 100% that these are real communications. Dreams are the one time and place where your ego and objective mind are relaxed and you believe anything is possible. Your vibration is high and you are open for anything. Spirits can more easily reach your subconscious mind than the clutter of your conscious mind. So be on the lookout for messages in your dreams.

Whether or not you are able to initiate direct communication with a deceased loved one, please know that they are with you, can hear you, and still love you. And of course, they are okay.

Here are some amazing stories of people who have received guidance and reassurance from their loved ones on the other side. Note that Spirit frequently uses butterflies, feathers and birds as a very tangible way to connect with you.

Robbie Kane Irish Broadcaster Dublin *Robins*

When my pal Robbie passed away 4 months ago the week of his funeral before I saw him people were asking me was I ok. I was numb of course so didn't know. They said talk to him, he is with you still as he was my best pal. I said *feck off I'm not talking to him* cause I thought it sounded silly. Any way the morning before I was due to see him laid out a robin flew in front of my car just before I parked it. It landed and flew away I thought nothing of it, then strangely after I went for a walk with my dog in the park and I said to myself *what the hell I'm going to talk to him* and I DID feeling stupid as ya ya do.. I said *if you're near me pal give me a sign*. I was hoping to find a feather or something then with in two mins I kid you not. Another robin flew by, landed on a branch beside me, it had a poo, looked and me and turned and flew off. I felt it was him so much so a happy feeling came over me. I went then about a week later up to see Phyl Lynott's grave in Sutton and I was walking around after thinking about Robbie still at the graveyard and again I spoke to him and asked for a sign. And what did I see nearly a few mins later? Yes a Robin. Then the last time I saw one I again was walking me dog nearly 3 weeks later thinking about Rob as I do every day and there on a garden rail in front of me was a Robin!

Guidance from Heaven on choices.... Darragh Sligo

Darragh's Dad went into a deep decline after his mum's death. But he still insisted in staying at their home of 40 years, and we needed to find someone who would help take care of him at home. While Mom was dying, we promised her that we would take care of him and that we would try to keep him at home. We found many potential caregivers that could help but we worried greatly about how to know who would be best for dad. We worried about all the nightmare stories of elder abuse by caregivers, etc. Lost a lot of sleep and the last day before having to choose someone, I was having my usual morning coffee looking out the front corner window to see the sunrise and meditating quietly for some guidance. As the sun started to appear, I noticed the window facing the sun had a smudge on the right bottom corner, and as I was about to get up to clean it, I started to notice letters in the smudge. The letters spelled out a short name. Then it hit me, the letters spelled out the name of one of the caregivers we were evaluating. That was a message from Mom, and that was the caregiver we selected. Thank You.

Where are you Dad? Kerry Wicklow

I have seen Ghost and other movies and TV shows where people who had passed on gave their loved one a sign from beyond that they were ok. I asked, searched and analyzed everything, looking for a sign to guide me, to believe in that my Dad had not suffered in vain. But none came. Or so I thought. About a month after Dad passed, three separate events happened within a couple weeks of each other, all involving a Red Admiral Butterfly. The first, while sitting on the beach. I was reading a book, drinking a 7 UP, looked up and noticed a Red Admiral butterfly perched on the big pot of yellow roses. It hung out for what I thought was longer than normal, then left.

Killiney Suzie

The second, was a couple of days later. I was reading the Sunday paper while sitting on the back steps at my Mums house and another Red Admiral, about the same size as the first, flew down and perched itself on the herb plant in the planter next to me. The butterfly was so close, I thought it was reading the paper. And the third time was the most bizarre. While walking down the street in London where there was no garden within blocks, a Red Admiral, about the same size as the other two, flew down and perched itself on my left shoulder. It hitched a ride for a couple of miles, and then flew off. A friend was with me and told me of the significance of Butterflies and rebirth. I told him of the other two events and he said that was definitely your Dad. You see Dad liked to read at the beach; read the Sunday Sports Pages; and knew I am left handed.

Gay dar? Robert Carlow

I am gay and in a committed relationship. But the sign I would like to share is about the first man I loved and passed away four years back. There are people we feel a special connection with and he was one of them for me. I have no doubt that we lived many past lives together before this one and will live more in the future. The day I met him I felt an energy I had never felt before and from that moment on that energy grew. When we were together it was as if two different types of energies made one beautiful light. It was about six months after he died and I was sitting in church trying to get a sign or sense of things. That day was no anniversary or special in any way. It was just a regular Sunday but my mind was not on church but on memories of him. Then I realized that the church was completely packed but the seat directly in front of me was empty. There was nothing wrong with it and all the other seats in that row were taken. It was just the seat right in front of me and as I am realizing this, a ray of light from the stained glass window high above is shining right on that seat and mine but it wasn't hot. It was cold, it was cooling me on what was quite a hot day. Right at that time and without any doubt whatsoever, I felt the same intense energy that I had felt the day I met him. I knew it was him telling me he was ok.

Up in the air ~ Phone call

I was on my first plane ride after mum's passing and kept looking out of the window not understanding why this whole thing was happening to us. She was not supposed to leave us this early. But in all my grief I just wanted to find out she was ok but I knew there was no way I would know and that made that plane ride a very long one. After we landed and still in a daze I walked to my car and turned my phone on. It showed a missed call and when I looked to find out who had tried to call me, it showed her cell phone number. I knew she was ok. Somehow she had managed to phone me using her current number from the other side!

Sonya Belfast

I was at a Church gathering recently on the subject of Grief. I could not accept the fact that I was at a Friday night gathering on Grief because I still cannot accept the fact that my fiance has been gone now for several years, and I am still in pain. As all this was going thru my head, I heard the large door behind me open, but when I looked back, it closed by itself, and there was no one there. Ok, it must the air. However, a couple of minutes later, the other door to my right then opened up slowly as if someone was coming in, but again, there was no one there. We were on the second floor with no windows or doors open so there was no wind or gusts of air. Then, I felt his presence right beside me. The hairs on my arms stood up, and I knew. It was him. He used to have the bad habit of just walking into rooms without knocking, and every time I would call him on it, he would close the door, and then open it again and come in. He was there to tell me that I was at the right place this Friday night.

Keith waterford

Mum's death was unexpected and due to a possible mistake made by the hospital staff. Even though I warned them that something was not right, that her colouring was white and that she was screaming with pain, they told me over and over that it was ok, that she was just depressed. She was not, she was bleeding internally, and she died from that. I could not sleep, and barely function. I had not been a believer in the mediums that claim to talk with the dead, but I was so desperate that I went to one in Dalkey at the suggestion of a friend. Prior to going to my session with the medium, I had a conversation with mum and told her, If this is real, I will need some sign from you that it is. She did believe in all this, and would often try to get me to go, but I would refuse. I took an object from her and put it in my briefcase, out of sight of the medium. A few minutes into the session, the medium tells me that she keeps saying something about a dog, "Did you have a dog?", "Do you have a dog now?" "She is very animate about this dog". Then I knew, I told the medium that no we did not have a dog, and I do not have a dog, but then leaned down to my briefcase, opened, and took out a stuffed dog that mom had given to me when I was a young boy, and I still carried with me to this Mum died at a work accident when I was 14. I even think that we had some signs before her death. I kept dreaming of a big construction crane and flowers. At the same time, we kept getting all these flowers coming up in our garden at the wrong time of the year. It was not until later that I learned that the meaning of my crane and flowers dream was that there was a big change coming our way. Mum's death was not only a shock, but just not believable. Our parents are always supposed to be there, not be gone with no warning. I was so in shock that I did not even want to know all the details of the accident. The signs came a few weeks after mum's death.

Cancer loss Danielle ~ I lost mum when I was 11. She was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 8. The cancer eventually took over her body, spreading to her bone marrow, her liver, and eventually her brain. The fighter that she was, Mom wanted to survive, and if she couldn’t, she at least wanted to be remembered. Before she died, she dedicated a Sarah McLachlan song, “I will remember you, will you remember me? Don’t let your life pass you by, weep not for the memories …” Her presence in my life, now is anything but weak. Mom’s song is 13 years old, but it’s still played regularly on the radio. More often than not, I hear it when I’m worried about something, feeling proud, or when I’m with my dad or grandmother. It’s as if Mom is saying, “Hey, I’m here, too!” My grandma doesn’t know contemporary music, but she knows Sarah’s voice. She calls me when she hears “I Will Remember You” to let me know that Mom’s thinking of us, that she hasn’t forgotten.

Snoopy Mandy Portlaoise

Mum's nickname was Snoopy, and many times, even to this day, when I am having some of the worst days, I somehow will encounter a snoopy or snoopy figure or picture on those days. One of the first times it happened I was shopping with my family and not feeling like wanting to being at the store at all. I was missing mum and nothing in the world seemed right, but as my brother lifted a box from the display in front of us, there it was a large Snoopy was right behind it and starring at me. I sensed it and knew immediately, that was mom telling me that everything would be ok. That is only one of the many times in my life that Snoopy has appeared, but in all cases, it has been on tough days. Thank you mum.

Laptop malfunction? Troy

It was the day after she died. I was on my laptop, and had to start doing all the planning. Had to start letting people know. It was the worst of times and I did not want to be doing that at all. I could not even believe I was actually looking for a funeral home for her. My laptop was only 3 years old and I had never had any problems with it. Then in the middle of the online search for funeral homes the laptop goes dark and two lights start to blink. Never had a problem with the computer and now this. At first I thought it was just bad luck, but as I sat there crying starring at the machine. I felt a voice inside telling whispering that the blinking lights was her way of telling me she was ok and that I should do what she always would tell me. Turn off the computer and go outside.

I was looking out the window at church, and the wind was blowing very hard. Leafs were flying everywhere, and no birds in the sky. I was missing mom very much, and just wanted to know that she was ok. As ridiculous as that sounds for someone at a church service, it was what I was feeling and needing. Just confirmation that she was ok, but I also did not know what to ask for. I just asked God if he could just send me a simple sign, anything, but something I would know was a sign that she was ok. Then out of nowhere, what I thought were leafs flying came closer in view and they were two birds in my window when there were no birds in the stormy and windy sky. I knew mom was ok.


Our loved ones who have passed on, really do want to reach out to us and give us messages. They find a great variety of ways to do this. But why not try this very simple and straight forward way of making a link? You do not have to use this oracle to connect with loved ones. You may also use it to connect with the universe, the angels and your spiritual guidance team. Your deceased loved ones may of course be part of your guidance team now. So be open and experiment with the oracle. There are several ways to use it for guidance.  ORACLE messages either choose a number between 1 to 12 or one of the pictures and find corresponding text  ~ 

How to use messages from Heaven Oracle

Clear your mind and picture the loved one you wish to contact in your mind's eye. You do not have to have any one in mind. You may also simply have a spiritual question in mind. Or if you need a sense of direction in your life, concentrate on where you want to get to as you focus. If you just want general random guidance, simply clear your mind and ask to be shown what you need to know at this point.

For all these approaches, find a quiet peaceful spot. Close your eyes and calm your mind down. Then count to fifteen slowly. As you open your eyes, focus on the centre of the page. Then see which image really catches your eye. The first image that jumps at you is the primary answer to your question. But it is very common for a second image to be strong also. If this is the case, read this, and assess what the interaction between the messages might mean for you.

Generally there is an immediate connection with the words you read. They make sense and you will be able to understand the message. Sometimes however, you may get a message slightly in advance of needing it. so do be aware of this and be mindful of the message you receive, even if it does not quite make sense YET. You can be sure there is a very good reason why you picked the card you did.

1) TIME ~ Go out. Embrace life. Plant new seeds. Say *YES*!

Yes, it is time to honour your feelings and follow your heart. This question you ask is timely and you must be alert to the opportunities which come up in the next few weeks. If something is being offered to you, say a big YES, and adapt to the changes it brings as they arise. You want the future to be different? Then you have to take a different more dynamic approach to your life. Even if you want more of the same, be aware that you need to invest your energy. What we concentrate on amplifies and grows. Go after what you WANT, and nurture the seeds you have recently sewn. Make plans, be responsive, and do not let fear hold you back. The more you grow, the more responsible you must be. Be conscientious and respectful of yourself and others. Then luck will come!

2) JETTY ~ Focus on the POSITIVE. Count your MANY BLESSINGS

Counting your blessings will amplify them. So if you have been feeling somewhat hopeless, now is the time to reflect and regroup your energies. In the stillness and silence of your deep thoughts. Tune in to what you would like to happen. Trust is key at this point in your life. You may not know the way ahead. But it will pay to have faith in the guidance and clues you receive. ALLOW the heavens to help you. Pride comes before a fall. Make amends with loved ones. Be aware that forgiveness and release will reenergise your life for the new chapters to come. Life is a game of boomerangs and we only receive what we give. Be generous when you want to receive. This will allow the flow of blessings and abundance to reach you.

3) LAKE ~ Crystal clarity. Clearing of issues and problems. Let go and pace yourself. The heavens are carefully monitoring your process and guiding you closely. You may well have been challenged lately, experiencing too much stress and pressure. But be not dismayed, you are well loved and can fully trust the wonderful outcome you are heading towards. Try to be excited by the different stages of this journey. The bigger your life task and mission, the more likely you are to be tested. Take courage therefore and trust that you will be guided out of the maze. The last piece of the jigsaw will soon be found. But always remember it is the journey not the destination that counts. There is light at the end of the tunnel, as soon as you ditch all the old emotional debris which has been holding you back. Heaven will not rush you. You can choose to take the slow road or the high road. Better times are on the way.

4) PEACOCK ~ Pride in your achievements. Take heart. Preen your image and grow your intentions. Spirit is not contained by the physical body. Be assured that love will never leave you and love will never die. Your loved ones and heavenly guidance remain close by. They are but a breath away, always surrounding you with support, guidance and love. Be open to receive many blessings from the heavens. You may need to renew your faith in life, and love and your ability to make things happen. Take heart and be more assured and self confident. Many believe in you and want to see you thrive. So it is time to be your own best friend. Empower yourself and do not dissipate your energies in the wrong direction. Let the world come to you. Sit back and be receptive to what the universe will bring to your door. Communicate more with those in spirit. They are longing to help you in ever increasing ways.

5) SUNRISE ~ Embrace happiness. Be decisive. Out with the old in with the new. A new dawn rises. A happy ending is within reach. Watch out for the self saboteur within and do not shoot yourself in the foot. You do not have to be a victim to circumstances. However difficult your journey has been, it is now important to honour YOU. What can YOU do for you? How can you support, honour and love yourself more? The heavens want to bring more love, life, abundance and happiness to you. Be mindful that you are FULLY deserving of every good thing. You are almost there. Success is just around the corner. The challenge is to be happy with things as they are, so that the new can unfold. Recognition for the part you have played is on the way, and you will soon feel appreciated for the wonderful person you are. Your loved ones and heavenly team believe in you and want to encourage you now. Do not fall at the final hurdles.

6) HOME ~ Home is where the heart is. Do not place too much meaning on things and possessions. Memories are important. You are being encouraged to declutter and detox your emotions. It is fine to be sentimental and hold on to momentos. But always remember, your heavenly team, reside in your heart and surround your aura with love and protection. You do not really need to hoard too much. The past is the past and keeping a room in tact for someone who will never use it again is not really the way to be free, healthy and happy. The spirit never dies. You are right to remember, but not right to wallow or feel hard done by. Sometimes letting go and being grown up is what we need to do in order to function. Realising your full potential is what counts now. It is in fact the BEST ever legacy you can give your loved ones who have passed on. The spirit world wants to see you thrive and prosper. Keep things that uplift you. But release anything which weighs you down and constricts your energies.

7) TWO -GETHER ~ You are NOT alone. The heavens will always support you and your loved ones as are WITH you. Departed loved ones have a full life in Spirit. But they remain very connected to you, both spiritually and on the ethers. Some choose to come and go with their energy, others will never leave your side. The heavens knows your needs and you will always get the best support available from your otherworldly team. Stay relaxed and in tune with faith to feel the presence of your loved ones. They find it more difficult to breakthrough when you are stressed and worried and over thinking. Prepare to receive the guidance you need when you ask for it. The clues and signs may be pretty instant. Or they may take a few days and weeks to filter through the airwaves. Be patient when you need a sign. The heavens will deliver what you need in perfect timing. Help is just a whisper away, so be assured when you think of your loved one, there are RIGHT there with you. The thought is the energy link between you.

8) SHADOW WADING ~ Specialist help and guidance may be needed. Seek out the help of a professional if you are struggling. There is practical help and ANSWERS at your finger tips. It may well be time to ask for expert help. Any unease or uncertainty you are feeling will soon be abated. Do not be too proud to seek out a specialist opinion. Or simply share your issues with a dear friend. You have all the answers within. But sometimes we all need the sounding board which gives us clarity and focus once again. There is no need to feel bewildered. You have asked for help, and the resolution of your problems is at hand. Be proactive. There is no need to sink into depression or anxiety. Reach out and you will be heard. The heavens hear you before you even ask. But they do await your request. Spirit will not interfere with your process. Be aware of this and access the guidance you need by ASKING. Ask and you shall receive. It is time to put things into perspective and see the bigger picture. All is well.

9) ANIMAL LOVE ~ Connect with your animals friends. Nature will refresh and support you. Feel the unconditional love of the animals that surround you.
Make a special connection with the animals you meet. Mother nature will nurture you through their unconditional love. YOU need to remember you are deeply loved. The tactile physicality of our furry friends will nourish and revive you at this time. Animals are great at grounding and dispersing your negative energies. Horses especially bring healing when you are oppressed. Dogs will bring you complete attention and affection. While cats will connect telepathically, encouraging you to deeply relax. Look the animals that cross your path in the eye. Feel what message they might have for you. Animals can understand us when we link with them through our mind and our senses. See if you can pick up their responses and enjoy the physical connection they make. Note the activity of birds around you. Loved ones link with us through unusual bird flight or behaviour.

10) STEPS to change ~ Restore harmony and find your inner equilibrium once again. Take the first step. Make a move. Balance your life and find your inner peace. Stay grounded and matter of fact about your circumstances. Keep the faith. All is well and there are significant changes up ahead. You just have to take the first step to get things moving. If your mind has been troubled, now is the time to cease that endless chatter in your head. Still your mind and access the peace that resides in your heart. Be self confident and know that the heavens support your endeavours. Utilise your natural skills and have faith in your own abilities. Give mind, body and spirit equal weight and find balance with self care. Renew your positive outlook. Family time is invaluable. Spend time with loved ones on the earth plane and share with valued friends. More fun, laughter and play has to enter your life. Allow in the good vibes. Life is here to be lived to the fullest degree possible.

11) SEEDS ~ Plant seeds and grow your creativity. Seek new knowledge and enlightenment. You deserve a pat on the back. You are at a significant growth point in your life. Look for ways to expand your skills and enlighten your mind. Your life's journey is entering into a new phase. The transition time should be used to great effect. Plan for the future but remain open to what the heavens bring your way. Flexibility is key and being fluid in your expectations will enable you to make the best use of the chances coming your way. You are unique and have something special to offer. Be sure that the heavens will steer you onto the correct path so that you may fulfill your calling. Do not get too hooked up on what your mission might be. We are here to learn, have fun and experience every good thing. Consider every event to be a learning curve, which enhances your appeal and wisdom. Look for new ways to expand your knowledge. Go for your goals and be excited about what is to come.

12) TWINS ~ Help comes in unusual ways. Work in pairs or as part of a team for great results. Accept assistance. A major part of our life experience is the importance of living, working and learning with others. Connect with those close to you for sharing and growth. Foster a community spirit and be willing to bend a little to accommodate those around you. As we give so we receive. Our generosity of spirit can benefit many. Be willing and open. Every assistance you give makes the heavenly hosts very proud of you. You will be sent support in return as you generously give to others. Spirit loves us more when we put others before ourselves. It is important to always consider the best good for the most number of people involved. Our own needs are obviously important. But in serving and blessing others, our own needs will be met. It is guaranteed. Have love in your heart and hold that love to the foremost of your mind as you focus on what is important.

RED OR BLUE OR The Purple Patch?

Seems to me we have a choice... A choice to live pragmatically, keeping tabs, controlling, planning, and designing things to shape our views, wants and needs. Commendable indeed! OR A choice to access all things creative, magical, and mystical, in a grounded magnificent way.

The way of the world is generally the former. It is what people call *reality*. The trouble is, in moments, it is a limited way to live. It ultimately sucks out the soul of our personallities and possibilities and keeps us confined and restricted in the *correct* way of doing things.

YES, the *sensible* way of living gets results. However it is not so much about accessing your potential as complying with the *safe* way ahead. In other words it is a reality based in *fear*. This modus operandi is not about shooting for the stars. It is not about following your dreams and visions.

It is no accident that the mavericks, poets, visionaries and artists have been the ones to PUSH our human consciousness and development forward over time. Those who live outside the box are the ones who transform reality; possibly posthumously as we often *get* the point a little later than we should. We stick to our comfort zone and function within our limitations because we feel we have to. Because when we get stuck we come to feel that there is no other way.

To access the power and creativty of univeral law, you HAVE to be a risk taker; you HAVE to be brave; you HAVE to go through the ringer to even get started AND you have to give up control of your environment and surrender to the higher will. God's will. #‎theuniverseknowsbest

It seems to me there are challenges with BOTH approaches to life. And I am not describing it very well. But the bottom line is our life journey is shaped by the tension between these two possibilities. In every waking moment, we are presented with that MATRIX inspired choice. RED OR BLUE?

Many of our most complex dilemmas hinge on this dynamic. Which road do we choose? Is it one or the other or is there in fact a THIRD method in our madness which amalgamates the two approaches? Are these two approaches to life mutually exclusive and poles apart OR can they be integrated in a balanced way in something we migh call the *purple patch*?

Through the passage of our lives we probably try both approaches at interchangeable times, phases and chapters; or even moment by moment. We may feel one is working, only to be confronted with the *reality* of our choice the next moment. No wonder so many are still floundering, confused and somewhat numb to the ways of the world at this stage. We are aware of deep inner shifts on the planet and in human consciousness, but do not yet know how to implement these. Do we have to be practical at this point, or simply TRUSTING?

To live Not knowing what is going to happen next is both alarming and exciting. The odd thing is, it is a PARADOX. The more you know; the more you feel compelled to let go and let GOD, and allow the universal patterns unfold. You do in fact begin to embrace your DESTINY.

It is in fact our resistance and urge to control things which renders life alarming in its manifestations. We can not access much magic when we are in resistance, not trusting, not open to what might happen and HOW it may happen. In this somewhat negative groove we put demands on the universe to perform in a certain way to meet our wants, demands, expectations and fantasies. The irony is: when we become more conscious, powerful, creative and mindful, our wants, demands, expectations and EVEN our fantasies ARE MET in amazing ways.

People belittle the law of attraction as pie in the sky and point out that life is not especially designed or disposed to assist us in such a magical way. The irony of this belief is that it becomes in itself a self perpetuating belief. The KEY lies in recognising the POWER and creativity of our minds. We are not God. BUT we ARE made in his image, and as such we have incredible power, responsibility and potential. Following the *Way*, The *Truth*, and the *Life* requires some humility and forgiveness yes. BUT it also opens up the core of our being to do and BE who we REALLY ARE. .... I AM that I AM .. etc...

So ... RED or BLUE pill. Which is it to be? What is your choice? Are you feeling lazy with a desire to simply exist and *get through* OR are you feeling inspired by the amazing adventure which is life?

If you are pondering and wondering about your way forward, I can help you get on track...spiritually, emotionally, physically and INTENTIONALLY.


The work of a healer and psychic is mysterious and the roles are somewhat interchangeable. With some clients I am called to be more the psychic (in terms of predicting) and with others more the healer (which requires prediction to be withheld so that a healing can occur).

One interesting observation is this. Some clients have a situation where a prediction is proving *elusive* in coming to its fruition. I see and read for many people where things have been foretold which are just NOT happening. Perhaps these are things they have been sensing themselves for some time, or greatly desiring. Or perhaps they have been told these things by others.

What happens in these cases is an energetic push-pull phenomenon, which means the prediction becomes more the focus than the predicted event itself! Let me explain. Where you are giving so much energy to wanting and desiring something (which does indeed have a likelihood of happening), you are actually pushing it away!

The energy or wanting and desiring begets more of the same. It is in these circumstances that HEALING is required first and foremost; so that the client can begin to get out of their own way. Their destiny can then be completed.

This stuff is complex to explain...BUT if you feel stuck and puzzled that something is just NOT happening, I WILL be able to help you push on through with the various techniques I employ...Check over at the web store


A prayer I awoke with running around my head! Hope it inspires you some this fine day xxx   #channelledprayer

I call on the powers and dominions and angelic realms that know and love and do God's will. Please guide and instruct me clearly as to the correct road ahead. 

I invoke the peace which passeth all understanding and a calm, serene mind ready willing and able to do divine bidding. 

I surrender once and FOR ALL the things that or stood or stand in the way and permanently release the ties that bind. I acknowledge and realize that I do not always know best and I concede my ego to a better time and place. 

Everything works in perfect timing for those who know and love and do God's will. This I know and acknowledge from the bottom of my heart. 

I hereby release diversions, personal will, expectations and preconceived ideas. I await divine guidance in whatever form it may come. I am open ready willing and able to serve and follow God and his higher bidding; knowing that my best interests are always served. 

I acknowledge the lessons of what has gone before and resolve to avoid endless repeating patterns in my life. With the help of the angelic realms I vow to remain receptive, malleable and ready to act at a moment's notice. I carry the awareness that divine responses and actions maybe unusual, off the wall and against the grain. I promise to trust and not second guess the universal wisdom. 

God's law has an unfolding higher purpose and plan. I do not pretend to understand but I remain obedient, willing and receptive. I hereby park my expectations of what can and should happen in my life, so the magic can unfold. I pledge to trust God and his messengers and to get out of my own way!

I call on the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to bless my requests and light the road ahead. 

So be it 



Has something recently come at you out of nowhere? Floored you? Have you recently got very sick very quick? Or experienced an unanticipated change which wasn't welcome? It could be you are experiencing the energy of a *bump* contract. Sometimes acute illness or being inconveniently sick is a signal designed to slow you down, forcing you to look around and assess what is happening. Ultimately helping you to create balance. 

Soul Contracts show up in the physical body; so find ways to assimilate the lesson release the energy and free yourself up. Where are you feeling blocked at the moment? How is it manifesting in your body?  Realise that you ARE good enough. You do NOT keep needing to prove yourself to yourself. Are you giving more and doing more than you are being paid for? Giving of yourself in a way which is out of proportion to the return you are receiving? Be aware that soul contracts make you perceive a situation in a particular way. Be aware that Soul 

Contracts can misinform you of the reality; they lend a distortion that creates a particular view of things. Being aware of this for it allows you some clarity. You do NOT have to listen to your Soul Contracts. If you can identify these contracts and get some distance from them, you can make a different and informed decision. THIS shakes up the Soul Contract energy and releases it..This all just goes to show it pays to be self aware #knowthyself 

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