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Some people want to squash the *charm* and *magic* out of life; and by that I do not mean *spells*. Just to make it absolutely clear: I do NOT do spells. Never have: never will. I do not need to. I am a God fearing powerful woman who can access life's intrinsic magic for you. I can help you achieve healing, insights, progression, integration and transformation. 

I AM able to access the divine power within to GENUINELY HELP YOU. This goes way beyond hocus pocus and whoo hoo. It is REAL. 

The universe and energy are our playmates. Quantum physics is where its at. Genius Einstein knew that *everything is energy* and you can not get much more pragmatic than a high IQ scientist!

Please note that there are a range of services and prices on the web site. Please find the service and price which reflects your intention and budget. Please be clear your results will reflect the investment. 

With the larger investments I will work with you over longer stretches of time. The packages are a commitment to get you sorted over weeks and months. I use a variety of techniques, and approaches which are mutually agreed as I assess your UNIQUE needs.

My commitment is to YOU and to the results you wish for. 


I have strange abilities that people may find somewhat unbelievable and incongruous. I can assist accurately with predictions re winning money, finding items and projecting an accurate time line for your future unfoldment. 

I also offer unique, specialist services. Some may think this is a curious use of the *GIFT*; but the results speak for themselves. I have helped a number of famous sportsmen, actors, musicians and business CEO's with successful tips regarding football, rugby and racing results, and I am even able to pinpoint particular machines in a casino and the timings at which they should be played.  

So how does this translate as useful and helpful information for the public? Well, it is good empirical evidence of the accuracy and efficacy of my guidance. It means I can offer you valid, provable and ON POINT results when you need specific HELP. In readings I do not waffle and beat about the bush. You may not always hear what you would like to hear. But you can be assured it will be delivered with wisdom, accuracy and compassion. 

If you are stuck and in trouble or simply want a breakthrough in your life. I am here to help you. I do not take credit for the wonderful healings and breakthroughs. It is beyond my human understanding. Unusual magical shifts and against the odds events occur regularly for my clients. It is a humbling and wonderful thing to witness.  I am blessed that the power that is the divine chooses to *use* me as a vessel to reach people. It is nothing to do with me, beyond a willingness to participate and be receptive. 

The work and energy needs to be respected, and clients are advised to respond trustingly to the energy shifts which occur and take the intuitive advice I receive on their behalf. The commitment required does not mean anything too fancy. Primarily it is a commitment to help yourself and follow through. Simply put? It is best for the quickest results to be receptive to what happens when our energies connect; to always ask questions when something is not clear, and to trust the process we embark on together. 

AMAZING things happen... 

Together we can make magic! 

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