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Have a MAGIC Twinkly Minkly Mermaid holiday season. This holiday season I am opening up my magic tree to all of you. You are all invited to have your wishes, requests, prayers and gifts under this tree. I am currently taking orders and wrapping these gifts up NOW, and throughout the holiday season. The longer you have your request out there, the greater the momentum it creates and the greater impact it will have. You may even have your order pre Christmas if you jump on early. Do you want or need Santa to come early this year? Then this may be your ticket. 

We are including ALL the holidays in this: Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year 2018. This is one BIG Festive hoe-down. You will receive a picture of your GIFT'S position on the tree with your name on it.

The Mermaid Magic Tree will be in my own living room (surrounded by magic dogs guarding your treasures). Request your holiday blessings from the magical tree. What do you wish for and desire at this time? I am even taking requests for World Peace if you want to be completely altruistic about this ;-)

Let us gather together with this project and make this a powerful collective tree. A healing tree. Let us assemble our collective energies and make this a good one, so that everyone's wishes under the tree come true. What will you gift to yourself or to a loved one? Our collective energies along with the energy of the universe and the blessings of the Divine will form an alchemical mix leading to much magic and celebration over these coming weeks.The world needs these symbolic gestures at this time. Are you with me?

NB) I am also willing to take requests for charities if you send proof of your donations of the required energy amount. (333). Make the payment through the donations button on the home page.

Also on Tuesday December 5th there will be a seasonal Glastonbury trip and I will be also taking many of your requests to be blessed at The Chalice Well in Glastonbury. (555 for both these services combined) ~ Check info about Glastonbury in the Web Store.

<3 These services WORK... they are not simply for your entertainment. They work. Be careful what you wish for? <3

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