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Quick Fix ~ Powerful Absent Healing Service


Quick Fix ~ Special Healing Service for you or a loved one ~ $444 ~ <3

Are you or a loved one facing an illness? Injury? Always tired and exhausted? Weakened immune system? Weakened body or soul? I offer a fast immediate powerful and loving healing service. I consult with you regarding your struggle and then send to you in several different ways many different healing energies to help you, strengthen you, and protect you.

If you want to halt the progress of something; facilitate a loved one with a health issue, or access peace of mind and inner stability; then consider my current deal for yourself or a loved one.

I provide energetic support right away; allowing for a great shift in your health and well being. This service will bring you and your loved ones a wonderful miraculous result ~ Guaranteed!

This service works from distance and I can help you wherever you are in the world, though your date of birth and a picture would be useful if possible. (not essential though I DO need a first name) 

Please note this service is not a *spell* ~ it is a mixture of life coaching, spiritual support, emotional support, email support, energy work, homework, readings, and it is specifically shaped to the individual who makes the investment. The emphasis of the service depends on your needs and request.


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