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*What Weighs Heavy?* ~ Release


Transform your life from the inside out with *What Weighs Heavy*

Are you battling a *weighty* issue? 

Then this service is for you.  If you are carrying alot of excess baggage physically, emptionally and spiritually this wonderful service will help you shift everything that is surplus to your requirements.

Together with a mixture of analysis, life coaching, energy work and psychic guidance we transform your life from the inside out.You also receive a powerful healing when we connect.

Contact ~  [email protected]  +353894249254

The Battling A Weighty Issue service is all about releasing what is holding you back. So if anything at all weighs heavily on your shoulders, I will be able to help you. The various approaches and assessments used over the months we work together are designed to have a lasting effect. This programme will have a transformative impact on your life across the board.

Be warned that this is an intensive hands on commitment from me to you and from you to me. And with this joint commitment we will get you the great results you so richly deserve.

Yes you are heading for your optimum body shape, mind power and spiritual potency. Therefore what you feel on the inside is just as important as how you look in the mirror. We will help you maintain a sensible balance of nurturing yourself inside and out for lasting results over time. The energy element of the work ensures that results come quickly and the best events possible line up to favour your progress.   

DO sign up for this if you trust and value my energy and input. I will help you through the changes the process entails. You are sure to be delighted with this transformative life experience. I very much look forward to helping you reach your goals.

Here's to a new you! 

The programme is $1,777 for every month we work together (should you only choose one month). But there are hefty discounts should you choose to extend our time together.

To get the discounts you must purchase at the time of booking the programme. Other wise we can netotiate to pay month to month as required.  

Use paypal and the email [email protected] payments to friends option if you are purchasing several months at a time. I am open to negotiating further deals on this service also if you wish to work with me for a longer stretch of time. 


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