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COMBO DEAL ~ 60 min reading with Desired Outcome


This is a great deal combining a few of my most recommended and favourite services at a highly discounted price ~ The 60 minute reading / consultation and Desired Outcome with an especially charged item, charged with our special set intentions. 

This service can be modified in some circumstances to include loved ones, family member and partners... please enquire on booking if you want the service to have a broader application. 

DESIRED OUTCOME  ~ Are you feeling, frustrated and stuck and unable to get what you want out of life?  In this package I work with you to sort through your intentions, visions and goals. I bring your energy into alignment with your deepest desires and wishes, and fully facilitate you in the reaching of your goal.

This service will really help you to get what you WANT out of life. DO you WANT and need a bit more MAGIC and a whole lot more RESOLUTION to show up in your life?  I am offering this service called *DESIRED OUTCOME* which might sound a bit fancy, and I guess in a way it IS. This is for those who have faith and feel wonderment and excitement about their life and its possible futures.

Do you have the BELIEF that you deserve good things to happen to you? I work closely with prayer and guidance using different techniques tailor-made to each situation. Your *outcome* is designed to be unique to you and RIGHT for you.

This service covers all areas of your life, you can choose re love, finances, location, a legal matter ...ANYTHING at all..... all you have to do is use the email address [email protected] for payments through

Be warned ....This is a POWERFUL request be careful what you wish for ... Be Sure, Be Assured and Be Mindful... Above all be responsible for what you are asking... Are you ready to receive some MAGIC? HEALING? A Breakthrough? Feeling stuck? ...Then this is for you ...but choose wisely and carefully ....

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